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4 Places to Eat in Davao City, Philippines

Updated on March 23, 2016
Menu | Source

1. Classio

Who loves pizza? Everyone loves pizza! My friend, Airan Sta. Rita, started small with a pizza place as his business. Only a few tables and chairs, one signage. Now, his business got bigger and got shown on television twice or thrice already. Classio is the first ever street pizza pizzeria in the city. You'll find them just along the road. If you're in a car and put your windows down when you pass by, you'll smell the warm, fresh pizza coming out of the mobile wood fired oven (sort of like a food truck but with an oven). Seriously, it tastes great! The precious creation is made by Mr. Airan Sta. Rita himself. You'll see him making the pizzas upfront.

Location: J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City


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Yummy pizzas tho!!Inside the mobile wood fired oven
Yummy pizzas tho!!
Yummy pizzas tho!! | Source
Inside the mobile wood fired oven
Inside the mobile wood fired oven | Source

2. Ice Giants

Is it getting hot in Davao City? Well, have no fear. Ice Giants is hear! They offer a variety of wonderful desserts and snacks. The atmosphere makes you excited to order and has a bit of cooling effect. They really designed the place as if you're in a glacier.

Location: Damosa Gateway, Davao City | Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City | Ecoland, Davao City

Ice Giants Davao Commercial

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Nachos galore!
Nachos galore!
Nachos galore! | Source

3. Hue Cafe

Need a place to chill? Go to Hue Cafe at the Ateneo de Davao University. If you're staying at Marco Polo Hotel, this place is just a tawid away. A walk away. It's just across the hotel. They have pizzas, desserts, pastas, and rice meals. The nachos tho! They have regular nachos then they have pizza nachos. Hue Cafe also serves a variety of shakes to cool everyone's thirst after a long day. I also study for my exams here and buy myself an Iced Chocolate drink. And then when I need comfort food, I order the Cheesy Bacon Fries. Yum!

Location: Ateneo de Davao University, Claveria St., Davao City

Visit their Facebook page to know more!

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Hue CafeChili Con Carne
Hue Cafe
Hue Cafe | Source
Chili Con Carne
Chili Con Carne | Source

4. The Griddle

A new burger place is in town that just opened last January 2016. Burgers - Sandwiches - Goodness as it says on their Facebook. You could feel the air buzz by you, in a good way, while waiting for your burger. It's a great place to chat with friends and family. The Griddle could also be a good spot for a romantic date.

Location: Sunflower Hotel, Tionko Avenue (Near Davao City National High School), Davao City

Click here to visit their Facebook!

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