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Things to do at Jalon Valley

Updated on June 1, 2014

The Jalon Valley in Spain is also referred to as the Valle del Pop by the locals. It is a hot tourist spot situated in the Northern part of Costa Blanca. The drive from Alicante to Jalon valley takes approximately one and a half hours traversing through picturesque mountains that offer a spectacular view. The valley which is famous for its vineyards and wines has lots to offer.

The Setting

Jalon Valley has an old world charm. It is set in a rustic location, with quaint looking buildings that make the countryside a perfect destination for those in quest of some peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The place is picture postcard perfect, dotted with vineyards, farmland, cherry and fig orchards, lemon and orange groves and surrounded by lofty mountains overlooking the valley as sentinels. It is a perfect location to enjoy a laid back holiday that helps de-stress and leaves one rejuvenated.

Grapes in the vineyard
Grapes in the vineyard


There are plenty of accommodation options available for the travelers; right from bucolic hotels with modern amenities to old country houses that have been converted into boarding houses and palatial villas that offer the best stay.


Visitors to Jalon Valley can involve themselves in various outdoor activities such as walks or treks to the breathtaking Barranco del Inferno Gorge or walk along Marina Alta, the virgin limestone mountains. There is more one can do in Jalon Valley; for instance hiring bicycles and take a leisurely ride to the quaint villages that surround the area. Not far are the popular Algar falls, a must on every tourist’s itinerary. There are other fun activities that tourists can indulge in like fishing, horse riding and golf. Water sports facilities are lined up along the the coast one can enjoy a variety of water sports. Those interested in painting can choose a quiet spot inside the vineyards, orchards and groves to paint the scenes while being one with nature. The place is a nature lover’s paradise as there is a profusion of flora and fauna set amongst picturesque marshlands.


Some vineyards are open to public and you can visit them for a small fee. You will be shown around the vineyard and you can see firsthand how wine is made.

The Santa Maria Church in Jalon dates back to the 16th century. It is a place to visit if not for religious reasons, then to see its fine architecture.

The old imperial looking houses that line the streets of Jalon can be admired when on a walk through the city. As you travel through the narrow streets you will find yourself in the old city with old houses that perhaps date back a few centuries.


No vacation can ever be complete without shopping. Jalon offers the vacationer a unique shopping experience. True to form the market place and shops in the town are old-fashioned and charming. One can spend an afternoon soaking in the mild sun while drifting from from one shop to another.

Jalon is well-known for cured ham, almond pastries and locally produced honey. A tourist must remember to take some back home. When in Jalon, remember you are in “wine country” and as a tourist must visit the local bodegas (wineries) and sample some of the best wines.

Bodegas RicoHere stocks some of the finest wines made in Jalon. This is a good place to shop for other local produce as well such as walnuts and raisins.

Casa Aleluya is another popular bodega which sells wine, has a bar and cafe and sells locally produced items which make good souvenirs be taken back home.

Cooperativa Valenciana Virgen Pobre is by far the biggest and most visited bodega in Jalon. The place stocks only the best wines and one can be assured of the quality.

Apart from all the shops that line the market place the town comes to life on Saturdays, when a makeshift weekly market is set up by the locals. You can shop for antiques, local produce and a wide range of fabric at these road side shops. This is a good place to buy Spanish dresses which are individualistic in style with ruffled sleeves and lots of frills and lace.


The climate here is Mediterranean. The summers are hot and dry and the rest of the year is warm and sunny. The best time to visit here is autumn and spring. The days are pleasant with long hours of good sunshine.


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