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The rugged coast of St Just,Cornwall,England.

Updated on September 1, 2017

..A beautiful place to holiday...

St Just and the local area is littered with remnants of it's mining past and the workers lifetime of hard toil. The most thought provoking aspect is how these scenes of dire hardship and short lives have been romanticised over the years! Quaint cottages by the sea or a fantastic coastline walk to work are light years away from the grim reality of having no winter fuel or walking to work in 6 inches of snow on precipitous cliff side paths, or facing the very high likelihood of a workplace fatality.

Imagining yourself.. ..transported back through time to the mid 1800's is impossible to prevent when you traverse a precipitous path to access a remote engine house, the toil of the workers, their fear of death in a disaster, putting food on the table, keeping warm... How is this romantic?.. I'm afraid people have short memories and little consideration if they are not directly affected by a situation of over a hundred years ago..

...IT IS ROMANTIC!......A fantastic coastal walk along the winding old paths, filling your lungs with fresh sea air and viewing the rugged and jagged rocky outcrops! The sound of the Ocean crashing below! The flora, the fauna and the snakes in the grass! The smell, the sounds, the birds, the cows, the green fields, the freedom! Freedom to wander at will and marvel at the beauty of it all... Walk a mile and curiosity will take hold of you to walk another mile, and then another! What is around that bend or nook or crag or brow of a hill..

The rugged coast of Cornwall.

Romantic Coast of St Just.

Romantic Coast of St Just
Romantic Coast of St Just | Source
Romantic Coast of St Just
Romantic Coast of St Just | Source

Is the area in question 'ROMANTIC' in your view?

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..visit Beautiful England..

Answer 3 is the correct answer unless of course you have already visited and voted 1.

I don't envisage any 2 votes!


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    • Pamela-anne profile image


      6 years ago from Miller Lake

      Love the pics Cornwall looks like a very beautiful place to holiday having much historical as well as romantic sites to see! take care pam.

    • Martyn Wright profile imageAUTHOR

      Martyn Wright 

      6 years ago from Staffordshire. England. United Kingdom

      Thanks for the help and comment Tony! I use Nero 11 to edit and compose my slide shows.You're absolutely correct ! There is so much to say about the history and places of this area, I couldn't possibly fit all the info into one hub! Perhaps I could have content enriched this hub but I think that would give folk too much information, my goal is to coax visitors to this part of the world! If they know all there is to know then that may lesson their desire to visit..

    • tonymead60 profile image

      Tony Mead 

      6 years ago from Yorkshire


      Your hub is a nice idea, but I think that there is so much to say about the history and places of this area that I wonder if you could have given your readers much more.

      I enjoyed your video and would like to know how to add something like this to my hubs. The musics cool, it reminds me of SImCity.

      I love Cornwall, but rarely get there these days. There is a St. Just in Roseland too, is that a different place?

      Those old mines look very picturesque these days, but I bet they were hell to work in.

      Hope you don't mind me mentioning things, just trying to help.



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