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The Hotel Wolcott in New York

Updated on June 16, 2015

We decided to visit the city of New York for a period of four nights, we wanted an hotel in the city to avoid using the public transit system everyday, since we like to walk and enjoy waking up without the idea of having to "commute" during vacations.

The Wolcott Hotel appeared as an opportunity when we decided to book, it was offering a discounted price in an online reservation website. Since we had done some research about the Hotels, the Wolcott had already a good relation Price/Quality, with this discount, it was even better, so we had no doubts on booking.

A good deal has always its disadvantages, so we knew that a good location at a good price had to be a disadvantage, when comparing to near hotels, fortunately the disadvantage was not a big problem, the hotel was old and so was the furniture. That was not a big problem, the bathroom was clean, the linen were good and the air conditioner was working perfectly. After spending four nights there I am happy with the choice.

How do you rate the Hotel?

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Wolcott Hotel

You can also find in the lobby:

  • Mini-market
  • Fitness Room / Small Gym
  • IT Room with computers and printer


The lobby of the Hotel Wolcott is very beautiful, it has antique furniture, like a wall clock that appeared on a newspaper in the thirties. The antique style is curious, specially when you come from Times Square you notice the differences that some years make.

Information Desk

There is an information desk in the lobby, and during office hours there is someone there to help you. There you can book tickets to Broadway theaters, book your shuttle to the airport, or get some help on what are the main interest points in the city, as well as a free map with it.

Lobby of the Wolcott Hotel
Lobby of the Wolcott Hotel | Source


The Hotel does not offer the option to have breakfast, but that does not mean you have to have food in your room or leave the Hotel with an empty stomach. Everyday there are muffins, tea and coffee on the Lobby and you can enjoy a relaxed time in a sofa eating a muffin and drinking a hot tea.

Muffins and Coffee/Tea

The coffee and the tea were a bit weak and the flavor was not the best but it is nice to drink something hot or cold (depending on the day) as you walk outside the Hotel. My preference was for the tea with ice, it was good to have a cold drink to start the day in the street.

The muffins were very good, they were tasty but a little bit dry.

My overall opinion is good, simple & good.

Street View of the Hotel Wolcott entrance
Street View of the Hotel Wolcott entrance | Source


The hotel is located on the 31st street, it is

  • Hundred feet from the fifth avenue
  • Fifteen minute walking from Times Square
  • Three minute walking from Empire State Building
  • Seven minute walking from Penn Station
  • Central Park can be reached in twelve minute by Public Transportation or thirty minute walking in the fifth avenue.
  • In front of a Dunkin' Donuts
  • One hour walking from World Trade Center or twenty minutes public transit.
  • Eight minute from the Grand Central by public transit or a fifteen minute walk.

My opinion is that it is very well located for the relation Price/Location, you are near the center and it is easy to get anywhere.


We walked during the night and we did not find any problems, the streets were always with people and there was no suspicious people. Since the Hotel is near the Broadway, you can go from Times Square to the Hotel by the Broadway and enjoy a nice night walk.

Bed of the Hotel Wolcott
Bed of the Hotel Wolcott | Source
Room of the Hotel Wolcott with an alarm clock
Room of the Hotel Wolcott with an alarm clock | Source
View of the room in Hotel Wolcott with luggage
View of the room in Hotel Wolcott with luggage | Source


You can hoose a simple room or a suite with more space in the entrance. We stayed at the junior suite due to an unexpected upgrade (maybe we paid more than the other guests). The place was nice and cozy, with calm colors and a good TV, useful to see the weather.

The room seemed old, with old furniture and carpets and walls painted in an old fashioned way.

Sleeping Quality

In order to better understand if the your sleeping quality will be good or not, I must say I can sleep well in a lot of places, so I may have missed a problem that can affect you.

The pillow was good and easy to "transform", it is not the best pillow I had but it is quite comfortable. The linen was also comfortable, even during an warm night I did not feel overheated.

The noises could be a little troublesome, but that is due to the city noise, and it is nothing that can prevent you from sleep. Nothing to say about smells, only when you put the air conditioner on you will feel a nice fresh smell.

My opinion on the overall sleeping quality is very good.

View from the room

I could take a photo from the room window but it was not worth it, you would only see other buildings. Since it is a city hotel, I did not expect nothing of the window view, but I was glad to see that there were not near windows nor neighbors that could watch me sleep.

Bathroom of the Hotel Wolcott
Bathroom of the Hotel Wolcott | Source


The bathroom was big and enough for a four night stay. It has a window that can be good for smelling the city, or let the bad smells go out and to let the steam out of the bathroom.

It has a bathtub that seems to have a past of stories and better days, but good enough for showering. The main defect was the curtain always moving against the body, when I just wanted to shower.

The overall quality of the Bathroom was satisfactory.

The missing of the thirteenth floor
The missing of the thirteenth floor | Source


As many hotels in the world, you will not get a room in the thirteenth floor.

Since the number 13 is the unlucky number, it seems that during the construction that number was not used and it goes from the twelfth to fourteenth without passing by a mid level.


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