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The UN Goes on the Offensive in the Congo

Updated on March 28, 2013

Since 1994, the Congo, one of Africa's largest country filled with mineral deposits and natural beauty, has been in a quasi-war. Former President Clinton has said that his greatest mistake and regret was not sending NATO or US troops to stop the Rwanda mass murder of millions and the Congo was not exempt then.

Several groups of armed thugs or gangs have since tried to create and control their areas and over the years it has grown into a civil war. Of course, the UN has been there all along as a peace keeping only force, some 17,000 are there now, yet the fighting continues between the strongest groups, the M23, and others. The M23 began to threaten Goma, a capital in Eastern Congo, and did seize it in Nov. 2012. They did wthdraw but not very far. The group swept through the area from Rwanda killing and causing mayhem. It is basically a war between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes. The Hutus were in Rwanda but fled into the Congo, and the Tutsis followed them. It is a mess.

The U.N. has decided to go on the offensive, the first time ever, by deploying its Intervention Brigade of 2-3,000 men much more heavily armed in Goma. They will no longer wait to be attacked but go on the offensive to destroy the M23 and any others in the Congo.

Although the Congo has its own para-military that works with the U.N., they are corrupted. Just a few weeks ago, the U.N. disbanded two battalions of their military after investigations found that both had conducted mass rapes in the town of Minova.

Because China is a major player in the U.N., the commander of this new force very well may be a Chinese. The U.N commander in Cyprus now is Chinese and commands a force of 900. His father fought against the Americans in Korea in 1950.

How ironic.


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