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The World's Most Friendly & Hostile City

Updated on December 10, 2014

Friendly & Hostile City

If you are go to travel to your dreams town, then finished to travel to all Spectacular place, complete your shopping and eating in a good restaurant but If you see that the people of the places are not friendly at all and they are not coming forward to help someone in trouble the your travels becomes too much unhappy for you. On the other hand if you go for traveling somewhere and there you see the opposite environment means that people of the places are super friendly and coming forward to help someone in trouble then this tour are memorable tour for you.

After considering all activities The magazine of New York named “Conde Nast Traveler” made a list of amiable and Non-amicable behavior of cities. This list made by the readers votes. According to the list two cities Takes together the first position as friendly cities, cities are Melbourne in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. Melbourne has been called the capital of the Peace and other has been referred that You must be appreciated after seeing the Auckland's man cool mood. On the other hand, Johannesburg in South Africa is the Southern hemisphere country take 1st position of most non-amicable country. Here the the list of the countries as bellows:-

Friendly city:
1. Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand)
2. Victoria (Canada);
3. Charleston (South Carolina);
4. Dublin (Ireland), Sydney (Australia);
5. Siem Reap (Cambodia);
6. Cape Town (South Africa);
7. Savannah (Georgia), Seville (Spain);
8. Budapest (Hungary).

Non-Friendly City:
1. Johannesburg (South Africa);
2. Cannes (France);
3. Moscow (Russia);
4. Paris (France);
5. Marseli (France);
6. Beijing (China);
7. Frankfurt (Germany);
8. Milan (Italy);
9. Monte Carlo (Monaco);
10. Nassau (Bahamas Islands).



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