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Interesting Things to Do and Sights to See in Edinburgh

Updated on July 21, 2015
A cartoon drawing of Edinburgh castle.
A cartoon drawing of Edinburgh castle. | Source

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is steeped in history and has no shortage of cultural and historical attractions. Known as the "City of Literature" by many in the UK, those who enjoy relaxing with a good book, will likely feel right at home in this beautiful city.

Below are some of the most popular attractions in and around the city.

Magnificent Edinburgh Castle

- The first and most popular tourist destination that can't be missed is Edinburgh Castle. You can see the castle from anywhere in the city because it is built on an old volcano mound. Most of the buildings are open to the public and can be toured for a small fee. There are numerous museums and guided tours that will help you learn about the history and lore of the area.

Take a Ride on the Edinburgh City Bus Tour

- After taking in Edinburgh Castle, the best thing to do is to orient yourself with the whole area by taking a bus tour. These mostly take you around the whole city while showing you some of the most important spots, such as Georgian New Town, The Royal Mile, Holyrood Palace, and Princes St. Unless you stop to take in some of the sites the bus tour usually takes about an hour or so. It is possible to get off and check out things you are interested in and catch the next available bus. If you want to you can make the bus tour an all-day event by getting off at every place of interest that you want to see and then hopping right back on.

Drive The Royal Mile

- While on the bus tour, be sure to get off and take in the Royal Mile. This road is a mile long, going from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace, along High St. This is a truly historical and medieval street, and along the way you will see St. Mary's Close and St. Giles Church, much as they looked hundreds of years ago. Be sure to take lunch at one of the great restaurants on Victoria St. and try to take in George IV Bridge St. before you are done.

Visit The National Gallery of Scotland

- Every great city has a great museum and Edinburgh is no exception. Browse the incredible art and take in the seasonal exhibition. After you're done with the museum, catch a bite of dinner and walk through the Princes Gardens which are located nearby.

Edinburgh is a beautiful and historically rich city that can really give you a feel for what architecture was like hundreds and hundreds of years ago. You may fall in love and never want to leave.

This article was written by the "Sagacious Scribe" who sometimes writes for Web design content marketing and Edinburgh firms based in Scotland and beyond. You can find more about him by clicking on the profile link atop this page.

The cartoon of Edinburgh castle was ably drawn by "Blue Beanie Belle".


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