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The Most Beautiful Spring Garden In The World

Updated on November 14, 2017

Beautiful Tulip Garden For Your Eyes And Souls Only


Gulhane Park As Other Option To Visit


Beautiful Tulip Garden

Last time I visited this very beautiful Dutch Tulip Garden, Keukenhof. I was totally stunt how breathtaking it was.

  • The Colors
  • The Beauty
  • The Varieties was just so Magnificant.

They grow the bulbs in an area called Bollesntreek, where the soil is very fertile sandy soils between the dunes and the polder in this region are perfect for flowering bulbs to thrive. And it has climate that is very suitable for bulb growing, with relatively high rainfall in the mild autums and winters, and dry sunny springs. This region has developed into one of the Netherland's major tourist attractions, with Keukenhof at its centre.

Keukenhof garden is filled with a breathtaking array of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Where you can join people from all over the world in enjoying all the glorious colours, fragrances and shapes of the Dutch flowering bulbs. This park is redesigned in a new lay out every year by their own garden designer. The flowers planted with unending love and care by their 30 gardeners, with a result of a feast for all your senses.

Inside Keukenhof you also find some shows, like the Orchid Show in Beatrix Pavilion that I enjoyed so much, cause of its unique world class show provided by seventy specialised growers from all over the Netherlands. Be amazed by the fragility of the petals, the range of colours and the unusual shapes. And during the special Orchid Weekend there were the orchid doctors who will give you consultation about Orchid.

If you are taking your children with you, you can be sure that they will love activities like falconry demonstrations and the tulip naming ceremonie with real celebrities.

And of course there are as well all special children's attractions at Keukenhof, like;

  1. The petting farm where the children are free to roam among the lambs and chickens
  2. Adventure playground, where they can really let off steam.
  3. Maze, where they can safely lost in Keukenhof. They can also learn about the bulb, the flowers, the history and how they grow and how the bulbs are processed.

So you see your children will not be bore for a single second.

I really would like to wish you an enjoyable visit and beautiful spring on this beautiful garden just like I had.

Spring Flowers

  • Nowadays you may visit in a lot of different places where you can see the beautiful spring flowers garden, show and exhibition.
  • It's colors are just so magnificent, soothing and takes your breath away. The immense beauty make you feel like you are in paradise that could gives you so much joy, happiness and amazement to your soul.
  • Makes you need to see more other beautiful things that life has offered.
  • With the heavy life that filled with routines every day, you tend to forget that there are so much beautiful things to see and experience.
  • God is generous enough making all those beauty available for us to enjoy. For us to eppreciate. Remember that with all your hard work in reaching your dream and achieving a better life, you should remember to always recharge yourself with the beauty of nature that God gives.

As for the visiting of the Spring Garden, all you have to do is go to the search engine and pick the most suitable one for you to visit and enjoy.


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    • Sissi Ravano profile image

      Theskha 6 years ago from The Beautiful Ligurian Sea, Arm Of The Mediterranean Sea

      Hi Jseven, Thank you for passing by on my hub and your nice comment of appreciation. Knowing how more and more busy and difficult lifestyle that we all have, it is always beautiful to see and indulge the beauty of nature, like these awesome spring flowers. I just love them so much.

      Take care and God bless you

    • jseven profile image

      jseven 6 years ago from Michigan

      Love the beautiful pics and article!