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The best places to visit in Hong Kong

Updated on March 19, 2016

Hong Kong is a big city in Southeastern China. There are several incredible places you should visit if you are in Hong Kong. They include:

1. Victoria Peak:
The Victoria Peak is popularly regarded as the best architectural tourist attraction in the city of Hong Kong.The Victoria Peak tower has a beautiful array of shops, restaurants and several other entertainment venues. Moreso, it is also the highest viewing tower in Hong Kong that offers a 360 degree viewing perspective. Victoria Peak is located at Mount Austin Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong.

Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak

2. Symphony of Lights:
This is another remarkable tourist attraction in the city. So popular it is that it has acquired recognition in the Guiness Book of Records. The symphony of lights thrills viewers everyday with audio-visual effects starting from 8PM.

3. Ocean Park:
Ocean Park is a marine park in Hong Kong.It opened in the year 1977. The park currently boasts of more than eighty different attractions and rides, this is why it is a huge tourist destination in Hong Kong. The attractions are divided into eight different zones which includes Aqua City, Whiskers Harbour,Polar Adventure, Marine World among others.

4. Repulse Bay:
The Repulse Bay derived its name from the victory of the British Army over invading pirates in the area some time in history. It is located in the south of Hong Kong Island. The location today is now a large and splendid residential area that is popular among many visiting tourists.

Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay

5. Hollywood Road:

The Hollywood road is a street in Hong Kong Island. The road is historic because it was the second road to be built after Hong Kong was founded. There is an open curio market that operates along the road which is very popular among visiting tourists.

6. Ladies Market:

The Ladies market is one of the most renowned street markets in Hong Kong. The market derives its name because it sells mostly low priced women items most especially clothing. Over the years, the market has become a source of excitement for female tourists because you cannot find another predominantly female gathering elsewhere in Hong Kong.

7. Hong Kong Jade Market:

Jade business is a booming business in Asia, however it is most active in the Hong Kong jade market Kowloon. The jade market is a tourist attraction because it is a vast market exclusively dedicated to buying and selling jade. All other items are prohibited in this market. Jade market also happens to be the biggest outdoor market in Kowloon. Even if you are not buying anything, just walking by to see the beautiful jade jewelry on display is a big thrill.

Jade Market in Hong Kong
Jade Market in Hong Kong

8. Fishing Village:

This village is sometimes referred to as the Venice of Hong Kong. It is popular for its Stilt houses built on water and seafood. In the Fishing Village, people move around by walkways or boats. It is a popular excursion destination among Hong Kong residents and tourists. Dolphins are plenty in the area which is a big attraction for tourist who ride on boats hoping to see them. The fishing village market is the place to go if you love the taste of freshly caught fish.

Fishing Village
Fishing Village

9. The Wetland Park:

The Wetland park is a conservation, education and tourism facility. It is an ideal tourist attraction for people who love marine life. The park comprises of an interactive world, a wetland reserve, exhibition galleries, a theater as well as an indoor play area. The park offers an incredible opportunity for visitors to observe aquatic animals in their natural environment.

Wetland Park
Wetland Park


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