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Seven Unique and Unusual Landscapes

Updated on April 19, 2013

Hey adventurous travelers, looking for somewhere crazy to visit? Here's my list of the top unique and unusual landscapes of out time.

Yes it's real!
Yes it's real!

Chocolate Hills

Are you serious? Hills made of chocolate? Okay, book me a ticket now.

Well the name of this land formation might be a little bit deceiving, but it describes well what is the chocolate Hills. They are found in Bohol, Philippines. The hills are described as a sea of "chocolate kisses". They are perfectly shaped cone-like hills that remind me of a children's drawing. For some people, the hills remind them of lady parts. Okay, whatever you wanna think of it go ahead.

There are 1268 hills ranging from 30 to 50 meters high. The chocolate hills have no trees unlike the base of them because they are limestone. The grass dries up in the winter, looking like chocolate drops, thus we have the name "chocolate hills".

Of course like all the unexplained landscapes, the chocolate hills has two legends behind it. One, when two giants threw stones at each other for days, then made friends and left the mess. Two, they are the tears of a god who cried and cried after his mortal lover died.

The legends might as well be a good explanation for the formation because scientists haven't yet discovered the exact reason how the hills were formed. The most popular theory regards ancient oceans and some sort of science stuff going on in the reefs.


Watch this video!

Dallol Volcano

Dallol volcano is a really, really weird place. And you probably won't be visiting there soon. Not going to lie, it's kind of hard to explain and I recommend you watch the video.

Basically, Dallol is a crater filled with lots of eruption holes, acids, salts, hot springs, temporary geysers... It is in Ethiopia located in the Danakil Depression. So basically its a lot of colorful, hot, and poisonous ponds and weirs rocks.

Believe it or not there is a small ghost-ish town near the volcano, with the record high average temperatures a year (about 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the average record low is only 75 degrees). So if you really have an aversion to cold move there. It's funny, it's snowing outside but I'm getting hot just looking at the pictures.

What a weird and mysterious place. Full of science.

Dragon's Blood Tree
Dragon's Blood Tree
Weird Socrota Tree
Weird Socrota Tree
Hey, it's tropical too!
Hey, it's tropical too!

Socrota Island

What would this list be without Socrota Island? This alien-like landscape is an island off the coast of Yemen. Being there is like walking into a different world, there are 700 forms of plant life found there that is no where else on earth. The only native animals though are civet cats and bats, but there's a lot of farming done by the natives.

The island is very diverse, there are coastal plains, small raggedy mountains, and a limestone plateau that has a ton of caves to explore. The most popular and beautiful plant is the dragon's blood tree which looks like an umbrella but has bright red sap. It's not a tropical place, it is a desert. The island wasn't really built around touring but had a lot of hiking and birdwatching. There's so much diversity here it's ridiculous.

If you really have desire to go to Socrota, you could. They actually have an airport. But the island is pretty much unacceptable from June to September due to the high winds and monsoons. Along with interesting wildlife, the weather is pretty interesting too.

Socrota is a magical place, and has been described as that by many great explorers who've been there. Even Marco Polo went there and came back convinced that the inhabitants of Socrota were some kind of magical sea people that controlled the weather. It's been a sailing landmark for many ancient people and their travels, and their are marks in caves left behind from sailors of ancient worlds.

Not a bad sized island!


A Video of the White Desert

White Desert

The White Desert in Farafra, Egypt is where mother nature's sculptor lives. The desert is a nice creamy color, and boasts spectacular artwork. Kind of abstract pieces if you ask me.

The white desert is basically a plateau that was broken down by erosion, leaving the harder rocks that weren't broken down easily to become giant mushroom-like figures that are enormous. They are pure white and chalky. Sandstorms that happen constantly add the the shaping of the rocks.

The Desert is everything you could want in one, sand dunes and formations, a lone acacia tree, a crystal mountain. There's lots of tourism, especially in off-road driving and camping. Since the desert was once a sea sometimes you can find seashells in the sand, which is really cool.

