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Fuerteventura - The best windsurfing place in the world

Updated on November 1, 2011

Fuerteventura a paradise for snorklers and surfers

This hub will point at the two places Jandia for wind surfers and Corralejo for snorklers and surfers.

Around Fuerteventura are winds constantly blowing from the dry hot Sahara desert. This is comfortable for all that live here but also makes it a paradise for snorkelling, scuba diving and wind surfing of all kinds.

Every day, up in Corralejo, there are excursions by boat to snorkel and see dolphins, fish and sometimes whales. If you are scuba diving I do not recommend that you grab a turtle by his shield, because he will immediately turn head down and dive fast towards the depth.

Fuerteventura , Jandia and Corralejo

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A markersotovento jandia -
Sotavento de Jandía, 35628 Pájara, Spain
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B markercorallejo -
Corralejo, 35660 La Oliva, Spain
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Sand dunes with courses in Kite surfing

Jandia in my heart

I will never forget the feeling in my mind, the very first time I saw Jandia. They have a parking place along the road just for visitors so it was easy to stay as long as you wanted.

I remember that feeling that what words I used, what adjectives I found, how long I was describing Jandia, nothing was enough. It simply HAS to be seen. This beach in the south of Fuerteventura is famous. Europes longest beach and a paradise for windsurfers, kite survers and beach lovers.Since the vast waters are shallow, it is perfect for wind surfing schools.

When I looked at the big hotel in the other end, it looked like the size of a sugar lump. The people walking and swimming were smaller than rice granes.

Each summer they have the wind surfing World championship contest here. There are never any problems with space, winds or accomodation. There is room for everyone.

If you want to rent a go-cart and drive on the beach is is available too. The beach is so vast from sea to the first bushes

Jandia is almost too large to take in

Surfing safari Jandia

No photo can make justice to this vast beach

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Corralejo up in the north of Fuerteventura

When the Windfinder site showed that the surf-winds were turning south from the Azores, They quickly took their boards, put the toothbrush in the pocket and disapeared for days. The whole north end of Fuerteventura has good conditions for surfers.

The big waves were coming towards Fuerteventura and when they arrived the surfers were ready. They needed to surf as much as we common people need to eat. When the evening came, they put their cars in a square and slept on the warm sand. In the morning they were up with the sun to continue surfing.

If you want more controlled surfing, there is in the northeast of the island, surf schools, kite surfing schools for both beginners and more experienced ones. In the city Corralejo are lots of hotels and hostels. The night life is quite busy with dance and entertainments.

There is an island outside Corralejo - Los Lobos - the tourist boats take you over to this island and back every day. Here are lagoons and lots of fish to watch. They also arrange snorkeling tours with skilled guides to help you. They say that everybody that comes back has seen something awesome!

Extreme surfing northern Fuerteventura

Are you tempted to go surfing now?

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    • profile image

      Andrea 4 years ago

      I don't know why I didn't move to California back in the 60's instead of Colorado, maybe too far away from my dtguhaer's grandmother, however my brother did. So my trips to the Golden West were so enjoyable!!!If any foreigner was to ask where to go, I would have to say, see California...from the bottom to the top it's amazing, so much history and diversity!You lucky girls!!!sharon

    • profile image

      Ebenecer 4 years ago

      Boy am I glad that there are some handy and creative ppolee in this world .you not me. It would appear that Bran's creativity may be in direct proportion to the length of his hair and beard ..maybe that's worth some research. Maybe you're gettig things straightened up in the guest BR for when D and D come. But from what I hear, you won't be at home too much during their visit. The overall trek sounds very neat.More later,Dave

    • naiza profile image

      naiza 4 years ago from The Philippines

      Loving the beach! One of my dream travel destination someday.

    • mewrite profile image

      mewrite 6 years ago

      Looks like a great place. Thanks for sharing.

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Love watching the windsurfers on Geneva Lake. Great Hub!

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 7 years ago

      Windsurfing looks like a lot of fun and the beach at Fuerteventura looks amazing. I would love to go there although I would probably be involved in lazier pursuits.