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Things That Drive Me Crazy At Walt Disney World

Updated on January 19, 2012

Alright, so we all know about the Happiest Place on Earth right? Children greeting Mickey Mouse and all his friends, people watching the parades go by, and families coming together for that magical vacation that you've always dreamed of. But what happens when something comes along to spoil it? I mean lets face it, there's always a worm in every bunch of apples, so I'm here today to talk about those worms, those annoying, annoying worms...

First one, if you've ever been in a line at Walt Disney World, you know these kind of people: "Excuse me, excuse me, I just need to get up to my family, excuse me, excuse me..." Seriously? Just stay with your family. It never fails you always get these kinds of people. Wait, did you just think I meant anyone that does this? No, I mean I'm alright with the people who looks like they just need to get back with their family, i.e. a mother coming back with a child. I'm talking about the ones who come through completely rude and their, "Excuse me," sounds more like a rude demand than a request. No I do not have to let you by and I can choose to say no and there's not a thing in the Disney World you can do about it.

Evil With Wheels
Evil With Wheels | Source

Stollers...Strollers...Strollers! Oh boy do I really hate strollers! No I bet some of you are asking yourselves, "Well golly gee gosh Joey, why do you hate strollers?" Well let me tell you, I hate strollers because they are inventions of the devil. I also hate getting rammed by them while trying to see a parade or just walking in general. "I'm sorry," even if your sincere with your apology I now have to smile and walk around with a limp all day. One big instance with me I was walking with my family out of Pirates of the Caribbean and as I'm cutting a corner a lady clips me with one of those double strollers and takes me to the ground. The little kid in the strollers exclaims, "Mommy, you knocked him down." The lady sets a great example for her kids by continuing to walk and saying, "It's alright, people just need to watch where they're going." Excuse me lady who is both the pot and the kettle? I've never been more angry in my life in Disney World than I have been at that very moment. So yes, if you can take your stroller in and just be normal with it, this post isn't about you, it's for the millions of stroller pushing idiots that make you look bad!

I just went off on strollers, now it's time for wheelchairs! Not anyone that needs a wheelchair, I understand those, but the ones who really don't. Example one, the people who put others in wheelchairs just to get to the front of the lines! Seriously? I'm not honestly sure how people do this with a good conscience. Jiminy Cricket sheds a tear everytime someone does this. But the one that bothers me the most and this is going to sound bad, but the people who are just too fat to walk. Now I've went off on this before and I get the same responses; "Maybe they just have bad knees," "Maybe the weight just puts too much pressure on their feet." You know this could all be solved by them having too walk! Now if you actually are injured and obese then there's nothing wrong with you having a wheelchair. But having a wheelchair just because you are obese is something I find completely repulsive. It especially gets me when you're going back to your Disney hotel on a bus and they get loaded in first despite the fact that you're waiting in line and will now have to stand because their Rascal is now taking 4-6 seats out of commission. It bothers me even more when they get off their little power scooter to walk onto the bus before everyone. Seriously, I'm getting mad just talking about it.

So those are my pet peeves at Disney World. Post comments letting me know what your pet peeves at Disney are or what you think of mine! Till then! I'll see ya real soon!


Got a Disney World question you need answered or just want an opinion on something? Let me know and I'll review it!


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