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Travel destination: Philippines ( Tagaytay with Taal volcano in view)

Updated on April 10, 2011

Tagaytay Highlands

Driving up to Tagaytay Highlands gives so much pleasure knowing what is awaiting us when we reach our destination. A short distance drive from the heart of Manila, one would truly be amazed at how fast one can be transformed from a local scene to a seemingly-out-of-the-country-setting. That is Tagaytay Higlands.

The Belle View West ( Unit 306) where was stayed for a while, caputed our hearts, our eyes and souls at what beauty was to be revealed right outside of our windows...or terrace, i should say.

Breathtaking view of the world famous Taal volcano seemed to just be a stone's throw away from where we were. A picturesque horizon where peace and quiet was just beguiling, you wish time would just freeze.

What's more fascinating to look at and think about is how the mouth of a volcano just peaks from above the placid Taal lake. Its just so mysterious and awesome, that even while I have seen this view over and over and over again, a certain magnetism never fails to work in me, in us.

From tagaytay proper, one can have a boat ride accross and get to the foot of the volcano. There, one can irresistibly enjoy horseback riding, fishing or go for a really cool swim, specially on hot summer days like today!

Zoom in to Tagaytay Highlands this time, one has a wide variety of activities to choose from. From go-carting, to riding the cable car or simply enjoying that ride aboard the funicular. At the sports club, everything is there to your heart's delight! Bowling, indoor swimming, badminton, and a great variety of cafe's and restaurants where one can be assured of a good, satisfying meal.

The Highlands is equipped with excellent facilities and one can choose from a variety of authentic thai, japanese, spanish, chinese food! We loved dining at the steakhouse where we had the pleasure of listening to a folk singer render ol' jim croce songs while masticating on our well-done t-bone steak. Wonderful!

The highlands also boasts of a spa and lounge where one can surely get pampered, relaxed and refreshed with either a swedish, siatsu massage or just your favorite body wrap. Way to go.

After two days of pure relaxation and restrospect, we drove down back to the city but didnt forget to pass by tagaytay market to get those fruits and flowers that tagaytay is known for.

Check it out!


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