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Theme Park Water Rides At Universal Studio Islands Of Adventure

Updated on December 29, 2009

Universal Studios water rides

Universal Studios Dudley do right ripsaw falls water ride
Universal Studios Dudley do right ripsaw falls water ride
Popeye's and Bluto's bilge rat barges
Popeye's and Bluto's bilge rat barges
You run into surprises on this water ride!
You run into surprises on this water ride!
More wet surprises on the bilge rat water ride!
More wet surprises on the bilge rat water ride!
The Jurassic Park water ride has a big drop at the end!
The Jurassic Park water ride has a big drop at the end!

Islands Of Adventure Water Rides

Universal Studios Orlando theme park has two different parks, Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure. Only Islands Of Adventure theme park has water rides where you really get wet. The Jurassic Park ride, Dudley do right ripsaw falls and Popeye and Bluto's Bilge rat barges!

The Jurassic Park ride is more of an adventure, with only the last part of the ride getting you wet. Dudley do right's ripsaw falls is a funny, fast log ride that can get you soaked. Popeye's and Bluto's Bilge rat barges are round rafts that go down a raging river leaving you totally drenched!

Let me give you a quick summary of what to expect on these water rides from Universal Studios. All are lots of fun, the question is how wet do you want to get! I'll give you some tips on that at the end of this page.

Jurassic Park ride

The Jurassic park water ride has you getting into a large boat that seats 4 to 5 across. You float into the Jurassic park, thinking it's a nice tour of the dinosaurs. But suddenly the boat is switched to a different track as the dinosaurs go wild.

You see many different dinosaurs, and then the boat starts going up and inside the main park control building where you can see there has been a violent fight with the dinosaurs. There are surprises and scares as it gets dark inside with things going on.

Suddenly through the dark and fog you see a gigantic T Rex dinosaur straight ahead in your path! Just as it looks like you'll be lunch the boat drops down a long steep falls that ends with a big splash.

Different areas of the boat are dryer than others. Some make it through with just damp hair while others get a soaking. Of all the water rides this one will let you get out the most dry. Plus the ride is filled with fun. But you may get really wet, it all depends on how the boat hits the water at the end!

Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls

This fun filled theme park water ride has you getting into a narrow log boat. The story here is that the villain Snidely Whiplash has made off with Nell Fenwick and it's up to Canadian Mountie Dudley Do Right to save her!

You go through a sawmill as you see the adventure unfold with colorful sets and funny props. The end has you shooting down a 75 foot drop water flume VERY fast, under a bridge and splashing all the way.

You do get VERY wet, if not completely soaked on this water ride. Kids love it, but don't go on it if you don't want to get wet. You can wear a poncho, but even then your feet will most likely get soaked. It's a very fun, fast water ride kids love.

Bilge Rat Barges water ride

Finally we have Popeye's and Bluto's bilge rat barges water ride! These are large, round rafts that can seat 12 people at once. You sit around the edges facing in so everyone is in a circle. It floats down a white water river with many turns and surprises!

Because you sit up high many think they will not get too wet on this ride. Wrong! In fact this theme park water ride will get you completely soaked from head to toe. The raft spins around as it goes down the river.

Every time it hits a curve big waves splash over you, leaving you just as wet as if you jumped in a pool. Plus there are falls and cascades of water you go under, further soaking you. It's a long ride and lots of fun, IF you don't mind getting soaked!

Water Ride Tips And Information

Here's a few tips and tricks to keep dry and happy! You can buy cheap plastic poncho's to keep your body dry, but everyone forgets their feet! Your shoes will get soaked on all these water rides. Imagine walking around the hot park with steaming wet feet, ewww! So here's a great tip.

Bring a cheap pair of rubber flip flops for each person in a backpack or large purse. Include a fresh pair of socks too, and maybe a towel. At each water ride there will be lockers you can rent. Get one or two, and stow all your cameras, purses, wallets, loose money and so on.

Take off your shoes and socks and put them in there too, then slip on your flip flops. Now you can relax and get wet and have fun doing it! Then after you can dry off with towels and slip on new socks and your dry shoes.

Water ride height requirements

Jurassic park ride: must be at least 42" tall
Ripsaw Falls: must be at least 44" tall
Bilge Rat Barges: must be at least 42" tall

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Finally for hundreds of tips and tricks for your Orlando vacation, make sure you check out my Orlando tourism website. Have fun on your Disney and Universal Studios vacation, and make sure you keep your feet dry!


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    • interest topic profile image

      interest topic 

      7 years ago from Firestone Park, Los Angeles, California

      Wow, this is amazing! You make me excited to ride and enjoy on this water rides. Your photos are perfect and it really encourage me to ride again and explore more of it. Thanks again.

    • Soquira profile image


      7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I remember hating the Dudley Do Right as a kid. I was terrified of going on it in the first place but my dad made me anyway. I liked Jurassic Park and don't think I ever got the ride the Barges but I'll just have to see again when my son is old enough to visit the park. :)

    • hyperman55 profile image


      8 years ago

      Dudley Do Right is one of my favorite water rides ever.

    • Bill Manning profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Manning 

      8 years ago from Orlando, Fl.

      Glad you like it, but boy you sure get soaked in it! :)

    • ntweisen profile image


      8 years ago

      Dudley Do Right is one of my favorite water rides ever.


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