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My Thenmala Experience

Updated on June 16, 2011

The Night Train Journey

Thenamala - Downstream view
Thenamala - Downstream view
The Night Train
The Night Train

My First Collage Trip

This was the first trip with my hostel mates and was one of the most memorable. We were sitting idle on a friday night around midnight out of a bloom it struck in our empty brains that we havent gone for a trip yet (being an engineering graduate which is very shameful you have to break some rules one or the other time other chasing chicks and getting boozed.). And quickly going through various places to be from Goa to Kovalam beach we finalised on Thenmla because it was the most suited to our pockets. We planned and finalised our itenary the whole and were eageraly waiting for the next day. We arranged a camera from one of my friends Aunt. The half day of collage didn't seem like a half day, it seemed long. I kept staring at my watch why aren't the hands moving. The whole day went in excitation boasting to girls and escaping from seniors sight.

The Jeep Ride - Way to Thenmala -

Hanging at the End
Hanging at the End
Railway bridge made during the British raj
Railway bridge made during the British raj

The spot where our Taxis Tyre flatted out

The Trip Begins

We were all young, short on money and scared of our senior who were looking for some mistake to occur if some mistake occurred. But we were all prepared to face anything and everything, some lied at to their (like me), some didn’t say a word and some did. After attending Saturday’s class we left out on our noble conquest, packed up whatever we could and collected whatever cash we could and handed it to our trust worthy banker my room mate (Sorry not mentioning any names). We went for the 9 P.M. movie because we had to waste , time somehow, because our next train was only at 1 A.M.. After watching and suffering the stupid movie we boarded our train. We did not buy Sleeper ticket and got inside a reserved compartment which was luckily completely empty. We had a nice sleep reached Kollam by 4:00 AM, reached K.S.R.T.C. bus stand from the station. The next bus to Punalur was only due 5:30 A.M., we waited till the bus started and we reached Punalur by 6:30 A.M.. Now I belong to the same town so had to stay low so that none of my relatives saw me. Once we reached Punalur we got ourselves ready to catch our next bus to Thenmala but we changed our plans and hired a Jeep instead, and we got ourselves a good bargain with the driver. Eighteen of us got into single Jeep and that’s too overloaded for a vehicle this small. Four us were hanging outside the jeep and the rest 14 were cramped inside sandwiched burgered whatever you call it. But we were having the time of our lives. After a few kilometers the weight payed off and we had flat tires. But luckily where place where this unfortunate incident for the driver happened turned out quite fortunate spot for us. It was a downstream formed by the river and had a great scenic view and we got ourselves a nice place to photo shoot and I have put hose pic down.

After the jeep was fixed we were on our way to Pallaruvi and we reached there quite early. After some words with the receptionist we got the waterfall opened (That’s the profit of being an Indian). After a great refreshing bath in extremely chilly water, we were on our way to Thenmala Dam.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Pallaruvi WaterfallBasking in the WaterfallCold and Chilly
Pallaruvi Waterfall
Pallaruvi Waterfall
Basking in the Waterfall
Basking in the Waterfall
Cold and Chilly
Cold and Chilly

Pallaruvi Waterfall

About Pallaruvi I would rather say its not one of the best compared to Athirapally waterfall at Cochin which is a much better experience. We had got the entrance opened we reached the falls found the whole pool empty. We were the kings got into our undies shorts whatever we had. Dealt with a shivering bath and brushed our teeth which made teeth go numb.

Along with us we found a snake peeping through the rocks which was enough to scare the hell out of some of my friends (wont mention name, if my friends ever read this they will guess it) that they never came closer to the falls. We were done and had to leave as our Jeep driver (also he was kind off nuts because of his flat Tyre) had a deal on the cheap price we were offering him. So we packed up and left for Thenmala Dam.

From Entry to Exit
From Entry to Exit
On Top of the Dam
On Top of the Dam
Kallada River
Kallada River

Thenmala Dam

We reached Thenmala Dam, and started walking towards the top merrymaking and fooling around. Once we reached the view was great. And from there we started walking towards the exit, which is a long way through the path made through the jungle. Its a nice walk and since we were all together time went by fast. We were actually expecting some kind of wild animal to jump out from the dense forest but were not able to find even one. Luckily we did see a few monkeys around. The bad thing was that there wasn't even a single small shop or juice shop so that we could at least quench our thirst. Somehow we managed till the end. Thats why people two is better than one, and we were 18. At the end we were exhausted and thirsty. We somehow managed to find a spot for food. There were souvenir shops and shops where you could buy Traditional stuffs and off course spice and excellent memorabilia. The best thing you can buy is the honey derived from the forest.

A Dangeorus Bath

Well we were done, we forgot about Eco tourism spot also we were short on cash and eco toruism is something you start when you have time so that you at least finish most of whats being offered there. Moving forward we had lunch and decided to get going back to our collage, but later decided on going to sub dam which is downstream of Thenmala. The basic plan was just to go to the Look Out, have few snaps, gossip a bit and then get heading back to collage. But plans changed when we reached there, Moods all swinged to getting wet again,

So we started heading towards downstream of the sub dam. Again got into our shorts and we jumped in the dirty water. Off course we couldn't swim in the awfully fast currents created by the subdams potential. We were given prior warning by the locals over there but when your blood is young and hot nothing gets inside your brains. By God's grace we had a good swim, but no one got closer to currents. If we did it would definetly shatter our bones among the huge rockc though which the currents flow. We got of there and once we had finished we came to know three youngsters like us had died three days earlier at the same spot.Then only we realized how Idiotic we were. We thanked God and left towards Kollam to return to hostel sweet hostel.

Thenmala Sub Dam

Sub Dam - A view fro the look out
Sub Dam - A view fro the look out
A risky place to get wet
A risky place to get wet
Subdam in the Background
Subdam in the Background


The whole trip was a great experience and brought all of us together. We still cherish those moments. Those silly stuff we said and did. Maybe it was the pains we took, all were of the same level none big none small, everyone adjusted happily and most of it all of us were together and free (Normally we were always free as we were hostlers). The return journey was not that candy type. We had to spend the night watch a horrible movie and the rest of it at Kollam Railway Station bearing all the mosquito bites waiting for the train. This time we were not lucky also, we were short on cash and so had to book general ticket for the train. When the train arrived we found a whole cramped and crowdy coach. We cancelled our tickets and directly went to the bus stand, got into a direct bus to Cochin. I got a window seat and it started raining also and I had to spent the night sleepless.

In the end we reached Cochin at 5:00AM and directly to our Collage by the very first bus, In the end we reached our hostel exhausted, sleepless, crushed but happy. Sunday was over, our trip was over and we had to carry on with our regular collage day. Rest what happened after we reached hostel is a different story. Almost got into trouble, but again by God's grace escaped................

Whatever we faced or did was all great. It was the most nostalgic journey we had and now that we have graduated, even now when we meet we cherish those moments a lot.

If you want to know about Thenmala read my blog on Thenmala,

Signing off

Denni Thompson

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