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The Top Quirky Products You Can Buy from SkyMall

Updated on January 29, 2015
SkyMall magazine cover feature a women wearing a blue snuggie
SkyMall magazine cover feature a women wearing a blue snuggie

SkyMall and Bankruptcy

If you have ever been on a flight and are bored out of your mind, than you likely have paged through the infamous SkyMall magazine. The catalog showcases quirky novelty items to meet the demands of a diverse consumer pool. Unfortunately, the inflight shopping magazine company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on Friday. The SkyMall magazine company blames the filing on loss of market share due to e-commerce spending by customers. Wi-fi availability on commercial planes has increased substantially in recent years, leading passengers to shift shopping urges away from the SkyMall magazine to online endeavors.

The History of SkyMall

SkyMall magazine has been legendary among airplane passengers for years because of their strange product offerings. The company SkyMall Inc., founded in 1989, gained significant market share by building traction in an untapped consumer group. SkyMall's shopping catalogs provided a way for frequent fliers who had no time to shop at a brick and mortar mall to shop on the plane. The in-flight magazine offered a diverse selection of products, including products from name brand retailers.

Commercial planes stated to install in-flight phones on the back of passenger seats during the 80’s and 90’s. The in-flight shopping catalog's popularity and market shared increased as a result. Flying shoppers were able to order products directly on the plane via the in-flight phone. During the 90’s, the company targeted frequent business flyers by offering same day in-airport delivery of their purchases as well as a concierge service.

"Adele" Sings "SkyMall" - Conan on TBS

NFL mini garden tailgate set, Green Bay Packers theme
NFL mini garden tailgate set, Green Bay Packers theme | Source

NFL Mini Garden Tailgate Set for $28.99

The NFL mini garden tailgate set is a miniature version of a tailgate party. It is made to be placed in a garden planter. When looking at this, the first thing I envision is the Lilliputians from Gulliver's Travels tailgating. If this was actually human size, it would be a very nice tailgate set. I especially like the Green Bay Packer team detailing on the miniature grill. The mini tailgate set needs mini beers and bratwursts to have the full effect of a real tailgate party though. This product should be marketed to dollhouse enthusiasts or people who own pet mice.

great white shark sculpture
great white shark sculpture | Source

Great White Shark Sculpture for $299

The great white shark sculpture is designed to be placed in your yard or garden. Other infamous gardening sculptures you can buy from SkyMall include the Bigfoot garden yeti and the zombie of Montclaire Moors statue. The great white shark sculpture probably experienced a boost in popularity due to the Sharknado movies. Which helps to fictionally justify why a marine predator could emerge from your flower bed and possibly why the gardening gnome “disappeared”. If you are going to fork over a decent amount of change for a supernatural gardening sculpture, I would go for the yeti. This product should be marketed to Sharknado fans.

bieber microphone flossers
bieber microphone flossers | Source

Bieber Microphone Flossers for $5.99

The Bieber microphone flossers are teeth flossers made to look like purple microphones. I understand why a pop star would license his name for branding purposes and even why some celebrity products are enticing to a younger demographic such as T-shirts or posters. But, I think the “Biebs" is taking it to a whole new level with dental floss. This product should be marketed to tweens who practice proper dental hygiene.

klutzy kitty bottle holder
klutzy kitty bottle holder | Source

Klutzy Kitty Bottle Holder for $32.99

The klutzy kitty bottle holder is made to display a bottle of fine wine in a stylish manner. I find the klutzy kitty bottle holder somewhat disturbing. It depicts a cute, black and white kitten chugging a bottle of bottle of wine. This should be marketed to cat lovers who also enjoy happy hour.

night glow toilet seat
night glow toilet seat | Source

Night Glow Toilet Seat $49.99

The night glow toilet seat glows in the dark to help guide you to the exact location of your toilet while you venture to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The toilet seat will remain glowing for up to 8 hours per charge. The night glow toilet seat should be marketed to people who listen to tech music in their bathroom.

