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The strangest islands in the planet

Updated on March 21, 2016

Ilha de Queimada Grande poisonous snake island, Brazil

The island with the area of 400.000 square kilometers where is the house of 2.000-5.000 golden lance head vipers is located from São Paulo city about 150 kilometers. These snakes are one of the most poisonous snake species in the world. Their venom can make “melting human flesh”. They eat emigrated birds halting in the island. Brazil naval force did not permit anyone coming to this island to avoid danger, excepted for scientist.

Tashirojima Cat Island, Japan

With a population of about 100 people, this spot has become “Cat Island” because the number of wild cats rises dramatically. The locals believe that the feeding cat will bring to them richness and luck. Here, there are also cat temples and cat photograph competitions occurring annually. Visitors, especially who love this animal came to stroke these chubby and friendly cats.

Christmas Crab Island, Australia

With 135 square kilometers wide, this island is named by the date when it was discovered in 1643. Its distinctive feature is the island of red crabs. Most time of a year, this carb species lives under dank forest, but in the rains, they leave their hole to reproduce oversea. Every year, nearby 120 millions of crab go 8km within a month, facing with the death of losing water, being knocked down by vehicles and being attacked by golden aunts. After going down the sea, they start to copulate and then male crabs will come back the forest. Female ones will produce millions of baby crabs and then they will grow up and find the way to back the forest, keeping the cycle of its life.

Deer Island, New York, USA

This is one of the islands in the Saint Lawrence River, Alexandria town, New York. The island is also the mystery resort of a closed group called Skull and Bones, in which all members are rich and have power. They do not reveal anything about this island which is a mystery until now.


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