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The town of Nazca is a popular tourist

Updated on October 29, 2015

Nazca Peru Tourist Attractions Clinic




La Isla de Pascua - Chile


Mysterious Nazca lines in Peru

Town of Nazca is a popular tourist destination and the tourists come here to see the mysterious lines and geoglyphs in the desert. The Nazca lines are spread over in the high, arid plateau more than 80 km between towns of Nazca and Palpa in an area of 500 sq.kms. This is designated as a `UNESCO World Heritage Site' in 1994. the lines were studied first in 1926 by Peruvian archaeologist.

Peru, a South American country situated along the Pacific coast and surrounded by Equator, Columbia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Andes mountain range crosses the country from north to south. It has got a coastline of 3080 kms.

Nazca lines are lines of mysterious character located at 440 kms south of Lime (Capital of Peru) in the engine Valley. This is an arid and inhospitable area rich in minerals at one end of the desert close to the mountains, the temperature being more than 35 degrees Celsius.The Nazcas lived here from 200 AD – 600 AD who were the descendent of great civilization called `The Paracas'. They were experts in the work of Jewellery making, fine metals, pottery, textile and handicrafts etc. Their cultural development was at its peak at that time.

The lines and figures cannot be seen by foot, as the area is vast Aviation companies from Nazca aerodrome take the visitors by flight in small planes. The pilots explain the history and the significance of the Nazca lines. According to tourists, this is a unique and observing experience.The figures and geometric designs such as humming birds, spider, candor, tree, monkey, dog, astronauts, fish, lizard, llama, trapezoids, circles, triangles, and lines etc. Could be seen clearly from the plane.

The larger figures are over 270 mts. Some scholars have differed the purpose of lines and figures. The geometric arcs indicate flow of water, spiders and birds, etc. Are fertility symbols. In general, it was religious significance to them.

The extreme dry and windless climate is preserving the lines well. Even today experts do not agree with each other about the purpose and the significance of these enigmatic lines of Nazca. Thousands of tourists, historians and archaeologists visits the Nazca desert every year.

Nazca Lines, Chauchilla Necropolis and Cahuach



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