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Top Ten Things To Do when On Vacation

Updated on June 13, 2017

Vacations are sometimes the only part in a hard workers life where they get to do anything, so in these times some go out and have amazing adventures and some just rest and enjoy the simplicity of watching some movies in bed. But here are some cool things to do when on vacation whether you can travel or not.

#10, Hiking. There are some great hiking trails around the world, some may be a little harder to get to however. Hiking is a pleasant experience, not only do you get to exercise a little but you also get to go out and see some nature. It can be during winter or summer it doesn't matter when, just pack a lunch and go out hiking with some people you like. Being able to get some fresh air and see the wildlife bloom around you is rather pleasant and feel good.

#9, Visit Places. Go to your grandmas or go out to the museum, go places you have not been before. I recently went down to the coast and visited a sea side city which was pretty entertaining. Smelled a little fishy though. It is your vacation, go to a local chocolate factory or simply down to the beach. Embrace the wild-side of life and explore the world around you.

#8, Find A New Hobby. People tend to stick with what they know, not all, but finding new things that you like to do is rather enjoyable. I have been trying to start Black-smithing, haven't been able to do it quite yet but I am trying to. Anyways going out and exploring you may find some things that you would have never thought to enjoy doing before.

#7, Spend Time With Family And Friends. Vacation time is a perfect time to sit back with the family and enjoy life, maybe have a bonfire and listen to some music or go out and have some fun at a bar or something. Maybe just go to the local lake and go for a swim with some friends, there are countless things to do when on vacation with the crew. Have some fun jamming out to some music while playing some football or something, just try not to knock anyone out.

#6, Watch A Movie In Bed. Honestly sometimes the most comfortable things to do are the ones we always do, like be lazy. Most of us who work have done this, come from work and get some comfortable clothing on then just veg out in bed. Watch a few movies, take a nap, maybe invite some friends over for pizza and games. It's all good baby. It probably isn't as fun as going swimming but everyone has things they like to do.

#5, Go Camping. I don't know anybody besides my mother who doesn't like camping, but she doesn't like anything so it doesn't count. Going out camping is awesome unless it rains. Go fishing, cook some hot-dogs and enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort-ability of a tent. Play some good tunes again as you sit back in your chair, drink some coffee and maybe make something out of a stick you found on the ground. Anything can happen.

#4, Finish Your Business. There is gonna be those times where you have things you have had to do for awhile but you forgot or were too busy to do, well this is the perfect time to fix that. Go fix that wall that you have been trying to do for the past few months, go get that table set your wife has been nagging at you to get, go to your sons baseball game that you keep missing. Finish the unfinished business man.

#3, Play Some Games. It can be video games or sports, or actual sports and not the ones where you press L3 to run. Videogames have always been one of my personal favorite past times so when I can play them I do, they are a great way to relax. Unless you are playing Dark Souls, then may god have mercy on your controller.

#2, Go Out On A Boat. I hate boats since I always get sea sick but that does not mean you can't go on one, so do it. Go fishing, go scuba diving or be crazy and get in one of those tanks that sharks like to swim around. Enjoy a bit of the sea breeze as you sail on a bright and sunny day, or go look at a book.

#1, Go To The Beach. Explore, visit, swim, read, bury someone in sand the possibilities are near endless! Kinda! Not really. Going to the beach is a national pass time. Go swimming, drown the kids in a bucket of sand or read a book while you work on your uneven tan. There is lots to do.


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