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Things to do in Baguio City, Philippines

Updated on January 2, 2016

My cousin and I went to Baguio for a three day trip. I definitely love the friendly weather in the place. During our stay, it was about 20 degrees out there which placed me in a good mood. People here are friendly and the place has this welcoming vibe to it. If Baguio is in one of your bucket list of places to go, you might want to check out these places.

Jungle Town Road. On my way to AJ's pension house after a well spent day of relaxing and shopping!
Jungle Town Road. On my way to AJ's pension house after a well spent day of relaxing and shopping! | Source
A beautiful park near our stay
A beautiful park near our stay | Source

1. Aj's Pension House

Not to promote this place or anything, but this happens to be the most affordable place in all of Baguio city. Prices start at 900 Philippine Peso ( $20 ) a night to as high as 1200 Philippine Peso ( $26-$27 ) a night. Not bad! The place is clean with friendly staffs and most importantly, even if you have to share bathrooms with other occupants ($20 room) it is very clean! Not only that, there's no need for an air conditioner because the city is cool as it is.

You might want to book a reservation with them if you decide to stay in Baguio city.

Another thing to mention is how near it is to a park where relaxation is at its best. Whether you are here to relax and unwind or enjoy the beauty of landscapes, there is nothing better than sitting at the park while enjoying the company of a good book amidst the cool temperature and tranquility of the place.

2. Explore Session Road

Session road is the pride and joy of Baguio city. I remembered my time here when my cousin and I walked for 4 hours wandering aimlessly whilst admiring the buildings, places, and shops in every encounter. You won't be disappointed as it is lined with restaurants and sink your teeth into delicious gourmet of food along the way.

Boat Ride
Boat Ride | Source
Burnham Park Boat Rides
Burnham Park Boat Rides | Source
Bike Rides
Bike Rides | Source
Beautiful Nature
Beautiful Nature | Source

3. Burnham Park

There is nothing like a good o'l boat ride in the lake. Enjoy boating with your friends and family or significant other in this relaxing outdoor activity. You will definitely enjoy the cool breeze and bubbles floating around. Boating here is definitely very affordable. Prices start at 100 peso ($2.5) for a 30 minute boat ride.

There are other activities like biking in Burnham Park where you can rent out a bike and enjoy biking with friends and family. I never really did this, I enjoyed the boating ride more.

If you're a big fan of relaxing and enjoying a good meal outdoors, then let your sense of sight and touch be satiated with wonderful scenes of landscapes the park has to offer.

4. Go to the Market

Don't forget to visit the market as it is rich with souvenirs you can take home to your loved ones waiting for you at home. Here, you can also find fresh produce Cordilleras have to offer. We even bought one giant orange here for a reasonable price. Of course, you wouldn't leave here without buying strawberry jams, wines and other goodies.

5. Visit the Botanical Garden

My purpose of having this trip is to relax and enjoy nature away from the business and crowded city life. If your purpose is similar to mine, you definitely need to check out the botanical garden. Just take a cab and head on over here, you will definitely be awed looking at beautiful landscapes and butterflies here.

A Breathtaking View of the City!
A Breathtaking View of the City! | Source
In addition, having lunch while enjoying the scene was excellent for me!
In addition, having lunch while enjoying the scene was excellent for me! | Source

6. Go to Sm City

Yeah, I know right? Who wants to go to the mall since you can find these in your hometown. But, what makes this a little different is you can relax and enjoy the wonderful scenes at a high place. I loved observing how little houses are situated on top of the mountains.

6. Strawberry Farm

Of course, in Baguio, you shouldn't leave without the pleasurable experience of having to manually and personally pick strawberries in the strawberry plantation. This is very new to me, as a city folk, I never get to see a lot of this, so it was a good experience.

For strawberry picking, you pay 400-500 pesos to personally pick strawberries in the field. This is not the "all you can eat strawberries" as rumored. So, this was rather disappointing, you are allowed to have this experience for 400-500 pesos. But, you will only be allowed to pick until you reach the limit of 1 kg. Any excess of that isn't allowed and you have to pay for it. This is during y time there (2015)

I find the strawberry wine very tasty! I drink one bottle before hitting the sack for 3 consecutive nights.
I find the strawberry wine very tasty! I drink one bottle before hitting the sack for 3 consecutive nights. | Source


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    • Jadeofheart profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Definitely! Too bad I haven't taken a lot of pictures. I'm going back there again next year and stay for 2 months.

    • Joyfulcrown profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for the recommendations for wear to visit while in Baguio. I haven't been to Baguio in over 20 years. From the pictures it looks like Baguio has grown and changed alot. Thanks for sharing.


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