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Things To Do In Philadelphia

Updated on July 22, 2013

Philadelphia is the City of Brotherly Love and considered to be the one birthplace of the entire United States. It is a very historical and unique kind of city in its own way. Upon gazing at the famous Liberty Bell, the home of Betsy Ross, and Independence Hall. Visitors to this very fascinating city will want to explore all that it has to offer in detail from start to finish. So, with this said, there are some definite must-sees to see and do in Philadelphia. This fabulous city is so much more than what you just historically. It is a true place that is filled with amazing sites and sounds like no other in all of America.

Philadelphia is an excellent city in a number of different respects and this is because it is virtual myriad when it comes to both artistic and cultural offerings. There is everything literally in this city to do and see on both fronts and this includes everything from fine museums to exhibits to tourist attractions to beyond. Therefore, if you truly do appreciate a little bit of everything, this is the US city for you.

Independence Hall is the birthplace of both the U. S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The guided tour of Independence Hall is led by national park rangers and starts off in the courtroom. Independence Hall is open to the public 365 days a year, but this may vary depending on the seasons.


Valley Forge National Historical Park is 3,600 acres of totally fascinating monuments, statues, and buildings that can take one back to the distant past. It also has beautiful rolling hills and trails that are worn out. This is an awesome destination for families to be.


The Liberty Bell Center is in a brand-new home that is full of light and history at the same time. It is a very dramatic place to be and a definite Philly must-see. It is also a tourist spot that is open year round to the public and has extended hours of operation in the summer time. So, come and see the wondrous Liberty Bell in all its glory.


Longwood Gardens is also a definite must see for tourists. This is because it is like going to a huge royal garden that is in Europe. Longwood Gardens is literally filled with maintained grounds that contain about 11,000 different types of plant life. There are new vistas at each and every turn in this garden. Some of the special things you will encounter include Flower Garden Walk and Italian Water Garden.


Love Park is officially known as being John F. Kennedy Plaza. Love Park is given this name due to its very famous sculpture that is visually all about love from a word sense. This park is very interesting and fascinating to tourists in its own way.


The Philadelphia Museum of Art that is located at the end of Benjamin Franklin Parkway is the last of the other attractions on this list to see. It has an impressive collection of exhibits from Renaissance to American to Impressionist to Modern art. This museum has over 80 different period rooms in number that takes the visitor through different cultures and moments in time. It is like time traveling back to various eras by visiting this one of a kind museum

And who can forget the famous Rocky scene filmed here...

Okay i must sing the song now... Da Na Dah.... Da Na Dah....


Three Must-Sees For Those With Kiddies In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city that has a little bit of everything to suit everyone of numerous ages. Therefore, let's focus on three must-sees for the kiddies, as sometimes we don't travel alone and have our families with us.

Franklin Square is a public square that recently went under a whole new renovation to become more family friendly in description. Now, today, it is a place to bring the kids along for lots of fun and adventure as a family. Some of the family-friendly attractions include a mini-golf course, a storytelling bench, a classic carousel, a place to eat hamburger, picnic areas, and much more


The Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall has been the Childrens Museum of Philadelphia since 1976 and its mission is to enrich the lives of children in every way. It has six interactive exhibit zones that teach children with hands-on fun about the past, present, and future. It is so fun-filled a museum that adults take as much delight in it as the youngsters do. Kids literally become experts in play. There is also a fully-restored Denzel Carousel from 1908 that kids and parents can ride on, as well. This museum is indeed amazing!

The Philadelphia Zoo is the next destination on the list. This very special zoo has earned many firsts and one of them is being the first zoo to ever be established in America in 1859. It is also officially the world's first childrens zoo as of 1957. It features a very charming 42-acre garden with lots of animals to witness and over 500 different types of botanical life,


Well, now that some of the best from the rest has been revealed about Philadelphia. The tourist who visits this truly awesome and wonderful American icon city will at least know where to start.

I hope you enjoy your next visit to Philadelphia!!


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