king tut life-sized cabinet
king tut life-sized cabinet | Source

King Tut Life-Sized Cabinet for $949.00

The King Tut life-sized cabinet is a full size replica of the original coffin. It is over 6 feet tall and has custom built shelves inside. To have the full on décor ambiance you really need the massive hand carved throne as well, pictured above . The King Tut life-sized cabinet is pretty awesome since the shelves are removable. This could provide endless hours of fun if used as the perfect hiding spot. A smaller version of the King Tut cabinet that can be used for cd storage is also available. This should be marketed to history buffs and hide-and-seek enthusiasts.

tortilla baby newborn swaddle blanket & hat set
tortilla baby newborn swaddle blanket & hat set | Source

Tortilla Baby Newborn Swaddle Blanket & Hat Set $47.99

The tortilla baby newborn swaddle blanket and hat set literally swaddles your newborn so the infant appears as a rolled up tortilla. You can also purchase the lil’sushi newborn swaddle or the lil’eggroll newborn swaddle. I cannot decide if this is beyond strange or sorta adorable. The jury is still out on this one. The tortilla baby newborn swaddle blanket should be marketed to burrito lovers and aspiring, future foodies.

suzy kuzey beer mitt
suzy kuzey beer mitt | Source

Suzy Kuzey Beer Mitt for $14.99

The suzy kuzey beer mitt is supposed to keep your hands warm while drinking a beer outside, while at the same time keep your beer cold. My qualm with this product is if it is cold outside you would need to wear both mittens and the suzy cozy beer mitt is not sold as a set. This product should be marketed to college kids with lost mittens.

seabreacher customized boat
seabreacher customized boat | Source

Seabreacher Customized Boat for $85,000

The Seabreacher customized boat is like an aircraft on water. You sit in a completely enclosed cock pit as the boat rotates 360 degrees through the water. The boat moves more like a torpedo, reaching speeds up to 25 mph under water and up to 55 mph on the surface level. The Seabreacher can be custom painted depending on what sea creature you have a strong affinity for. This boat should be marketed to James Bond or anyone with a large enough disposable income that they can afford to pretend that they are James Bond.

sky rest travel pillow
sky rest travel pillow | Source

The Sky Rest Travel Pillow for $29.95

The Sky Rest Travel Pillow sold by SkyMall has to be the Holy Grail of all SkyMall product offerings. In all of my years of traveling and every flight I have ever been on, I have never once seen someone using this pillow. Seeing the pillow in person was a personal quest of mine. I subtlety scan planes for the pillow whenever I walk in the isle to use the restroom. It seriously is the “Where’s Waldo” of travel accessories. I have started to question if in fact it actually exists.

A traveler is supposed to inflate the inflatable travel pillow on the plane after takeoff and rest the pillow on the tray in front of them. They then rest their head on the slanted pillow, and fall into a deep slumber. This is definitely being marketed to people who drool because your drool can easily cascade down the curvature of the pillow without dampening your shirt collar.

The Top Quirky Products from SkyMall Recap

The Top Ten List
1. NFL Mini Garden Tailgate Set
2. Great White Shark Sculpture
3. Bieber Microphone Flossers
4. Klutzy Kitty Bottle Holder
5. Night Glow Toilet Seat
6. King Tut Life-SIzed Cabinet
7. Tortilla Baby Newborn Swaddle Blanket &Hat Set
8. Suzy Kuzey Beer Mitt
9. Seabreacher Customized Boat
10. The Sky Rest Travel Pillow

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    • Bazaar Compass profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Ellen Block 

      3 years ago from Southern California

      I agree flying won't be the same. I like your rule of thumb:) I guess their business model was flawed.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Flying just won't be the same without SkyMall. When we fly we sometimes play 'guess the price' with the catalogue. A good rule of thumb is to take the price you would be willing to pay for the item and then add a 0 to the end, then multiply it by 2, and then add a couple more 0's for good measure. Their problem is nobody wants to pay $999 + shipping for glow-in-the-dark voice-activated toenail clippers.

    • Bazaar Compass profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Ellen Block 

      3 years ago from Southern California

      Haha! That should be a major concern for everyone

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      Now that skymall is going away where will I get my zombies and yetis?


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