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The reluctant Tourist

Updated on April 7, 2011

Waiting to Go- But Where??

Travelling Travails

What is it about traveling that at the same time excites and vexes you? I have been trying to find the answer to that question for a long time, but am still as clueless as ever. For e.g. I saw these birds sitting on the lakefront, just waiting, not doing anything, probably as clueless as I was about what to do and where to go!!

Anyways, we always love to go to hill stations, to enjoy the scenery, the weather, the silence but to be honest, just looking for a change. However, nowadays, I dread even planning a trip. Why??

  1. The moment I book a hotel, the net throws up another cheaper deal.  I cant cancel this deal as I wont get a refund. The new deal is in a five star at rates cheaper than this four star that I booked in. Oh God!! What do I do?
  2. If I dont book on time, the family gets after me. Did you book, did you book ...X100 times and dont stop till I show them the tickets. Why cant they do all the planning. 
  3. Its the era of Much More with Much less. Therefore, in a short span of 4 days we would like to cover a atleast 10,000 Kms. Our travel itenerary looks like this
  • Reach place at 1100 hrs on Saturday
  • Change and go for lunch at 1230 hrs
  • Then start sight seeing till evening.
  • Come back to your hotel for dinner
  • go to sleep
  • next day start the same all over and replace sightseeing by shopping.
  • Visit all the scenery points like Lovers Point, Suicide point, Sunset Point, Echo point etc etc. Amazing Standardisation. All hill stations have the same names. 
  • If the family has to sit in the room, and have nothing better to do than to ready a book , the cribbing starts.
  • Tell them, lets go for a hike or a walk. the decibel level of groans would do a military parade proud.

Therefore the main aim in life is to go to a different place, shop, sightsee and come back. There is no concept left to let the culture of the place soak in, do things at a leisurely pace. Dont see a few things. Leave something for the next visit. But no. Have to see everything, let there be no dull moment so that when you get back , you need a holiday to recover.

Loss of Originality

Today most tourist places have lost their originality due to globalisation and FedEx. Everything is available everywhere. So when I go to a place, I see Mc Donalds, Subway, Walmart etc. Looks just like my home city. Go to the market place, I see the same items on sale in my hometown being sold here at ridiculous rates. God, Did I come here to see how my city looks like in a different setting? I was better off home.

Why do locals have to give up their own culture, loose their uniqueness and become one with the Global corporations. I would love to go to spain and eat their local food, live life the way they live. I may not like it but atleast that experience shall make me appreciate them better.

Crowded Beaches

The popular beaches in places like GOA to Hawaii look all the same and have all similar activities. So it really does not matter, where or which beach I go. I may sound really cynical here but the moment some sort of activity or food items start selling on the beach, there it goes down the drain.One then starts trying to find beaches like leonardo Caprio tried to find in the movie THE BEACH and then got into trouble.

So  All in all, I have now come to a conclusion that if I want to enjoy my holiday, I should take books along to read and lounge in the sun or take my adventure gear to go on long treks, para gliding etc. The moment anyone tells me to go on a holiday just for a change, I clam up and play deaf and ride the storm.!!!!

Some great tourist tips


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    • profile image

      movingfinger 7 years ago

      @happy...with the kind of globalisation that is taking place, your home, the end of the day, is probably the best tourist spot. Nothing better than to take some days off and chill at home and watch other people go to work!!!!

    • HappyHer profile image

      HappyHer 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Great hub! I prefer the "off the beaten path" locations myself for traveling, but I can sometimes find those in my own backyard.

    • profile image

      sangeetha chakravarti 7 years ago

      my sentiments exactly!