The White desert had a long and cool history of formation. It was at first a sea, then it was a savannah-like area which in the past was home to elephants, giraffes, and lions.

I'd say that the formations at the White Desert beat any other rock formation park, these are so unique and the landscape is completely strange. What a cool place!

There's a similar desert like this in Australia, but it isn't white like this one.

This is the most popular lemur to the area, a Decken Sifaka.
This is the most popular lemur to the area, a Decken Sifaka. | Source
This is an aerial view of the Formations. Crazy.
This is an aerial view of the Formations. Crazy. | Source

Stone Forest

The Stone Forest in Madagascar is literally a stone forest. In Madagascar the formation are called tingsy. Perfectly even and placed intruding rocks can be imagines to look like trees, except their stone. The place is so strange, the stones are even height and with and form in parallel rows... why does this even happen?

Their formation is complicated, and it involves limestone ans sea beds (kind of a popular rock around here). It is said that groundwater came into the limestone beds and carved out the caves and tunnels. After a while the earth on top of the water collapsed, and created the pointy-sens of the formations.

There's so much biodiversity in the forest, since it's largely penetrable and unexplored. It has been describes as a bio-forest. There are a ton of lemur and bird species (Who wouldn't want to play on those huge rocks?) The rocks are kind of like high-rise apartments, and the lemurs travel through them like it's a big road. Nature's city.

Travel here is a bit hard... I guess if you're a hardcore adrenaline junky then you would enjoy it. There's a lot of scary ways to explore the rocks like rickety bridges and climbing. So your best bet is to hire a guide. And still get scared.

There's one of these forests in china too, so don't get them confused! (I think this one is the coolest)

Talk about high-rise apartments.
Talk about high-rise apartments.

Fairy Chimneys (Cappadocia)

The fairy chimneys are a unique natural occurring rock formation that happen in Turkey. The people of the area have really made them unique like no other, making them homes and buildings. It's a magical place. We can make a lot of jokes to what these rocks "look like" if your catching my vibe here.

The chimneys themselves are weird in how they form, the bases are similar to the other rock formations I've listed, made with water and erosion (except it's the erosion of volcanic rocks). The caps of the chimneys, however, are the interesting part. They are made of volcanic ash, which had formed the tops to look like cones.

I think the coolest part of this fairy-tale landscapes is the fact that the inhabitants made homes out of the rocks. Kind of like Mesa Verde, Turkey style. People still inhabit these cool formations, and when you go you can stay in them! It's not cavemen like though, the hotels are posh and perfect for tourism. book my trip please.



As long as we're talking about Turkey, we might as well mention Pamukkale. Dang, Turkey is a really cool place. Pamukkale is a hot spring, it is terraces travertine pools surrounded by petrified waterfalls. Inside the pools you will find warm and clear water.

There's a lot of volcanic activity and earthquakes in the area, which causes the hot springs themselves. What causes the terracing is a mixture of flowing water and lots of sciency chemicals (we don't need to go into depths).

I love the legend of this place, it's about a girl who thought she was ugly and she was unmarried so she threw herself into the waters but didn't die. Instead she turned beautiful and married a god. Can someone please take me here? Please share some of that beauty water please.

If you were to visit Pamukkale there are also some ancient ruins, Hierapolis, nearby. Ancient ruins and fun hot springs? What more do you want? You don't have to put you hands behind your back and not touch anything when you visit these terraces, you can play all over them and even bathe if so desired. Book. Me. Now.

Perky Blonde Woman Tells You about Pammukale

Ending Note

Warning: Clicking on links may send you into a spiral of internet research, and lots of money spent on vacation plans.

The world is so big and there are so many other strange formations and landscapes that can be added to this list. What are your favorites? Tell me in the comments!


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    • Beata Stasak profile image

      Beata Stasak 

      5 years ago from Western Australia

      FANTASTIC, we have plenty of unusual landscapes here in Western Australia as well:)

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very fun read, thank you.

    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 

      5 years ago from The High Seas



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