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50 Things to do in London

Updated on May 21, 2013

1) Go to the Tower of London. Parts of this building have been around since the 11th century. You can find a Royal collection of jewelry as well as the Crowned Jewels.

2) Visit Borough Market. On the south side of the Thames River you can find this market which includes fresh fish, curries, paellas, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and drinks.

3) Sit on top of Primrose Hill. Located in Primrose Park is this huge hilltop. Take a little hike up it and you can get a view of the whole city as well as the beautiful houses surrounding the park.

4) Stroll through Regent's Park. It's a huge lush green park it has a lake with an abundance of ducks and swans where you can canoe and take out a paddle boat. There is also Queen Anne's garden with several different types of flowers. Not to mention several playgrounds for the kids and the first zoo ever, the London Zoo.

5) Walk by Regent's Canal past the house boats all the way up to Camden town. You can even take a little boat tour.

6) Go down Camden Street in Camden Town. It is a wacky part of town. Amy Winehouse lived nearby and hung out there. It has a bunch of tattoo and shoe shops and wacky figures popping out of the stores. It also has a bunch of markets with food, clothes, and tourist memorabilia.

7) Cliché but visit Abbey Road. The famous Beatles Album where they are crossing the crosswalk. Now you don't need to walk across it like them just go look at it and Abbey Road studios is right behind it so you can check that out and there's a wall that people can sign all over.

8) Venture to Trafalgar Square. It's a huge square in front of the National Gallery. It has a tall monument in the middle with a big fountain beside it. Dip your feet in on a hot day and enjoy the views.

9) If you are already at Trafalgar Square definitely step inside the National Gallery. You will find paintings and sculptures comparable to the Louvre in Paris.

10) Ride a Double Decker bus. Sit on the top level in the very front, it is definitely an experience.

11) Go to Covent Garden! Phew this place is awesome, take the tube and get off at the Covent Garden stop wander down to the atrium there is a huge market and the surrounding streets are full of great shops and cafes.

12) Hyde Park is the most well known park in London. It always has big concerts. It has a huge lake, rose gardens, playgrounds, etc.

13) Kensington Park is connected to Hyde Park, I love it. It has a little lake, lush green area, and Princess Diana playground is a sandy area with a big ship in it and on a nice day there is a huge line of children and parents waiting to get in. It also has a merry go-round and café for the kids to get an Ice cream cone.

14) Take a look at Buckingham Palace it is pretty beautiful. Take a few photos in front of it, you gotta.

15) Portobello Road Market. You have to go! Fridays and Saturdays in the Notting Hill neighborhood. It is several, I mean several blocks long. It has just about anything and everything. There is always music, street performers, awesome food, and you can always find something cool.

16) Harrod's Department Store. I know the phrase Department Store is not usually appealing but trust me this is no ordinary dept. store. It is about 7 stories but the main floor is really where you need to be. It has every high end brand of clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and make up. Oh yeah and then the Food Halls, phew, what else can I say but Bloody Fabulous! Every food, candy, beer, wine, cheese, it just has everything, okay, so fabulous.

17) View of London Bridge from the south of the Thames. Get off at London Bridge tube stop, head toward the water and admire the Bridge and possibly walk across it to the other side.

18) Walk through the Mayfair neighborhood. You can find Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and all that good stuff. Might spot a celebrity. You will feel like royalty strolling through this spot.

19) Piccadilly Circus. It is the Times Square of London.

20) Oxford Street. Apparently it is the biggest shopping street in Europe. Of course you will go there if you are in London.

21) Selfridges Department Store located on Oxford Street. It is similar to Harrod's but it is a more bright and open space with not as many floors. It is delightful.

22) Regent Street is another huge shopping mecca. It has Anthropologie, Top Shop, Guess, etc.

23) Carnaby Street. As you are walking done Regent Street turn down this little alley, they call these allies Mews. It has several shops and cafes, very adorable. There are several little allies such as this in London.

