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The Traveling Hedge Hog Part 2

Updated on July 30, 2012

And we're walking...


We are again in New jersey, our place that we first met and fell in love with each other!

Now I know a lot of people will be incensed that we think New Jersey has better pizza than New York and trust me, they are a close tie. However, since we are more able to get to NJ through our travels, we tend to like the pizza better.

So we are laid over until the morning when our load picks up. We decide that since we are in Jersey, we want pizza. So as we are driving to the truck parking lot at the Petro in Bordertown, NJ. we spot a pizza restaurant on the side of the road. We had decided to drive onto another truck plaza but since it was close to dark, and trying to find a decent parking spot. i.e., one that is easy to navigate into and out of, we pulled in.

After we parked the big rig, we got out and decided to walk because it wasn't THAT far away...or was it?

We headed out of the lot and turned left. We followed the road until it turned back onto the interstate. We passed a hotel and another truck park and continued on. Luckily, the temperature had dropped 25 degrees and there was a cool wind blowing.

We passed yet another hotel and a convenience store but still no sign of the pizza place. I was about to suggest we retrace our steps and return to the truck stop and eat at that restaurant. However, we were in Jersey and craving pizza so we walked some more.

A second convenience store loomed in the distance and so we decided to ask the proprietors if they knew of a pizza restaurant. A patron said that there was one about 15 miles away and we informed him that we were on foot. He just gave us a look that related "Are you crazy-why are you walking?" We explained that we were truck drivers and couldn't very well take the big rig out for a spin. The clerk behind the counter said that there was a pizza place but it was far away. "How far?" we asked. She replied "About 1/2 mile". Well we had already walked about 1.5 miles so what was another half mile? Since we knew we would be eating pizza, we also knew that if we walked, it would counter the calories!!! LOL!!!

We finally found the restaurant and when we walked in, the aroma of fresh pizza baking started us salivating. We ordered a mushroom, pepperoni, and Italian sausage pizza. I also noticed that they had cannolis on the menu. Well, you can't go to a pizza place and not get cannolis so we ordered two. The owner said that they were small so he would give us 4 for the price of 2! What a deal!

As we sat there, waiting for our dinner, the Olympics were on and we got to watch the US Volleyball women kick butt! We were the only customers in the restaurant so it was like being at home.

The pie was delivered and we fell in love! The crust was perfectly thin and crispy, the grease factor was just enough, and the melting cheese was perfection! We ate all but three pieces and brought them back.

The cannolis were dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar. I spent the most time eating these!

Then it was time to walk back. We found a breakthrough in the wall surrounding the truck stop so we were about to cut out about 1/4 mile. It was an enjoyable walk and one that we will repeat...but only for Jersey pizza pie!


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