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The journey from Mysore to Bangalore

Updated on November 13, 2015

The starting point

Mysore Palace as seen in the morning
Mysore Palace as seen in the morning | Source

Getting into the right bus

We start our journey from the Mysore Suburban bus stand. At the rightmost point of the stand, you will find in-numerous buses heading towards Bangalore. How to locate them? More like, how not to miss them. Every bus conductor will be shouting "Bangalore-Bangalore-Bangalore" out loud and you can hop into any one you like.

There are local buses for which the ticket costs INR 126 (I'm not sure if it has again changed keeps changing) which are ordinary seaters and then there are air conditioned buses which cost about INR 198 (which is the one I got into just now). The AC buses are needless to say more comfortable and have good leg space. And in both the buses, the crowd also varies. And today, there are very few people in the AC bus and hence less noise and so I can concentrate on my work better.

Let the journey begin!

First place to see : Srirangapatna

Srirangapatna is the first place that we cross on our journey. It's a pretty lively town in the district of Mandya. The entire town is enclosed by the river Kaveri to form a river island sort of thing.

This town became the capital of the Mysore kingdom under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan's reign. In fact, Srirangapatnam was the final location of the battle where Tipu lost to the East India Company and the Nizam of Hyderabad and died being betrayed by one of his own men.

Enough of history, the main places to visit in Srirangapatnam is the Ranganathaswamy temple, the Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, the Srirangapatna fort and the Tipu Sultan Gumbaz where the remians of TIpu and his parents are stored within a mausoleum sorrounded by a well manicured garden.

If you plan to stay in Srirangapatna I would suggest the government run Mysore River View hotel. It's a small yet beautiful place set right next to the Kaveri with steps running down to the river. You can even go boating there in a basket shaped boat!

Tipu Sultan Gumbaz
Tipu Sultan Gumbaz | Source

Location of Srirangapatna

Second stop : Madduru

The next place we're heading towards is Madduru. Usually all the buses stop here for a tea break and you can get down and have a hot beverage. But what's most catchy about this place is the frequent shouts from the road side sales men for Maddur vade.

Maddur vade is a fried Indian snack which is specialty of this city. Earlier days, it was available only at a shop in the railway station. Now with the quietly distributed secret recipe, it's found everywhere. But the original taste is not there according to me. It is served traditionally with coconut chutney.

So grab a couple of maddur vade and good Karnatake coffee and let's get back into the bus!

Maddur vade with chutney
Maddur vade with chutney | Source

Heading towards Channapatna

It's hard not to spot Channapatna. Known as the Land of Toys, as soon as you enter, you are welcomed by rows of shops selling wooden toy horses and giant wheels in a miniature form for children (I have one of these myself). There are even wooden rattles and dolls and also bangles.

Now we all know what happens when we buy toys for toddlers. They have a tendency to bite them and to put the toys in their mouth. Not to fear, the remarkable Channapatna toy makers paint their toys with a special non-toxic paint and so all the toys are safe for small children. And the paint doesn't wear off that easily either. It's long lasting and will look good on your child's bedroom shelves for a long time.

Channapatna toys
Channapatna toys | Source
Wooden horses
Wooden horses | Source

The stop before our final destination : Ramanagara

The greatest bollywood movie is the title given to the action packed film Sholay. And the location for shooting this great movie is none other than Ramanagara. The final place for us to stop before heading towards Bangalore is surrounded by hills all over. I can actually feel the dacoit leader from the movie sitting atop these hills and commanding his fellow comrades on their next attack.

The other place to see here is the Big Banyan Tree where actor Dharmendra tried to woo his fellow actor Hema Malini in the film with a song in which he's hanging on the roots of this tree. Good place to have a pic taken for your next profile picture. Or perhaps you could also romance your partner here!

The hills surrounding Ramanagara
The hills surrounding Ramanagara | Source

Final stop! Time to get down in Bangalore

Known as Bengaluru now, you will recognize this place as soon as you're surrounded by traffic and construction of a metro rail on top of you. Welcome to the garden city which has the very famous Lalbagh botanical garden and awesome malls like the one in UB city or the one next to a lake known as Orion mall.

The bus will either drop you off in the Satellite bus stand or at Majestic bus stand. Autos are a good way to wade through the traffic but they cost a lot especially if you don't bargain. The bus system makes all the places well connected. But if you are within an area with Metro trains, I would suggest you to take that.

Enjoy your stay with all the awesome music concerts and parties! And discover something rare at each place. Bengaluru is full of surprises.

UB Tower
UB Tower | Source

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    • Samir Rao profile imageAUTHOR

      Samir Rao 

      3 years ago

      Thank you so much for the compliment @greenmind. It's great encouragement for me :)

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind Guides 

      3 years ago from USA

      Nice hub! I admire your adventurousness. Hubpages could use more writers like you, and I think you choose your topics wisely.

    • Samir Rao profile imageAUTHOR

      Samir Rao 

      3 years ago

      Thanks dude :D

      Seriously, I can hear Gabbar saying "kitne aadmi the?" :P

    • Parimalpolymath profile image

      Prabhat Parimal 

      3 years ago from India

      Very nice hub!

      I liked the part where you imagined Gabbar sitting atop.


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