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The most isolated places in the world

Updated on January 26, 2014

Are you stressed out and want to stay a little away from people? You are that adventurer who always seeks new experiences in your travels? Below are seven of the most isolated and difficult to reach places on the planet.
Was taken into account the time it takes to get there.

1 - Medog

Located in China, has 12,000 inhabitants and is located 480 kilometers away from the nearest civilization. Is at an altitude of 4800 meters above the sea.
There are no roads linking it and other cities, no airports or inland networks. To reach the city must go to the capital of China, Beijing, and then catch a flight to Lhasa, capital of Tibet. From there, you must go to the city of Borne, and then go a hiking path for 4 days.

Medog, Nyingchi, Xizang (Tibet), China

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2 - Pitcairn Islands

Are located in the Pacific Ocean 330 km from the nearest civilization.
To get to these islands, if you do not have a yacht, it is necessary to take a weekly flight to the island of Mangareva, French Polynesia. Then a ferry that goes to the port of Rikitea, for there catch a boat that takes you to the islands (boats leave every 3 months and lasts 32 hours journey).

Pitcairn Islands:
Pitcairn Islands

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3 - Tristan da Cunha

Island located in the Atlantic Ocean. Its 270 inhabitants are about 2800km away from the nearest civilization.
There is no airport on the island, so the only access is by boat, leaving typically from South Africa Since there is no hotel on the island it is necessary that tourists stay in the houses of the inhabitants (these offer room and board for only $ 30 daily )

Tristan da Cunha:
Tristan da Cunha, TDCU 1ZZ, Saint Helena

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4 - Kerguelen Islands

Are islands located in the Indian Ocean and are 3000km away from civilization.
These islands are part of a rocky archipelago. An estimated 80 people, except scientists, they live there. Only a ship passes through the region during the year 3 times.

If you are interested in the trip is the estimated amount of $ 45,000 . And run is good because there are only 15 places for tourists in boat

Grande Terre

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5 - Foja Mountains

Are located in Papua New Guinea and is approximately 500km away from the nearest civilization.
There are no roads that take tourists there. The only option is by helicopter. Scientists call the region of "lost world" because it houses some of the few mountains untouched by man.

6 - St. Helena

Is on the Atlantic Ocean and is 2000km from the nearest civilization.
It is an exclusive island for military. There are some places for small aircraft landings. The price of a trip to the local (ship) is around $ 4,000.

7 - Cape York

Located in Australia, has 18 000 inhabitants and is about 917km away from civilization
To get to the local car with traction is required on all four wheels, since the roads are mud and rain usually constant. The route starts in the city of Cairns and over 900km are made in three or four days.
One should to beware of crocodiles that inhabit the region.

Cape York:
Cape York, Queensland, Comunidade da Austrália

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You liked of the places that were shown?
If you could choose, where would you go?
Leave your opinions in the comments ...

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    • M K Paul profile image

      M K Paul 

      4 years ago from India

      Very nice hub, informative....


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