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Things to do at CityCenter in Las Vegas

Updated on March 22, 2011

CityCenter is HUGE!

The CityCenter project in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip is the largest privately-funded construction project in the history of the world. It features multiple hotels, luxurious shopping, clubs, casinos, a fine art museum and a lot more than I have time to describe here. You could literally spend an entire day marveling at everything there is to see and do at CityCenter. Best of all, it's located right in the middle of the Strip, so you can easily access it from any Strip hotels or via the various other transportation options from other points in Las Vegas such as the Deuce bus service.

Some of the things at CityCenter

Perhaps the main attraction of CityCenter is Aria Hotel and Casino. The 61 floor, 4000 room hotel is one of the newest and most luxurious in Las Vegas.

If you're looking for shopping and entertainment, The Crystals has what you want. It's half a million square feet spread out over 3 floors and is easily accessible from the Aria hotel or from the sidewalk on The Strip.

If you're looking for a boutique hotel without the lure of a casino, check out the Harmon Hotel which is also part of CityCenter. When it opens, it will have about 400 rooms. Because of the exclusivity and the lack of gaming revenue to supplement your stay, expect prices to be higher than on other properties on the Strip.

Mandarin Oriental is an uber-luxurious 5-star hotel. If you have to ask the price for a stay here, you probably can't afford it. There is also a residential section appropriately called The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, which are permanent living quarters for people who are undoubtedly millionaires many times over. 

Vdara is another hotel/condo at CityCenter. It might not be up to the same standards of luxury as Mandarin Oriental, but Vdara is still one of the classiest places in Vegas. Be careful if you're hanging out by the pool during mid-day, as the reflection of the sun's rays off the curvature of the hotel windows focuses a beam of light that is hot enough to singe hair and burn skin. You should notice the heat and bright light before it hurts you, but just be aware and don't fall asleep poolside.

For those of you looking for a luxury condo in Las Vegas, there's one more option at CityCenter, and it's the Veer Towers. These unique architectural masterpieces appear to be leaning in opposite directions. There are about 670 condos between the two towers. What's really amazing is that above each floor there is a floor just for the amenities for the owners of condos on the floor below. The amenities floor includes a pool, gym, cabana, and a large patio for big condo parties.

All of the properties at CityCenter except for the Harmon Hotel are LEED Gold certified.

Other things to check out at CityCenter

In addition to the hotels, casino, shopping, and pools, CityCenter also has one of the finest public fine art collections in the world. Walk around and take it all in. Make sure to check out some of the art available for view in the Mandarin Oriental as well. You don't have to stay there to go in and look around.


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  • RachelSmile profile image

    RachelSmile 7 years ago

    Las vegas,is there anyone who doesnt wanna go?That's exciting.Thanks for your sharing,if I got the chance to visit there,I will absolutely take your suggestion.