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Things to Do in White Beach, Puerto Galera

Updated on November 10, 2015

Are you longing for vibrant party beats and lazy lounging? White Beach is the best place to explore for a little island adventure in Puerto Galera.


Here are 10 MUST do activities to get you ready in White Beach and have the time of your life.

1. Buy friendship bracelets.

Turn into an instant beach babe with one or several friendship bracelets tied around your ankles. It’s also the perfect pasalubong so don't forget to buy some more!

2. Get beach-borne body art tattoos.

Depending on the size and thickness of the design, henna tattoos are inexpensive in the area. Make sure to get custom-made body art designs before you hit the beach and tan, so you’ll be left with a sexy mark once the henna washes off.

3. Have a healthy banana milk shake for breakfast.

At Coco Aroma, you can choose from a variety of yummy flavors ranging from vanilla banana to peanut banana.

4. Get a relaxing massage at the beach.

Masahistas stroll around peddling their services and armed with their brown bottle of pure coconut oil. Choose which masseuse you’ll commit to, set a time and place with her and don’t be afraid to say no to the rest who’ll still try to persuade you. It’s best to get one late in the afternoon – the breeze won’t make you feel hot and sticky, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful setting sun and smell like an exotic beach babe as you party the night away!

5. Explore Tamaraw Falls for a splendid view.

If you are up for an adventure, take the hour-long trip from White Beach to Tamaraw Falls and take a refreshing dip in the island’s tallest waterfalls. To get there, you can rent a private jeep for the whole day though it's going to be a long bumpy ride.


6. Snorkelling fun at the Coral Gardens.

The Coral Gardens is one of the most beautiful snorkelling spots in the Philippines. It’s at least 30 minutes away from White Beach, so be wary of scheming boat men who’ll try to drop you off at the rocks nearby. A boat trip costs around P600 to P700 complete with the use of snorkels and fins. Lifejacket use should also be free.


7. Get a colourful Puerto Galera T-shirt for only P100!

8. Lounge lazily in Coco Aroma while listening to great music.

On weekends, live bands and wandering musicians play live acoustic, reggae or blues music at Coco Aroma. The place serves the best Mindoro Sling – a local concoction of tequila, rum and fruit juice. A pitcher costs P700 and is guaranteed to get you and your friends off your seats and on the dance floor.

Everyone leaves Puerto with an exciting adventure to share… what will yours be? See you at the beach!


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