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Things To Do At Disneyland: Main Street, U.S.A And Town Square

Updated on February 24, 2018

Dapper Dans Sing Happy Birthday

The Dapper Dans

The Dapper Dans have been a staple at Disneyland since 1959. They are known for dressing in traditional vaudevillian colorful striped costumes and their tap dancing routines. Though the group is composed of up to 12 members, they manly preform as a quartet, rotating members as the day permits. The Dapper Dans sing a variety of both modern and classic songs either acapella or using Deagan Organ Chimes. They sing music from a huge variety of music genres including: 19th Century American folk songs, barbershop classics, ragtime, jazz hits, swing tunes and modern pieces from Disney animated films. The Dapper Dans preform up to 9 times a day and can usually be found singing either near the fire house under Walt’s Apartment or at the flag pole near Main Street Station.

The Flag Retreat Ceremony

Every afternoon before the sun goes down members of the Disneyland Park security take both the American and State of California flags in for the evening, with an approximately 20 minute salute to the nations military. Many of the security guards that are involved in The Flag Retreat Ceremony are actually Veterans themselves. Veterans and active members of the military visiting the park are given a chance to be recognized during this event if they choose to. Members from each branch of the military are invited to participate between recordings from some of America’s great speakers. The Disneyland Band and The Dapper Dans preform American Classics such as “Grand Old Flag” and “America The Beautiful” during this sometimes-emotional event.

City Hall, Town Square, Disneyland

The City Hall in Town Square decorated for Halloween.
The City Hall in Town Square decorated for Halloween. | Source

Town Square and Main Street, U.S.A

Main Street Cinema

Since opening on July 17, 1955, the Main Street Cinema has been showing 6-classic Disney cartoons in this “standing-room only” theater. Walt Disney wanted a space where future generations could see part of the bygone golden age of cinema. This theater is known for playing “Steamboat Willie,” the first Disney picture to feature sound and the movie that made Mickey Mouse a star. All the pictures seen in the Main Street Cinema play on throughout the day and guests are encouraged to spend time and watch all of them. Main Street Cinema has a special inscription on just to the left of the door, which reads, "It takes people to make the dream a reality." This inscription was installed in 2005 to honor the Disneyland Cast Members whom have worked in the park since opening day.

The Fire Engine

The sign for the fire engine stop in Town Square
The sign for the fire engine stop in Town Square | Source
Riding the vintage fire engine down Main Street, U.S.A
Riding the vintage fire engine down Main Street, U.S.A | Source

Main Street Vehicles

Guests are able to take a one-way trip thru Town Square and down Main Street, U.S.A in one of four vintage vehicles. This is a great way for guests to see and learn about Main Street, U.S.A as they head towards Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. For those who’ve always wanted to be a firefighter there is a candy-apple red vintage fire truck to ride in. The driver will sometimes hand out Junior Firefighter stickers if they have them with them. For larger groups or guests wanting to have more of an old-fashioned sleigh ride, there are horse drawn streetcars that hold up to 30 passengers. Guests also have the option of riding in a 1903 horseless carriage for more modern feel. Lastly Disneyland offers a 1920s style Omnibus, which was molded after New York City double decker buses of that era.

Shops and Balloons

Balloons in Town Square
Balloons in Town Square | Source
Shops as seen from the Fire Engine
Shops as seen from the Fire Engine | Source

Mickey at the Plaza Inn

Mickey Mouse celebrates birthdays at the Plaza Inn
Mickey Mouse celebrates birthdays at the Plaza Inn | Source

Dining on Main Street, U.S.A

One of the oldest dining facilities and one of Walt Disney’s favorite places to eat in Disneyland is the Plaza Inn, which was originally called the Red Wagon Inn, has been serving guests since opening day. Known for its roasted chicken and pot roast, the Plaza Inn also serves breakfast (as part of a "Minnie & Friends - Breakfast in the Park" dining experience), salads, desserts and a selection of pasta in a cafeteria-style setting. For guests who prefer a table service meal on Main Street, U.S.A there is the Carnation Café. Here guests can enjoy a sampling of foods ranging from apple-granola pancakes and huevos rancheros to fried pickles and homemade meatloaf. Guests can people watch as they sit under red and white umbrellas tucked away from the crowds of guests passing through Main Street, U.S.A.


In the afternoon Disneyland has one of its wonderful parades. Which parade travels through the park depends on the time of year but one thing is for sure, Main Street, U.S.A and Town Square has some of the best spots to view these magical events. Parades usually happen twice a day once starting in Town Square and the other time starting by the It’s A Small World attraction. They will feature some of your favorite music and characters as well as amazing dancers and stunning floats. Each parade lasts about a half hour long but guests will sometimes start lining up hours before hand to get the prefect view of the floats.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Sleeping Beauty's Castle as seen from Main Street, U.S.A
Sleeping Beauty's Castle as seen from Main Street, U.S.A | Source


Every summer since 1956, Disneyland has been entertaining guests at night with their dazzling fireworks display. Nowadays the fireworks appear above Disneyland almost every night and the best place to view them is on Main Street, U.S.A. For guests who prefer to sit down while they watch the show, grabbing a bite to eat at the Plaza Inn and sitting outside offers a great view of the fireworks. Depending on the time of year, one of four firework shows will amuse guests of all ages. Disneyland is constantly updating their fireworks displays to make the shows as friendly to the environment and those that leave near the park as possible.

Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

The original Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln debuted at the New York World’s Fair in 1964 and was such a hit that is was moved to Disneyland the following year. Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln starts with the story of President Lincoln’s life. Actual Civil War photos are shown while the ballad “Two Brothers” plays in a heartbreaking moment before President Lincoln appears. The show features an Audio-Animatronic President Lincoln who recites parts from his greatest speeches and is voiced by actor Royal Dano, since no actual recordings for Lincoln’s voice exist. Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln runs continuously throughout the day.


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