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Things I hate about hotels

Updated on April 17, 2014

For the love of hotels

Travel can get expensive if you do not select the correct hotels and if you are willing to spend the extra money on a luxurious hotel, only to find them unsatisfactory, it could be a huge disappointment.

Although we say that during a holiday you only need a place to sleep, we do choose to be comfortable, safe and would like to feel as though we are lapping it up in luxury, therefore a good hotel is an essential part of a holiday.

I do love hotels and yes, often we select the budget ones for short stays and depending on the budget but usually it is a hotel that includes a breakfast, good service and amenities, especially for the kids.

There are many things that I do not like about hotels but at the end of it all I really do enjoy staying in them.

I love the welcoming sound of silence when you enter into the hotel and the sliding doors close behind you.

The air conditioning that works so well when you need it the most.

Service with a smile when you check in and have someone show you to your room, whilst carting your heavy luggage.

The cleanliness and the fresh smell of holiday that allows you to take a deep breath and relax you almost instantly.

The bedrooms with luxuriously fluffy pillows and king sized beds.

The bathrooms with the wonderful soaps and the mint chocolate that you find on your bed when you arrive back from a long day of walking or sitting on the beach.

A wide selection of food in the breakfast room and the peace that you get while relaxing at the pool with a cocktail, served by someone other than you.

I love hotels especially when they make you feel as if you are far away from the rush and rut in life, giving you a sense of peace and serenity, whilst you dine and sleep in luxury.

Luxury hotels should have service with a smile and comfortable beds, pillows and air
Luxury hotels should have service with a smile and comfortable beds, pillows and air

Things I hate about hotels

I am definitely a hotel person and do not enjoy staying anywhere else but when a good hotel lets you down, it is a disappointment and you just can't help feeling that you have wasted the money that could have been spent on a shopping spree.

When you have weighed out all the options and have taken the decision to forget about the budget hotel and go for the luxurious 4 or 5 star then you do expect certain things to be perfect when you are there.

Many things irritate a seasoned and tired traveller but having to finally get to your hotel where you wish to escape the world outside, only to have problems can be annoying and it will ruin your experience.

Here is a list of things that I hate about hotels.

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Unfriendly and rude reception staff

The last thing that you need when checking in is a miserable and snotty receptionist. It doesn't matter how much training they are given or how much experience they have, there is always one member of the hotel staff to make you feel that you should walk away.

They are rude and make as if they own the place and you do not belong there. Your request for anything is shunned upon and ignored or treated as a huge hassle for them and while you are talking to them they continue to keep their eyes on the screen and leave you unsure of whether they have heard your request or not.

Meet and great is so important and although you are not expecting a hug from the staff, you do want them to give you a smile and a genuine welcome.

When requesting a room with a view or asking for some information, it would be nice to have a positive response and some sort of acknowledgement that they have heard your request.

Information on the hotel is appreciated as well as helpful and useful information on where to go to get to your room.

It would also help a great deal if they give you a double bed in a room that you have booked for two! Having a romantic weekend away only to find that you have two single beds placed together is a little bit of a damper!

Housekeeprs in the hotels always come in at the wrong times! Source: Natasha
Housekeeprs in the hotels always come in at the wrong times! Source: Natasha

Hotel housekeeping

When going on holiday it is extremely wonderful to know that you can get to sleep in and there is nothing worse than being woken up at 6am by the vacuum cleaner, loud housekeepers and of course the attempt at opening your door when you have the "please do not disturb" sign displayed on the outer side, for all to see.

They also get angry when you are still in the room and they are wanting to come in at 8am as if it is a huge inconvenience that you are still in there.

The clash and clank of the crockery that someone has left outside after room service, when the staff are slamming it into the trolleys, almost like an alarm clock, is a great disturbance when one is trying to relax and rest on the hotel bed.

It also does not help to have your room near to the staff doors as they open and close throughout the night.

Another annoying factor about the housekeepers is that they tend to forget to replenish the coffee and tea, soap or they leave you with half a toilet roll.

The milk that is given to have the worst cup of coffee that you could possibly taste, is never enough for the one cup that you have. They also clean out the cup with the water from your bathroom but leaves me with a question as to what they use as a cloth?

When there is a family of four staying in a room, it would be nice to receive four pairs of slippers and sufficient soaps, shampoo's and most importantly water.

There are those that enjoy taking a look at your wardrobe and placing your loose items, where you will have to search for them too.

Turning down the bed is always at the most inconvenient times, where you are either just getting out of the shower, on the toilet or soaking in a hot bubble bath, in your underwear or getting out of your clothes.

Hotel beds are fantastic!
Hotel beds are fantastic!
Hotel curtains are thick and yet they never block out the light completely.
Hotel curtains are thick and yet they never block out the light completely.

Bright curtains and noisy kids

Sometimes it cannot be helped but if you are paying for a 5 star hotel and your aim is to relax, then having screaming children run down the corridors, can be extremely irritating. Naturally everyone is allowed to go on holiday but if kids are screaming down the passage and knocking on everyone's door, then it is best not to allow them on the same floor as the adults who are trying to escape the madness of having kids.

