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Thing To Do In Nashville

Updated on July 24, 2013

Nashville the capital city of the state of Tennessee, grew on the banks of the River Cumberland. It was the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace, the route of cotton merchants dating back to Natchez Mississippi. State capital since 1843, Nashville is best known for being the world's capital of country music attracting several million visitors per year

The climate is humid subtropical, with hot summers. In July, temperatures tend to oscillate between 32 and 21 degrees and in January the average values ​​of maximum and minimum are 8 and -2 degrees, hence be adequately kitted up depending upon the time of your visit. The rainfall is abundant and tends to reach 1250 mm of rain per year. The system of rail transport is very fast and efficient and well connects even the remote areas

Nashville, as you now might expect, some of the most famous sights in Nashville revolve around country music and the Country Music Hall of Fame is a good starting point.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

The town of Nashville is most celebrated for the place it occupies in the history of country music, therefore a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is one thing not to be missed. The museum offers live entertainment, a video on the country music history and plaques commemorating great stars such as Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. The memorabilia on display include over 3,000 costumes, original manuscripts and the most fascinating of all: Elvis Presley's Cadillac made of gold.


Belle Meade Plantation:
This magnificent house is an interesting place to visit and is instantly recognizable by bullet holes dating back to the Civil War. The estate here is huge and was once the breeding ground of the best of the nation's horses. Today, guides dressed in ancient costumes take you around the house which also contains a museum of Victorian carriages and a fine restaurant.


Fort Nashborough:

As a monument to the founders of the city, a replica of Fort Nashborough was built in 1962. The style and design of the building are authentic and the fort offers a good opportunity to understand the lives of the pioneers of the frontier of the past. Here are five wood cabins with people dressed in costumes of that period to recreate the atmosphere of the eighteenth century.


State Capitol:

This impressive government building is situated on a hill in the center of the city and was designed by William Strickland. It is an excellent example of the revival of Greek architectural style. Strickland was so pleased with his creation that he asked to be buried behind one of the walls of the buildings itself. Some of the rooms in the building have been restored in the style of the nineteenth century.


Go to see the Tennessee Titans

You can go to see the Tennessee Titans and experience first-hand atmosphere of the game of American Football. The Titans were back together in Tennessee after having previously played in Houston. The team has captured the hearts of people with its heroic trip to the Superbowl in 1999. They currently play at LP Fields and if you have the chance to attend a game, it will be an exceptional experience.


Take a tour of The Jack Daniels Distillery:

You can go to the town of Lynchburg, the home of the oldest legal distillery in the United States, the Jack Daniels distillery. Here you get to experience the scent of the yeast, feel of the wood and the burn of fine liquor. It is here that you can gain new appreciation of the craft of how every single drop of Jack Daniels is made from beginning to the end.


Nashville city guide

Good Luck on your upcoming trip to music city. I hope you have a chance to see some of these attractions. Please let us know if we missed any... Thanks!


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