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Things To Do In Shanghai

Updated on April 19, 2013

Whether you're visiting Shanghai, China for your first time, or as a returning guest, it can be difficult to find out about all the different attractions there that are worth experiencing. This article will include useful information about Shanghai, and its many tourist attractions, parks, monuments, and other entertaining destinations. The City of Shanghai has long been known for its high-temperature, high-humidity summer climate; this should certainly be taken into account when visiting the city as these conditions can be a bit oppressive and uncomfortable at times. Here are some examples of popular things to do in Shanghai, China:

Fuxing Park:

Maybe you've just gotten off the Shanghai MagLev train and feel like you need to stretch your legs a bit; if so, Fuxing Park in Shanghai would be a great place to do so. With its shady, lush sycamore trees and wide open spaces, you'll be feeling serene and relaxed in no time at all.



Located at 50 Moganshan Road, ShanghART is one of Shanghai's oldest and most highly renowned Chinese contemporary art galleries. Operated by a Swiss gentleman named Lorenz Helbling, ShanghART features a wide variety of different artists and pieces in its gallery.


The Shanghai MagLev Train:

Shanghai is home to one of the most sophisticated magnetic-levitation trains in the world, and riding it is an absolute treat. Traveling at speeds of 267 mph, this transport is not only practical, but a real joy as a passenger. Experiencing the land rushing past you at such speeds is a great thrill for most, but for some it can prove to be slightly nauseating or discomforting.


Vue Bar

If the Shanghai night-life is what you're after, then you simply must pay a visit to Vue Bar, located at the Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Road, Shanghai, China. This bar is aptly named, since its views are unparalleled in the city. Have a drink, relax, and perhaps even have a dip out in the terrace Jacuzzi.


The Bund - The historic waterfront area of central Shanghai. The Bund which means bank refers to the waterfront area that runs along side of the Huang river. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Shanghai.


Shanghai Museum - Often called the best museum in China. The Shanghai museum includes an impressive collection of ancient art, paintings, and statues.



Shanghai is without question one of the most vibrant and entertaining cities to visit in the Far East, and if you visit any of the previously mentioned attractions your stay is sure to be memorable and satisfying.

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    gavindonst 4 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback...Much appreciated.

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    Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

    Shanghai is the largest city by population in China. The hub was written well with good pics. Thanks for the share.