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Things to Know When Visiting Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2012 Super Bowl

Updated on October 20, 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana


Lucas Oil Stadium, Home of the Indianapolis Colts


A Look at Opening the Roof of Lucas Oil Stadium

Whether you have tickets to the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Indiana or are just coming into town for the festivities of the week, there are certain things that each traveler needs to know about the city that used to be lovingly nicknamed Naptown.Indianapolis is a vibrant, beautiful city with many things to do and many places to see.Many travelers compliment the city on how well everything is laid out and the ease of getting around town.

The first thing you will need to know for your visit to the Super Bowl is that Indianapolis is historically very cold in the month of February!The average snowfall in the city for the month of February is 5 ½ inches and the average median temperature is a balmy 31.2 degrees.In other words, be sure to pack hoodies, socks and a coat because you will need them to keep warm during your stay in Indianapolis.

The big game will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium which is the home of the Indianapolis Colts NFL team.The stadium is fairly new.It was completed in 2008 and is a retractable roof stadium.It traditionally seats 65,000 fans during the regular season for Colts games and the rumor is that there isn’t an uncomfortable seat in the house.The stadium is located at the corner of South Street and Capitol Avenue on the south west side of the downtown area.Yes, Indianapolis is one of the few NFL cities that placed their football stadium walking distance from downtown attractions.

Speaking of downtown attractions, there are many different things to see that are within walking distance of Lucas Oil Stadium.One of the first things is also one of the most important and that is the food!There are some great local fares as well as national chains located very close to the stadium so transportation is as easy to get as your own two feet.

The Slippery Noodle Inn is approximately 3 blocks east of the stadium on the corner of South Street and Meridian Street.It is the oldest continuously operating bar in Indiana.In the evenings they always have live blues, 7 days a week.They have daily lunch specials in addition to a wide variety of items on the menu for dinner and late night snacks while you are listening to the bands playing on their two stages.This IS the place to be during any large event in Indianapolis.

A little further north on Meridian Street you will find more nightlife and restaurants such as Hard Rock Café, Taps and Dolls, Claddagh Irish Pub, Smokey Bones and if you venture to the left when you come to Jackson Street you will see a large Marilyn Monroe sticking out of the side of the building.You have just found Ike & Jonsey’s.If you are one that likes to dance to a mix of music from the last 20 years, you will want to visit the place that the local’s call “Ike’s.”They have daily lunch specials for daytime fare, a dance floor to get your boogie on in the evenings and a very friendly staff.It’s a great place to spend an evening with friends and to meet new people.

Circle Center Mall is located on Meridian Street in the middle of all the bars and restaurants.You can enjoy shopping at some of the higher end boutiques, grab a bite to eat at the food court and make a stop into Godiva Chocolate to get your sugar fix.The Arts Garden is connected to the mall and there is always something going on there!There is usually an art show, a small concert or a type of small, intimate event happening at the Arts Garden.

Great Aerial View of Downtown Indianapolis Showing Where Things are Located

Important Things to Know When You Visit Indianapolis for the Super Bowl

  • The bars in Indiana close at 3am. You have to be finished with your drink and out of the establishment by 3:15am. The bars aren’t trying to be rude when they ask you to leave; they are trying to avoid a fine by Excise Police because it is the law in Indiana. There are no “after hours” bars in Indianapolis.
  • The legal drinking age in the state of Indiana is 21.
  • It is not against the law to walk around with an open container in Indianapolis but it IS against the law to have an open container in a vehicle or have alcohol (even if it has never been opened) within arms reach of the driver.It is also against the law to take an open container or an alcoholic drink with you when you leave a bar or restaurant in Indiana.Some establishments have a carry out license but the containers have to remain sealed until you exit the establishment.
  • Legally drunk is .08 in Indiana.
  • You can talk on a cell phone with the phone up to your ear while driving in Indiana but it is against the law to text while driving.
  • The largest cab company in Indianapolis, Indiana is Yellow Cab but they can also sometimes be the slowest.If you want quicker cab service, find a cabby from one of the smaller companies and stick with that cabby!You DO want to tip your cab driver to ensure quick service when you are ready to go.
  • Speaking of tips, the average and acceptable tipping rate in Indiana for good service from a server or bartender is 20% of your total bill.So if your bill is $200.00 and your bartender rocks, you’ll want to tip them at least $40.00 which is 20% of $200.00.

These are all that I can think of at the moment.If there is something that you want to know about Indianapolis, Indiana just leave it in the comments below and I’ll answer your questions. It's better to be safe than sorry when traveling to a new city.


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    • Helena Ricketts profile image

      Helena Ricketts 6 years ago from Indiana

      Thank you Jessica! :)

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      Lol people with nothing better to fo than critique peoples hub. You' re so smart matt, come get your cookie. Good info Helena

    • Helena Ricketts profile image

      Helena Ricketts 6 years ago from Indiana

      Hello again Matt,

      Thank again for the info! You are correct, I don’t spend as much time downtown since I got married a few years ago and am no longer working in the bar industry or frequent the downtown bars and restaurants. I’m not surprised that Smokey Bones has closed but at least there is something there to replace it. That is after all one of the most important pieces of information in the article.

      Why would I plug him for that? Umm… he’s dead. I’ve never been to New Orleans. Mardi Gras has never sounded like my kind of party. Sorry but I will be disappointing you on both of those.

      Are you finished stalking my hub? I’m always amazed at how ballsy people can be when they are hiding behind a computer screen. The first couple of comments were appreciated because I didn’t know that the law had changed but the last part of this one… really? It’s really kinda childish Matt.

    • profile image

      Matt^3 6 years ago

      Helena: in case you have neglected to visit downtown Indy in the past, I don't know, 2-3 years? Smokey Bones closed, remained empty for over a year, and was replaced by the Bloomington sports bar chain: Kilroy's. Are you going to plug World Mardi Gras and Admiral James Stockdale for Vice President??

    • Helena Ricketts profile image

      Helena Ricketts 6 years ago from Indiana

      It actually did me too when I put it in there. I worked at a few of the bars in downtown Indy and those are the questions that people visiting from out of town asked me the most.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • ArockDaNinja profile image

      ArockDaNinja 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      The 'legally drunk' thing made me laugh a little bit, not going to lie.