People who cannot control their children's behaviour should stay in family hotels far, far away from those who choose to escape for romance and peace.

Curtaining can also be a huge disturbance in the hotel room as they have been made so thick to block out most of the light but there is always a gap in the centre and the sides that cannot be covered, irritating you all night long.

The gap at the bottom of the entrance door to your room is also a great source of light and you are forced to cover it with a towel in order to get some sleep.

I love hotels but I hate some hotels

Hotels are wonderful when there is service with a smile and people who are friendly and showing you that they enjoy working there.

I love the fluffy and feathered pillows but some hotels have pillows that feel like rocks, leaving you with no sleep at all.

Housekeeping should be done at a certain time that is convenient to everyone, especially those of us who love to sleep in!

Curtains should be designed in such a way that they keep out all the light

Check in times should be the check out times for the convenience of relaxation.

Air conditioning should be controlled by the guest and they need to be serviced often.

People with kids should be put in one side of the hotel away from guests who are on honeymoon and guests who enjoy their peace and some silence.

Temperature control and uncomfortable pillows

Air condition is wonderful but not when it cannot be controlled. Hotels often have it too cold or too warm and there is no happy medium. I personally love cuddling into the duvet while the room is filled with cool air, it gives you such a great sleep but getting out of bed is a mission.

Many of the hotels that I have stayed in have the air conditioning but it is stuck on cold and makes you feel as if you are sleeping in an igloo.

Pillows and duvets are fantastic when they are fluffy and your head just sinks into them, especially when they are made of feathers!

Some hotels even have delightfully comfortable duvets that you can snuggle into and drift off to sleep with ease. The beds are enormous and you can spread out without bumping into your partner too. This is all great and wonderful if the bed has been made properly and there is nothing worse than having the delightful pillows and duvets, then getting into a crinkled bed that has been tucked in so tight that you have to undo the entire thing before you can rest your head.

Some hotels have the worst pillows that feel as though you are sleeping on rocks! The duvet is so heavy that you feel the need to throw it off before you get crushed, only to find that the cheap sheet that covers you are just not warm enough either.

If you want a peaceful nights sleep in these hotels you are best off bringing in your own pillows and linen as there is absolutely nothing that the hotel can do for you.

Luxury hotels should feel luxurious!
Luxury hotels should feel luxurious!

The friendly guests and lack of things to do

I love to meet people and enjoy knowing where they have been and where they are going but I do not want to bump into them everytime I turn.

The reason we stay in hotels and not guest houses is to avoid people and concentrate on the ones that we are with. I do not want to know there life history and definitely want to avoid their complaints as I have my own problems that I have left behind to enjoy my relaxing stay in peace.

It is also annoying when you are in the hotel restaurant trying to have a romantic dinner when the guest you met at the pool decides to come and tell you all about their day. You are trying to have a romantic conversation with wine and candlelight and do not want to be disturbed.

A hotel is really just for sleep but on occasion you would like to go out and explore what they have to offer. When there is nothing to do or whatever they have is closed, out of order or not available out of season, it tends to make you want to go elsewhere.

Do not open the day spa if you do not have staff and don't offer guided tours if there is no guide.

We are not expecting resort amenities at a hotel but should there be some entertainment, that would be great.

Check out and hurry up

When checking in, you are required to be there when the day is over and after waiting in a cue, they finally get to help you. It takes so long to swipe your credit card, get your room key and find someone to point you in the direction of your room.

Check out is a completely different story. Your last morning is disturbed by the housekeeper who knows that you are checking out but will still knock on your door as early as they possibly can, to ask you if you will be checking out!

The breakfast line is the biggest on check out morning and by the time you have waited to sit down and grab your last buffet breakfast, you find yourself stuffing down the food in order to get back to your room to check out.

Once you get to the check out, all you have to do is give in your key, check the bill and ensure that you do not have any questions about the amount as this is a great inconvenience to the grim receptionist, who is ironically, checking someone else in during the check out times....with a smile!

You are in such a rush to check out that by the time you get into your car, you have that sinking sensation that you have just left something behind.

It would be far better if check out times were actually the check in times so that you do not have to rush the morning away.

When the receptionist asks you if you enjoyed your stay, whilst focusing on the computer screen and you actually have a complaint, don't bother because she is not listening anyway and will quickly respond with a mumbled apology which is never considered sincere.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      Lol! thats a great idea!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      I always check for bedbugs no matter how clean everything looks on the outside and how fancy the room. And I sanitize the remote with handiwipes before touching it, if you know what I mean. Yuck.

    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      The unfortunate thing is that the cleaners have to do their job at a certain time in order to get everyones room done so complaining about the noise is useless. I have complained about the lack of soaps etc in the room and they do usually help out.

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 

      4 years ago from Miami Florida

      Miss Natasha, you are right about some cleaning. The cleaning it is not like home. Next time you stay in a hotel. You need to let the front desk staff know what you like. And what you not like. They will honor your request. Otherwise, you can complain.


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