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The greatness of traveling

Updated on May 11, 2012
View of the sea from top of a hill
View of the sea from top of a hill
Valley from side of a mountain
Valley from side of a mountain

Ideas to enjoy traveling outdoors

Traveling is one of the best hobbies we humans enjoy, but sometimes we are so busy that we don’t or can’t do it often. So it is important that when we decide to take a vacation and we travel, we get the best of it by really enjoying all that can be seen and done during traveling.

Let me begin with what I tend to do. I was born in Puerto Rico, a beautiful island in the northeastern Caribbean, which in spite of its size of approximately 100 miles from east to west and 35 miles from north to south, has so much to offer that whenever I am there I never get bored. Probably from where you are, you can enjoy a lot of stuff. And even though I have personally never visited Europe, Asia, South America or Africa, I have seen many videos and TV specials of different places all over the world. Because of so many things the world has to offer in terms of its geology, climate, and other geographical features, traveling is one of the most exciting things people can enjoy. When I lived in Puerto Rico, because I grew there, it seemed that through time, things were becoming boring and more of the same to me. I did not feel any strong appeal to anywhere I went; I certainly liked and loved certain areas, but they did not have the meaning they do have now. It looks like for some people, like me, going away from the hometown plays a very important role into realizing how beautiful a place can be, because you are no longer there.

At this time I live in Florida and, even though I personally consider Puerto Rico more beautiful in terms of having such a diverse geography, like caves, mountains and blue beaches, I also love Florida and it is my favorite state so far in the east. I have gone to all states east of the Mississippi with the exception of Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky and Vermont, and have seen many landscapes, cities and regions all over this area, and my personal favorite region in the eastern coast is the Tampa Bay Area. I am in the project of visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and would also love to visit Salt Lake City, Denver and Seattle. But so far, my most favorite area where I have been is Puerto Rico, followed by Florida.

Enjoying the scenery

The best scenario I can think of is being in a hill with a cliff near the blue ocean with the wind hitting me and the smell of water salt pouring around me, with blue skies and a few clouds, and palms nearby. Everybody has different “best scenarios” depending on where they grew up and their personal favorite perceptions of nature. In Puerto Rico, this best scenario is possible, as it is in most of the Caribbean islands, Hawaii and many Pacific Islands. For me, such scenario transports me to a sense of total peace and relaxation, together with excitement, is the closest thing to paradise. Yet for people who grow up in temperate regions, like for example Virginia or Pennsylvania, maybe the best scenario is a rural region with mills and rolling hills; for a Colorado man a best scenario can be being close to the snow-peaked mountains; I personally believe all of these scenarios to be incredibly beautiful. I lived in Northern Virginia for a period of one year and a half, and even though I don’t like the cold weather, seeing the snow falling and covering the landscape, seeing the dry trees with snow and everything white, was extremely beautiful. I still prefer the tropical hill in front of the ocean, but this is also very tranquil and calming.

In the case of Puerto Rico, even though it is small, the surroundings are extremely beautiful. The photos shown are just the proof of how beautiful the small island is. I have visited the entire island and there are so many different things to see, I will spend several hubs in the future to show you in detail because it is a lot. From mountains, to caves, to lakes, rivers, cliffs, a desert, and great views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it is really great to get in the car in a sunny day and go through the center and coastal regions, it’s like a paradise.

Surely you can feel the same where you live. In the case of Florida I have also traveled through most of it, including the Keys and the panhandle, and most of the peninsula on I-75 and I-95, as well as I-4 and I-10. The state is quite flat, with some minor hills in the north-central part and the panhandle but I just find them very beautiful. I really like the scenery north of Tampa via I-75; the rolling hills are pretty nice. The flattest south is not as varied and I am not a lover of swamps, but seeing the alligators taking the air on the water is funny. Florida tends to be sunnier than Puerto Rico because it rains less, but both enjoy a great climate which makes them my favorite areas.

Enjoy the great design of God around you

I have seen videos of the Great Canyon in Utah and Arizona, and I’m dying to go there. You don’t get this beauty everywhere, it is something so different and exclusive, and it makes me realize the existence and magnificence of God. The big rocks that lie over the desert in what was, a long time ago, a river that dried up to form such a nature wonder. When you feel stressed out with things at life, take a time and go outdoors and forget about the problems, and look at the great things God created so you can enjoy. If you live near a beach, and it is a great time to swim, go and relax. If you are far from the beach you can still look for a lake or a river, or you can go hiking in the mountains and hills.

Take the time to also enjoy man-made attractions

Although I personally prefer to be closer to nature than to places where man-made structures and works prevail, there are those who still prefer to have fun in the big cities or in areas where there is a lot of man-made attraction you can enjoy. Here in Florida you got Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and even smaller cities with a lot to do other than enjoy the nature. But all over the world there are places where you can have healthy fun and get away for a while from stress and problems. From tall buildings, to magnificent bridges and great theme parks, there is always something to do, in addition to enjoy the natural scenarios created by God. I still remember the first time I passed through the Sunshine Skyway in Saint Petersburg. We don’t have these bridges in Puerto Rico. The experience of ascending and seeing the entire south bay and the mouth to the Gulf of Mexico; Saint Petersburg at a distance, and especially on sunset, it is something you have to see to experience its greatness.

If you don’t have enough money, take time and explore through the Internet!

High definition and speed and innovation have made it possible to enjoy real-time sightings through different ways in the Internet, including videos uploaded in YouTube and other websites. Since I haven’t been able to go to the Bay Area (California), I managed to look to many videos in HD in the area and sometimes it feels like I’m actually there. The same goes to different other places all over the West, Europe, and even Japan. Once during a night I was looking at Japanese cities, visiting Japan is one of my dreams. I watched a video showing a footage of Osaka at night, and I really felt so, so great, what a beautiful city, like those cities you see in videogames- a true futuristic city. I have been in several cities on night including New York, but what I saw in that video was really… different.

Traveling may cost a lot of money, especially today with the huge prices of gas, though at this time they seem to begin to finally go down. Sometimes traveling far may be difficult and extenuating, but thanks to the technology, we can, from the comfort of our homes, see images, in real-time, of places thousands of miles away. You can also enjoy them, not exactly as if you are there, but very similar.


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