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The Not So Awesome Life of Travel Bloggers

Updated on November 21, 2016

The Internet is swamped by thousands if not millions of travel blogs. Of people who quit their 9 to 5 job to seek a more adventurous life on the road. Us, the mere mortals who sit behind a screen while working in an office, look into those marvelous sites plagued by colorful pictures of exotic places and can’t help but wonder: “Would life truly be more wonderful while living on the road?”

For us it might seem like a life on vacation and a never-ending holiday. But there’s more to life on the road that meets the eye. That adventurous lifestyle, is not for the masses and it has another side to it that is not usually spoken by travel bloggers. Only a few have gotten honest about the not so happy side of living life on the road.

1- It can be lonely

You meet people all the time, you’re usually surrounded by people from all over the world and will engage is exiting conversations with all sorts of people. You have company, but at the same time it can be amazingly lonely. Because all the people that you meet will continue their own journey and so will you, so you’re pretty much left with the memory of them and maybe one extra friend on Facebook.

But long-lasting friendships are rare or carried on solely on the virtual world. And you find yourself carrying basic conversations.

2- There’s a lot of uncertainty.

The 9 to 5 is gone and so is the routine involved in it. At the start is exiting and new but as time goes by you find yourself a little lost and start missing having a schedule. Traveling all the time involves a lot of uncertainty, not knowing where you’ll go next, who you’ll meet or what you will be doing one week from now.

Money can also become a problem and fear can settle in rather quickly if you don’t have savings to fall back on. If you’re not economically prepared you can get stranded in a foreign country where you don’t anyone.

3- It requires a lot of detachment

As human creatures is normal of us to develop attachments to our material possessions, people or places. Just take a short trip within yourself and think of all the things and people you are attached to.

Well… now imagine having to constantly say goodbye.

This is what life on the road is. All the places and people that you meet are temporarily, everyone is moving and so are you. Which is why you must build a thick skin when it comes to saying goodbye. You meet amazing people who become your friends and you must say goodbye.

You’ll discover amazing places that you wish you could call home but you’ll have to leave and only keep the memory of it. And if you life your material possessions also prepare to say goodbye. Flight restrictions will take care of detaching you from many material possessions that you love. You have to travel light and that involves not buying stuff and sometimes throwing to the trash that awesome hoodie that you love or those extra pair of sneakers.

Life on the road can be awesome, but is not all rainbows and sunshine. There are many shades of gray in between. Shades of gray that make the life on the road carry its own set of challenges and tests.


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