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The villages of the Spanish coast that remind us of Verano Azul

Updated on July 26, 2016

Chanquete's death marked a before and after in the 80's Spanish generation. A hard blow. A tough farewell. Therefore, whenever we go on holidays to a coastal village, we find ourselves looking for that idyllic Mediterranean essence portrayed in the Spanish series Verano Azul. So that nobody loses more time searching, here you are a list with the villages of the Spanish coast that remind us most of the one in Verano Azul, which was none other than Nerja, in Malaga.

Almuñecar (Malaga).- It is located in the same Nerja's coast, in Malaga —in fact, it is a Nerja's neighbour, where some of the series scenes were filmed. A small nook of tradition, peace and calmness. Its white houses full of flowers in the balconies and windows; the swirling streets to the sea ideal for riding a bike at high speed; the trails that connect one beach to the other... And its indispensible gastronomy.

Salobreña (Malaga).- Another village of the area where the original series was filmed, but a bit smaller, and hence, more welcoming and authentic. Salobreña is above sea level and its steep streets would be a challenge today for the cyclers of Verano Azul. However, those slopes make it different to its neighbouring villages and create a quiet and more peaceful ambiance than that of Almuñecar or Motril.

Calella (Maresme - Barcelona).- Although it has a more urban and tourist area, Calella de Palafrugell is a town which keeps all the charm of a small fishing village. Beach bars, boats resting on the sand, narrow and swirling streets, corner stores, grandparent's chairs on the street, al fresco... And surroundings full of natural landscapes, ideal for those who want to combine water and mountain sports.

Pineda de Mar (Maresme - Barcelona).- Close to the last one and with an urban area damaged by mass tourism, Pineda de Mar enjoys an old Mediterranean area with all the essence of Verano Azul one could imagine. It has the familiar ambiance that makes it ideal for children; the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of a place where everybody knows each other. And in fact, people who go holidaying in Pineda, normally come back. And those who used to spend their summers with their parents here, now visit it with their children.

San Miguel de Cabo de Gata (Almeria).- Apart from having the charm of one of the most beautiful natural parks of Spain, this village on Almeria's coast still keeps part of its fishing tradition and many of its locals are fishermen. It is a place for wandering, getting lost among its narrow streets and eating fresh fish in its typical taverns with a good and fresh white wine.

Cabo de Palos (Murcia).- It is one of those nooks of Murcia far away from mass tourism. It is a privileged place for diving lovers and a resting paradise for those looking for a village of calm waters and familiar ambiance: with basic services, far away from the bustling cities and with bathing areas that will kill your workmates of envy. It is important to highlight that great part of its waters are a Marine Reserve and one of the most diverse reserves of the country.

El Rompido (Huelva).- In this village of fishing tradition and essence tied to the sea we find one of the best preserved natural beaches of the country: La Flecha of El Rompido. It is a small village of less than 2000 inhabitants, but it has been growing due to tourism. In spite of this, and of the fact that the Atlantic has not much or nothing to do with the Mediterranean, it has an ambiance that reminds us to the traditional villages of Verano Azul.

Cadaqués (Girona).- Steep streets, the sea at your foot, white and spotless houses sprayed with the intense green vegetation of its balconies and squares... Cadaques is an old fishing village that became a tourist place and now can be visited and enjoyed. It has a less charming ambiance than before, true, but it displays all the Mediterranean, calm and warm essence that we could perceive when watching the TV series of our childhood.


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