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Things To Do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

Updated on June 29, 2013

Things To Do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

Things To Do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

Things to do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

The city of Malaga, Spain has an estimated population of about 568,305 residents (according to the 2010 Spain Census). This makes it the 6th most populated city in Spain. Malaga offers a variety of attractions and activities to both tourists and locals alike. Here are the top 5 things to do in Malaga, Spain:

1. Museum of Glass and Crystal
The Museum of Glass and Crystal is a unique museum housing wonderful pieces of furniture, beautiful paintings and a number of glass artifacts. All the tours are guided tours and you get to witness a lot of things that belong to the past times. The tour guides provide lots of information about the times and families to which the respective artifacts belong to. The artifacts made of glass and crystal are particularly appealing.

2. Kelipe Centro de Arte Flamenco
The Kelipe Centro de Arte Flamenco offers some brilliant performances. The theater is comparatively small, and hence, provides a chance to be very close to the performers and to enjoy the performance. All the performers are very professional and very good at their respective jobs. They perform with great passion - doing full justice to the spirit of flamenco. The food and the wine served at the center are also authentic Spanish drinks and meals. The quality of their service adds enormously to the value of the experience you get.

3. Museo Automovilistico De Malaga
The Museo Automovilistico De Malaga is a museum with a vast collection of rare cars. The museum also has exhibits related to fashion and art. The vehicles, which are showcased in different decades, have been restored and well presented. The clothing and hats displayed at the museum also belong to decades of the past. Very apt information is also provided regarding the exhibits as the staff is extremely knowledgeable.

Things To Do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

Things To Do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

4. Alcazaba
Alcazaba is a military fortification that actually belongs to the Hispanic-Arabic period. It was developed between 1057 and 1063. The site has been managed and preserved very carefully. The environment at Alcazaba is very calm. The place is never too crowded and you get a chance to enjoy the great views visible from here without getting disturbed in any way. The Roman ruins are also located a close distance from the monument and are very interesting to see. An archaeological exhibition is also nearby.

5. Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares
The Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares has a number of important features that provide great information about the history of Malaga. The house where the museum is located in used to be an inn during the 17th century. The museum displays all the major aspects that formed part of the life in Malaga during previous decades and centuries. The museum has exhibits representing stables, fishing, wine making, oil production, and much more.

Enjoy Malaga!
Thank you for reading my top 5 list of things to do in Malaga, Spain. Please visit my profile below for more "Top 5 Things To Do" in other cities around the world. If there is anything that you think should be added to any of my top 5 lists, please comment and share your experiences and knowledge. Your opinions are highly welcomed. Thank you.

Things to do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

Things To Do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

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Things To Do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)

Things To Do in Malaga, Spain (TOP 5 LIST)


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    • Diana Grant profile image

      Diana Grant 

      5 years ago from London

      I used to visit Malaga on a day trip once or twice a year, when my family lived on the Costa del Sol. I love it - nice shops and restaurants

    • marieryan profile image

      Marie Ryan 

      5 years ago from Andalusia, Spain

      Thanks for your fan mail Tony. You have some very good informative articles on lots of places. Interesting to see just the top 5 places of interest in each major city. This could make life very easy for the traveller on the go, a visitor passing through. I lived the beautiful city of San Sebastian for a few years, near Bilbao in the north-east of Spain. What would be the 5 top choices for there be, I wonder?

    • Sue Bailey profile image

      Susan Bailey 

      5 years ago from South Yorkshire, UK

      I love Malaga and its surrounds. In the province a nice coastal town to visit would be Nerja. There are fantastic caves there where each July they hold a festival of music and dance. Marvellous. Keep on writing about Spain and I will keep reading!


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