24) Victoria and Albert Museum. A very quirky museum it has elaborate sculptures, a room full of fantastic jewelry, glass cases holding celebrity costumes. In the middle of the museum there is a beautiful courtyard with a huge shallow pool in the middle. There is a great gift shop as well.

25) Brick Lane in the Shoreditch Neighborhood. Start at the beginning of the street, there is literally 100 Indian restaurants. Keep going and you end up in Hipster land. There is awesome graffiti art everywhere and hundreds of vintage thrift shops. There are record and antique stores as well.

26) The Freud Museum. Sigmund Freud lived in London for 1 year before he died. He had originally lived in Austria having had to escape Hitler's army. It was his house and you can tour it for about 5 pounds.

27) Westminster Abbey. Take a tour of this famous church where the recent Royal Couple was married. Several English Royals and poets were buried inside as well as Mary Queen of Scots.

28) Fish and Chips. Go to a cool pub like The Lord Wolseley have a nice pint and eat some Fish and Chips, very satisfying.

29) The British Museum. This place has Ancient Greek and Roman statues, old Buddhist sculptures. They have pieces of rock that are too old to fathom. It is something you do not want to miss.

30) Go to a Pub with a patio like The Star in St. John's Wood. Sit outside and drink your pint. You won't have a care in the world.

31) Stonehenge. It is not in London but you can take a train and then rent a car and drive to it. Totally worth it.

32) Big Ben. You know the big clock tower. Go see that. And across the river from it you can see the London Eye.

33) Go to Tesco, basically like London's 711 and get a chocolate croissant. Only in London can you get all sorts of fresh delicious bakery items at a 711 like place.

34) Soho. Late night wandering through Soho, there are adult stores, gay clubs, several night clubs, interesting nighttime adventure.

35) Sloane Square. It is a cute area to stroll around. Surrounding it are amazing houses and high end exclusive shops, quite ritzy.

36) St. John's Wood. Lovely neighborhood. Quite possibly my favorite. St. John's Wood High St. is has little shops, bakeries, and restaurants. There is a cute park just past it with a playground. The Cricket Stadium is settled in here as well. Paul McCartney lives in this neighborhood too.

37) Marylebone. Stroll around this gem of a neighborhood. It includes Baker Street which has the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the Beatles Store. Marylebone High Street with ritzy shops and cafes.

38) Go to a Pub Trivia Night. You will have a blast.

39) Go see a cool edgy band at a hipster Shoreditch bar like the Old Blue Last.

40) Bermondsey. This neighborhood is South of the Thames, it is absolutely elegant.

41) Tate Modern. Located south of the Thames on the water. Big, beautiful museum with amazing modern paintings, sculptures, and installments. There is also a bridge that goes into the museum over the river to the other side of London.

42) Get a Gelato cone at Gelato Mio in St. John's Wood or at one of the many other Ice Cream Shops throughout London. There are an abundance of different flavors. Delicious.

43) Make it to a street festival or carnival. There is always something going on, a cool one is the Notting Hill Carnival which is Carribean inspired at the end of July.

44) Hampton Court. Take the train out of the city to where King Henry VIII used to reside.

45) Get on the tube and get off at a random spot.

46) Drink a Pimm's Cocktail. It's a London classic.

47) Buy an expensive bottle of wine and some cheese from one of their many authentic wine shops.

48) Go to a London grocery store like Sainsbury's. You will be sure to see some wacky brand names of food as well as differently named fruits and vegetables.

49) Have a picnic on a sunny day in one of their hundreds of parks.

50) Just walk, wander down unknown streets, just get lost, everywhere you go is beautiful and different. After all it is the most walkable city in the world.


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    • brownella profile image

      brownella 4 years ago from New England

      I'm hoping to get to London sometime this year so this list will be handy, thanks for sharing :)

    • Megh Brandel profile image

      Megh Brandel 4 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thanks! London is a pretty nostalgic place for me. You reminded me of those days.

    • HappyMikeWritter profile image

      HappyMikeWritter 4 years ago

      I soo love London-you made an amazing guide . Thank you soo much for sharing it.