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Top 5 reasons - Why people love living and working in Singapore

Updated on October 28, 2013

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This is where Singapore is, in the heart of south east asia!

Why everyone loves Singapore?

Fact: Most people do not know where Singapore is. But most people aren't even good at geography so that explains things. If you do know where this island is, chances are you're probably well read. Singapore is located at the tip of south east Asia, take a look at the map below. It is probably far from where you are living now so why would anyone want to move to an ISLAND.

(P.S. If you want to skip ahead to the top 5 reasons. scroll down!)

No it is not a resort, it's a major city bustling with activities. And you will be surprised to hear that the country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. Apparently there are too many jobs to go around but just not enough people to work them (or land to house more people).

That alone is not the reason why people flock to Singapore! The country also has a comparatively low income tax and great cultural diversity which accepts anyone from anywhere. That said, anyone can easily fit in. So what I needed now was a guide to get me a job and to teach me more about Singapore.

Which I stumbled across a great guide for living and working in Singapore, just what i needed! The guide gave me a glimpse of what life in Singapore was, great shopping places, delicious good food and best of all an experience which one cannot forget. I have always wanted to try working in a new environment, a new country. This was it.

Here is my favourite article: Why everyone loves Singapore?

Singapore's beautiful skyline
Singapore's beautiful skyline

So while reading the article, I have decided to give you my OWN top 5 reasons (well some adapted from the article above). Not everyone will love the hot weather in Singapore, especially people like me. Though with that said, everything nowadays is air conditioned so that really does not bother anyone. But in no way will I think that should be a "pull" factor!

So here it is:

Friendly Police in Singapore
Friendly Police in Singapore

1. Living in Singapore is Safe

This is seriously under mentioned in gateway's article. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, mostly down to it’s incredibly low unemployment rate (around 2%) and the city-state’s harsh judicial system. It is also extremely clean. But did you know that people are placing wallets around or handbags on tables without the fear of being stolen. Some even left them unattented while they queue for food! Well, I do not think I will be able to see it happen anywhere else in the world and that's how low the crime rates in Singapore are! Of course, it has gotten me thinking how is it possible here in Singapore.

Here's my hypothesis: Given that every Singaporean Male has to go through the army, the discipline here is higher than other places and moreover if you dare rob anyone, almost any average joe will be able to take you down.

There is also said to be high number of civilian clothed police walking around malls and streets. So it is UNSAFE for criminals to do theirs acts. It is really hard to find any kind illegal dealings here in Singapore. Of course, in this FINE city, these are numerous policeman are readily eyeing litter offenders. I have heard so many stories of people getting fined for littering cig. butt. No wonder the place is so clean!

Wanton Noodles in Singapore. Yummy.
Wanton Noodles in Singapore. Yummy.

2. The Food

The food here is a major draw. There can’t be many places in the world where the food gets this good, or varied. There is an eatery out there for every budget. From noodles at one of the many Hawker stalls to fine dining at some of the top (and most expensive) Western and Asian restaurants in the world. The Chilli Crab is a must-try for all who visit Singapore or another personal favourite, the Sambal Sting Ray! Check out every food store you visit, there is so much to try!

3. Career Opportunities

More and more multinationals are making Singapore their choice for setting up their regional, and often global headquarters. Singapore’s strategic geographical location, excellent infrastructure, stringent intellectual property protection, good physical and trade connectivity, and easy access to global talent allow global companies to meet the growing demand within the region, and worldwide.

4.The Diversity

The soul of this small country lies in its incredible diversity: people from every walk of life can find a reason to love it here. This is reflected in the space-age skyscrapers in the Central Business District, the historic shophouses in the neighbouring Colonial District, red lanterns in Chinatown, dense jungle in Bukit Timah, and the artificial sands of Sentosa Island. That's why expats like myself fit in nicely!

In and Out of Changi Airport
In and Out of Changi Airport

5. Travel Hub

Singapore is a travel hub for Asia, with thousands of flights coming in and going out of Changi Airport. Living in Singapore gives you the opportunity to even have weekend breaks to exotic travel havens like Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia. The cheapest flights in the region can be found on Expedia and plentiful buses to Malaysia and Thailand make regular travel affordable. Sometimes these air fares are under $100! Now maybe you will feel that your given 14 day annual leave is starting to look really short!

My top 5 reasons why we love Singapore - Do you agree?

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After all that rave about living and working in Singapore, you do think I would stay and make Singapore my home. Correction! It has spurred me on to venture into other great working destination. Like I have said, I am a huge fan of Gateway Guides and they have introduced to me all these top places that expats have been moving to. Read about all these places just makes me want to visit them all but we all know we can't... At least we know we will try!

Other Destination Links:

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At the moment, I am looking for job before I make the move to Hong Kong! And who knows, I might just write another blog about it!


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