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The Top Ten Safari Destinations in Kenya

Updated on December 10, 2018
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Jeff Zod enjoys traveling and meeting people from different cultures.He enjoys exploring interesting places and discovering new things.

The 10 Perfect Safari Destinations in Kenya

If you have thinking of the perfect travel destination, Kenya is the place you want to be.
Kenya has the most breath-taking landscapes. It's beauty is unparalleled.From the Seventh Wonder of the World - The Masai Mara to the snow-capped Mt. Kenya visitors are are certain to be enchanted by these magical destination

Here is a list of the top ten perfect getaways in Kenya.

Elephant | Source

Kenyan Safari

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Masai Mara

This has to be your first pit-stop in your journey of discovering the top ten safari destinations in Kenya.The Masai Mara has been called the Seventh Wonder of the World.A visit to the park illustrates the reason why this park has attracted millions of visitors from across the world.An aerial view of the park during the wildebeest migration is enchanting.

Around 1.5 million wildebeest participate in the annual migration from Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya.Hundreds of predators including lions, leopards, cheetahs and crocodiles lie in wait for the free meat that is in abundance during the migration.A visit to the park is surely bound to be unforgettable.

Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara

If it is your first time in the Mara, you are in for the time of your life.There are more than four and hundred and fifty species of birds in the Masai Mara.The reserve is teeming with buffaloes, impala, the grant and Thompson gazelles, hyenas, warthogs, wildebeest,lions,cheetahs and even the elusive leopard.

Lion | Source

The Maasai people live on the periphery of the reserve.The Maasai are a tribe of fierce warriors.They are nomadic pastoralists who keep large herds of cattle
They have managed to uphold their culture to date.Their culture is rich and exciting.Visitors will be captivated by their amazing culture.

The Masai Mara is about two hundred and seventy kilometers from the capital,Nairobi.To get to the Mara, one needs to book a flight from Wilson Airport.
The flight takes around forty five minutes.One then travels to Narok Town by matatu(minibus). You can here a four-wheeled drive car for a game drive.

Wildebeest migration to the Masai Mara
Wildebeest migration to the Masai Mara | Source

Samburu National Reserve

The Samburu National Reserve in Samburu District lies on the banks of River Ewaso Nyiro.It is covered with grass, a riverine forest, and acacia trees.The reserve is home to the Grevy zebra, the beisa oryx,elephant,lions,impala,cheetah, waterbuck and the Somali ostrich.Around three hundred and fifty species of birds can be found here.These include: the tawny eagle, the guinea fowl, batheleur, the king fisher and the marabou stork.

Lion cub
Lion cub | Source

The Buffalo Springs National Reserve is adjacent to the Samburu Natioanl Reserve.They are only separated by the river.The river in the reserve is one of the main attractions.Buffalo Springs National Reserve has a less hilly landscape.Here, you will find the Grevy zebra and the common zebra.The common zebra never heads to the north of the river.The Somali ostrich and the kori bustard are also found here.These birds are fearless.The Shaba National Reserve is associated with the Samburu National Reserve. It is on the east of the Isiolo-Marsabit road and its landscape is dotted with minute hills and volcanic rocks.

The Tsavo

Tsavo is one of Africa's largest game parks. It is famous for the historical man-eating lions that became a nightmare to the Kenya-Uganda Railway constructors.
The Tsavo is a bird watcher's paradise, with numerous species of the weaver bird, the horn-bill and the sunbird.Many kinds of animals can be found in the Tsavo, they include elephants, lions, buffaloes, impala, giraffes, kudu and rhinoceroses.
Vegetation is of the Savannah ranges.

Zebras | Source

Fifty million gallons of fresh water are produced by the volcanic Mzima Springs everyday.
Water gushes out of rock formations on the Lugard Falls forming several oases which sustain water birds.The resulting wetland has large raphia palms.The long drives in the park are relaxing and refreshing.

Flamingos | Source

Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria

Lake Baringo is the foremost birding destination with a local record of about three hundred species of birds observed in one hour.The lake is teeming with eagles, cormorants and pelicans.Ol Kokwe Island is smack in the middle of the lake.
It's conditions are favorable to hippopotamuses, crocodiles, tortoises, monitor lizards and birds.The community museum is a home to snakes such as the puff adder, the cobra, the black mamba, the boom-slang and the spitting cobra.

Flamingo | Source

Lake Bogoria is known for its bubbling geothermal pools and the freshwater springs that draw birds and other wild animals.A pink blanket is formed over the lake by the thousands of flamingos wading on it.The shores are lined up with zebras, baboons and gazelles. Fish eagles prey on the flamingos.The land around the lake is volcanically active and the western shore has spouting geysers.

Crocodiles | Source


Lake Naivasha derives its name for the afternoon winds that cause high waves.
The Maasai call them nai'posha, meaning rough water.The British corrupted nai'posha to Naivasha.Fertile soils surround the lake.Yellow fever trees(xanthophlea) grow around the lake.A wide range of bird species have made their nests in the forest, making Naivasha a leading birding destination.The shallow freshwater lake is bordered by thick papyrus.Colo-bus monkeys inhabit the tree tops;the buffaloes amble around the lake; and the hippopotamuses swim in the waters.

