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Museums to see in Rome

Updated on July 23, 2013

Rome, Italy is a beautiful place to visit no matter what ones interests are. Exploring the capital city that is Rome allows people to soak up the culture both old and new. This romantic place is an ideal location for lovers from all over the world to retreat to and indeed they do. With pleasant weather and a tranquil atmosphere all year around, it is perfect for both tourists looking for a good time and those that are interested in the city.

Rome is a place with many stories to tell, so for history fanatics out there it has some must go to attractions. There are a huge amount of museums in Rome, which really give tourists an insight into the past and the present of the place they are in. A handful of these museums and perhaps the most well known are as follows.

Le Domus Romance di Palazzo is definitely high up on that list, it consists of a museum and also a fun and informative tour around the ancient ruins. There are lots of video clips and effects which really adds to the experience and is an amazing way to really learn about the history of the place.


Palazzo Massimo alle Terme - This is an art museum and perhaps one of the most exciting in Rome. With amazing paintings, statues and much more, visitors find themselves lost in here for hours.


National Etruscan Museum - This beautiful building both outside and inside holds a variety of ancient roman artifacts and interesting pieces. This is a must see place for people interested in history and archeology.


Galleria Borghese - This magnificent landmark is another art museum and home to an extensive collection of beautiful pieces. The building is split into two floors, one filled with statues and the other is packed full of amazing paintings.


After absorbing your share on the history of Rome, it's time to hit the restaurants, shops, pubs and nightclubs. Also, there are many sophisticated boutiques in Piazza Di Spagna which sell women's shoes, jewellery and clothes. There are not many bargains to be found in this particular area but is a must go to place for people with money to spend or those who just want to window shop. There are many second hand shops, antique shops and markets to be found in the center of Rome. With one off pieces and cultural items for sale, there are no shops anywhere else that are similar.


The Italians love to eat and there is a huge variety of restaurants to be found in the city of Rome. Known for their pizza and pasta, there are many other delicacy's and delights that tickle peoples senses and open their mind. With seafood restaurants, Italian cuisine, international cuisine and even vegetarian food, there are restaurants for everyone. Eating in an Italian restaurant is an amazing experience, both due to the food and the fact that the locals are so friendly and welcoming.

The nightlife in Rome, Italy includes quiet pubs, bustling clubs and shows and entertainment. There is something to be found on every street so tourists can take their pick from what is on offer.

Have a great time on your next trip to the beautiful city of Rome.


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