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Theme Park Annual Passes- Los Angeles Edition

Updated on February 24, 2018

Raging Waters

Raging Waters is a great place to keep cool and splash around on hot summer days. Their Season Pass options are fairly simple. They have the Regular Season Pass and the Best Value Season Pass. Besides the price, the only difference between the two is that the Best Value Season Pass includes a Souvenir Sports Bottle and the Regular Season Pass does not. The Souvenir Sports bottle does allow you to get $.99 refills on fountain drinks throughout the season. They both include unlimited admission, a bring a friend ticket available for use on select days, discounts on both food and merchandise and exclusive discounts on Season Pass Appreciation Day. If you get a Raging Waters Season Pass, you have the option to either pay it in full or make three to five payments. The only catch is that you must have the pass paid completely by the time you enter the park for the first time. If you are planning on going to Raging Waters at least twice the Season Pass is a really good deal. Parking is not included in either pass and must be paid in cash when arriving at the park.

Knott's Berry Farm

Saloon Show at Knott's Berry Farm
Saloon Show at Knott's Berry Farm | Source
The Peanuts Gang performs at Knott's Berry Farm
The Peanuts Gang performs at Knott's Berry Farm | Source

Knott's Berry Farm

Out of all the theme parks around Los Angeles, Knott’s Berry Farm can be either one of the cheapest or more expensive of the theme park passes. Knott’s calls their Annual Passes as Seasonal Pass because no matter what time of the year you buy it, all of their passes expire at the end of the year. They have three types of Seasonal Passes, Regular, Gold and Platinum. With all of the passes you can pay over six months, get unlimited visits un December 31st, one select days you can get into the park early and receive discounts on food, merchandise, hotels and Knott’s Scary Farm tickets. The Regular Pass includes only those benefits but is also the cheapest of the three. If you have the Gold Pass you get the benefits listed above plus unlimited admissions to the Soak City Park. If you enjoy going to water parks on a hot summer day, this could be the right pass for you. For those planning on visiting any of the Cedar Fair properties (Owners of Knott’s Berry Farm), which include but not limited to Michigan’s Adventure, California’s Great American and Cedar Point Soak City, the Platinum Pass would be a great one to have. It includes free parking and admission to all of these parks until the end of the year. The Platinum Pass also has larger discounts on food, and merchandise with a 20% discount over the 10% discount you get with the Regular and Gold Passes.

Favorite Theme Parks

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Six Flags Magic Mountain

Unlike Annual Passes for most theme parks, all of the Annual/ Season Passes for Six Flags Magic Mountain incorporate admission to all of the Six Flags Theme Parks across the United States as well as admission to Fright Fest on certain nights. All if their passes also provide discounts within the parks as well as tickets. The Thrill Pass is the cheapest of the Season Passes has no other benefits other than the ones already listed. The other three passes; Season, Combo and Gold Passes also include no blackout days, bring a friend for free days and exclusive ride time events. The Combo Pass and the Gold Pass both include admission to the Hurricane Harbor Waterpark. The Gold Pass includes almost anything you could want for a Six Flags fan, you get all of the benefits included in the other passes plus parking at all Six Flags Theme Parks, an extra ticket on the bring a friend for free day and early admission to Six Flags Magic Mountain as well as Hurricane Harbor. Six Flags Magic Mountain allows any Annual Pass holder to add on a dining pass so all of your lunches and dinners are paid in advance. This is a great idea for anyone who doesn’t like to leave the park once they get there.

Universal Studios Hollywood

The House of Horrors at Universal Studios Hollywood
The House of Horrors at Universal Studios Hollywood | Source
The Main Entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood
The Main Entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood | Source

Universal Studios Hollywood

Depending on the time of year Universal Studios Hollywood has three or four types of Annual Passes. All of Universal’s Annual Passes have to be paid in full upfront and include 10-20% discounts at Citywalk, discounted tickets to Halloween Horror Night, access to special events throughout the year, discounts on food and merchandise in the park and discounts on guests tickets. At the beginning of the year the offer a Buy a Day, Get the rest of the year Free Pass, which is the cheapest of the Annual Passes but expires on December 31st. The Buy a Day Annual Pass also has the most blackout dates of all the passes. The 12-Month Value Pass is slightly more expensive than the Buy a Day Pass but has fewer blackout dates and goes for one year from the day you buy it. Universal Studios Hollywood also has a 12-Month No Black-Out Pass. Like the name states this pass has no blackout dates and if you buy online, usually they have it at a discounted price. For those who want the best Universal Studios has to offer there is the 12-Month Premium Star Pass, which includes all of the benefits of the No Black-Out Pass plus priority boarding for the Studio Tour and free parking until 5pm everyday.

Inside Universal Studios Hollywood

The set from Universal Pictures The Grinch
The set from Universal Pictures The Grinch | Source
The Bates House
The Bates House | Source
The Waterworld Stunt Show
The Waterworld Stunt Show | Source

Disneyland Resort

The Haunted Mansion
The Haunted Mansion | Source
A Star Wars Reference on the Indiana Jones Ride
A Star Wars Reference on the Indiana Jones Ride | Source

Disneyland's Dapper Dans

Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Resort’s Annual Passes are the most expensive. All of their passes include at least a 10% discount on dining and most merchandise as well as 20% off of their guided tours, admission to both parks and special rates for the Disneyland Resort Hotels. Two of the Annual Passes are for Southern California Residents only; the Southern California Select Pass that has 170 days available for admission and the Southern California Pass that has 215 days available. The Deluxe Pass allows you into the Disneyland Parks 315 days out of the year. If you would like to enter the parks on a blackout date, you can go to a ticket window and pay a fee to get in. The Premium Annual Pass allows you into Disneyland or the Disney California Adventure Park any day of the year, unless the park is at capacity. The Premium Pass also increases your discounts to 15% for dining and 20% for merchandise as well as includes parking. The Disneyland Resort also has special events throughout the year for Annual Passholders and discounts for their holiday events. When buying an Annual Pass for the Disneyland Resort, if you live in Southern California, you have the option of either paying the amount in full or making monthly payments. Also if you would like to add a parking pass to any of the Annual Pass options you can. The Disneyland Resort will also allow you to convert a multi-day pass into and Annual Pass if you decide you would like to upgrade while you’re at the park.

Disneyland at Sunset

The Matterhorn at Disneyland
The Matterhorn at Disneyland | Source
Snow White's Castle decorated for the Holidays at Disneyland
Snow White's Castle decorated for the Holidays at Disneyland | Source
The Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit on Main Street At Disneyland
The Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit on Main Street At Disneyland | Source


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