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Themed Hotel Rooms ~ Fun Travel for Destinations For The Entire Family ~

Updated on July 27, 2013

Themed Hotel Rooms ~ Wonderfully Unique Places to Visit ~

Themed hotel rooms are simply awesome. These are great choices for unique travel fun and adventure.

West Edmonton Mall ~ Home to the Fantasyland Hotel ~

West Edmonton Mall
West Edmonton Mall | Source
West Edmonton Mall Water Park
West Edmonton Mall Water Park | Source

Rooms at the Fantasyland Hotel

Hollywood Luxury Theme
Hollywood Luxury Theme | Source
Igloo Luxury Theme
Igloo Luxury Theme | Source
Polynesian Luxury Theme
Polynesian Luxury Theme | Source

Fantasyland Hotel

Located in Edmonton, Canada

The Fantasyland Hotel is a perfect vacation spot for families or couples seeking a fun, adventurous, and fun-filled weekend. If you've never heard of the West Edmonton Mall in Canada, you are missing a wondrous sight. This three story mall has all the makings of the best vacation ever.

Stay at the themed room Fantasyland Hotel and spend your days shopping, playing at the water park, bowling, ice skating, visiting the amusement park, or watching a movie at the IMAX 3D Theatre.

After a long day, spend your evenings watching comics or relaxing at one of many amazing nightclubs or fine restaurants.

Nobody will complain of boredom at the Fantasyland Hotel, the wide variety of attractions, shops, and restaurants will appease everyone in the family. If you haven't thought of taking a trip to Canada in the past, now is the time.

Choose one of their fabulous themed rooms...

  • Roman Luxury Theme
  • Hollywood Luxury Theme
  • African Luxury Theme
  • Igloo Luxury Theme
  • Polynesian Luxury Theme
  • Asian Luxury Theme
  • Western Luxury Theme
  • Truck Luxury Theme
  • Sports Luxury Theme
  • Canadian Rail Luxury Theme

West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

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Kids Themed Rooms at the Wolf Den Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge located in Concord, North Carolina is another great family destination. This hotel features a huge 80,000 square foot water park and is the dream destination for any kids planning to stay in the North Carolina area.

Happy Kids = Happy Parents

"Every aspect of Great Wolf Lodge was designed for families, and almost every activity is good for everybody. Our rides are exciting, but even grandpa could give most of them a go. From waterslides and Story Time to MagiQuest and mini-golf, there are activities in every direction. And somehow, the experience pulls your family together" (Copyright © 2013 Great Wolf Resorts).

Scooops Kid Spa
Scooops Kid Spa | Source
Great Wolf Lodge Charlotte-Concord’s Water Park
Great Wolf Lodge Charlotte-Concord’s Water Park | Source
Pirate Premium Theme
Pirate Premium Theme | Source
Adventure Premium Theme
Adventure Premium Theme | Source
Kingdom Premium Theme
Kingdom Premium Theme | Source


The LEGOLAND HOTEL is a great destination if you are seeking a fun filled adventure for the entire family. Legos are amazing...a Lego hotel...absolutely heaven. A Lego resort...can things get any better?

The LEGOLAND RESORT features a waterpark, an aquarium, and the amazing LEGOLAND HOTEL. There will not be a dull moment while visiting LEGOLAND.

~Featured Themed Rooms~

  • Pirate Premium Theme
  • Adventure Premium Theme
  • Kingdom Premium Theme

Which of these themed hotels would you want to visit?

See results

~ Themed Hotel Rooms for Romantic Getaways ~

Apostrophe Rive Gauche ~ France ~

"Apostrophe Hôtel is a "Poem Hotel" in Paris in the 6th District, located between Montparnasse and the Luxembourg Gardens, close to Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Each room has a unique interior with a theme related to the literature" (© 2013 Hotel apostrophe).
The beautiful motel features 16 differently themed rooms that are exquisitely decorated. The rooms are said to be a touch small; however well worth the visit.
~Featured Themes~
  • Calligraphie Room
  • Carnet de Voyage Roo
  • Ecriture Urbaine Room
  • Musique Room

Rooms at the Mariaggis

India Theme Room
India Theme Room | Source
Africa Theme Room
Africa Theme Room | Source

Mariaggi's Theme Suite Hotel & Spa

Located in Winnipeg, Canada

Mariaggi's is a great choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The themed rooms are all beautifully decorated to make you feel as if you are traveling to another country. The rooms in this hotel and spa are themed with exotic and popular travel destinations.

Rooms at the Mariaggi's

The Eden Motel

located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This particular destination is definitely a travel stop for lovers who are looking for some time without the kids. Other than the incredible Batman theme room, most rooms in Eden are designed to be seductive and sinful.


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    • profile image

      Adrian 2 years ago

      trinh - Congrats to Cheryl and her beautiful new baby girl!!And also cnatrogs, best of luck and continued best wishes to my amazing sister Kat in continuing to grow Katch Studios into an even more amazing company. When I think back to the day you told me you were going to start your own photography studio I was so proud and excited for your new passion. I can't believe what you have achieved in such a short amount of time!! Your work is amazing and you are so inspirational! I love you so much, and I know the future for you and Katch will continue to exceed expectations, because your work is SO beautiful!!xoxo Trinh

    • LeslieOutlaw profile image

      Leslie 4 years ago from South Carolina

      Thanks for reading Flourish :) I enjoyed writing this hub. It made me want to hop in the car and visit every single one of these places. They all look like great fun and good times to me. Thanks for Voting up and some :)

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      These are fantastic, and some are going on my wish list. I sure wish I had known about the hotel in the Luxembourg Gardens Paris location. Having recently gone to Paris, I stayed in several hotels, and one was in that arrondisement. It sure didn't look like that though. We got stuck in the elevator and the a/c was broken. Nice presentation of alternatives to the same old hotel room stays. Voted up and more!

    • LeslieOutlaw profile image

      Leslie 4 years ago from South Carolina

      Thanks Amanda, I agree with you about the appeal of the children's themed rooms. I wish I could visit all of them. My first stop would be the Fantasyland Hotel.

      I appreciate the vote up :)

    • Amanda108 profile image

      Amanda 4 years ago from Michigan, United States

      All of these are amazing! It's impossible to choose! I must admit though that the childlike rooms found in the first part of the article appeal even more than the mature, beautiful rooms of the romantic getaway hotels.

      Voted up!

    • LeslieOutlaw profile image

      Leslie 4 years ago from South Carolina

      Thanks so much for the great feedback. Glad you enjoyed the read :)

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant hub ;voted up and shared and now looking forward to many more.


    • Bercton profile image

      Bercton 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great photos shot and brilliant design!