Monkey | Source

The Hell's Gate National Park is the most renown tourist attraction in Naivasha.
Hell's gate is a pair of massive rocks that form a cliff where a bubbling spring and steam vent lie.Several activities can be enjoyed in the park.
These include rock climbing, hiking and biking.

Buffalo | Source

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is world famous for its flamingos.The park was at first designated as a bird sanctuary.It is home to flamingos and other terrestrial birds.
The landscape has a stretch of acacia, rocky hillsides and a captivating euphorbia forest on the eastern side.Around five hundred and fifty plant species can be found in the park.Three main rivers, Njoro, Makadia and Enderit drain into the lake.
Waterfalls and the Lion Hill Ridge beautify the landscape.
There are view points at the Lion Hill Ridge and the Baboon Cliff.

Hornbill | Source

The Aberdares

The Aberdares is renown for its forest, mountain grasslands and moorland.
The most common birds in the park are the golden-winged sun-bird, the silvery-cheeked horn-bill and the white-eyed slaty fly catcher.The park also provides a habitat for endangered species such as the African grass owl, the crowned eagle and the African green ibis.The pleasant Aberdare mountains have forest reserves which act as water catchment areas.Mukurweini valley, Kikuyu escarpment forest and the Kinangop grasslands are the main birding areas.

Owl | Source

Mt. Kenya National Park

The second highest mountain in Africa is the snow-capped Mt.Kenya which lies on the Equator.Thousands of visitors are attracted to its towering view.Many expert and amateur mountaineers are always tempted to test its height.In the 1980s an elderly man scaled the mountain.Rescuers found him near the summit with only a blanket thrown over his shoulders, a walking staff and sandals.He explained to them that he was climbing the mountain to talk to God.

The mountain is a critical catchment area.It is one of the few snow capped mountains lying on the Equator. The mountain has a rain-forest, scrub, moor-land, bamboo and open woodland.It is believed that this is the only place in Africa where an American spotted sandpiper has ever been seen.

The Kenyan Coast

The Kenyan coast is not only famous for its pristine white sandy beaches but also fir the historic old towns that give a glimpse into the incredible culture of the coastal people.The ruins of some of the ancient towns are still intact, making this place a unique historical place.The mysterious Gedi ruins in Watamu, Fort Jesus in Mombasa and the Vasco Da Gama pillar in Malindi are some of the most popular tourist attraction sites.

Beach | Source

Lamu Island is one of Kenya's oldest towns.Visitors can enjoy donkey rides and even participate in the annual donkey races.The Indian Ocean is rich in marine life and amazing coral reefs that strecth to four hundred and eighty kilometers.The national marine reserves include Mombasa Marine National Park, Watamu National Park, Malindi Marine National Reserve and the Kiunga Marine National Reserve.

Some of the activities that can be enjoyed at the coast include swimming in the Indian Ocean, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sky diving and zip lining.
Hotels and restaurants at the coast provide first class service and accommodation.
Visitors can enjoy the finest cuisines from around the world.The night comes alive at the coast.Revelers can enjoy themselves at the numerous night clubs.

If you have never visited Kenya before, you are in for a treat.The Kenyan Coast, the Masai Mara, Mount Kenya, the Tsavo, and Lake Naivasha are some of the most popular tourist dstinations.Millions of tourists from countries such as America, Japan, China, Germany and Britain visit Kenya every year.They are always delighted by the sights, places and people.Many of them have made the country their second home.
Some have even married and relocated to Kenya.Kenya has diverse cultures that visitors always find intriguing.

Many multinational companies have a presence in the country, making it a favorite for many a tourist.The list is not exhaustive however, there are many more places for the discerning visitor to discover.The people are kind and welcoming.You will definitely enjoy your visit to Kenya.

Which is your favorite Safari destination in Kenya?

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© 2018 Jeff Zod

The Top Ten Safari Destinations in Kenya

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    • Erudite Scholar profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeff Zod 

      10 months ago from Nairobi

      Hi Paton,

      Thank you for the appreciation. You are welcome. Kenya is an amazing safari destination. You can visit anytime.

    • profile image

      Mubichi Paton 

      10 months ago

      I would really love to visit this Safari destination.

    • Erudite Scholar profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeff Zod 

      14 months ago from Nairobi

      Hi George,

      Thanks for the appreciation.Kenya is full of exciting safari destinations and the Masai Mara is a tourist favorite.Come visit and discover the Seventh Wonder of the Modern World.Karibu Kenya.

    • Believe in USA profile image

      George Johnson 

      14 months ago from San Antonio, TX

      Extremely well written article. Its great to get recommendations on exotic travel from someone who lives there. Your article definitely makes me want to book a safari to the Masai Mara.


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