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Stuff to do in Charlotte NC

Updated on April 25, 2013

Things to do in Charlotte, NC

Things to do in Charlotte, NC

If you're like me, you are sitting on the computer browsing around because you're tired of doing the same things week after week. You're probably hoping that something will jump out at you, and that you'll instantly find an idea to help you break away from your normal patterns. Well, whether you're visiting Charlotte, NC or just looking for stuff to do around Charlotte, I'm here to help. Some of the ideas I have I'm sure you've already thought of. Others may require you go for a little drive, but everything on this site is intended to help you break out of your routine and experience new fun things to do in Charlotte, NC.

1) The Lazy 5 Ranch -This is a wonderful little place just a short drive away from Charlotte, NC that is anything but ordinary. My husband and I found The Lazy 5 Ranch in one of our coupon books, and really enjoyed it. The Lazy 5 ranch is basically a drive through petting zoo. It's around 5 or 10 dollars per car, then you buy food by the bucket. I'm pretty sure the buckets are 3.00 each, and I recommend you get more than one bucket. I wouldn't drive the convertible either, we literally had a huge animal try to stick it's head in our car. Here's a link to the website where you can find some additional information. After you try it out, write a comment letting me know how you enjoyed it.

2) Bowling - There are several bowling allies around Charlotte, NC. If you're looking for something to do with a large group of people, this can be a ton of fun. The most popular and probably the most fun is Carolina Lanes in Matthews, NC. It's also the most crowded. Sometimes my friends and I will choose to go to Park Lanes instead, just to avoid the crowd and make sure we're home at a decent hour. This is not a really cheap adventure. Make sure you plan to spend money on each game you bowl, food, drinks if you're into that, and a shoe rental. They don't usually take reservations, but they have something called extreme bowling on the weekend nights. It's a pretty nice atmosphere and you can pay a lump sum for a few hours of unlimited bowling. George Pappas' Park Lanes didn't have a website that I could find, but the address is 1700 Montford Dr Charlotte, NC 28209 and the phone number is (704) 523-7633. The EpiCentre also has an awesome bowling ally. Parking can be crazy, but it is the best young adult bowling in town.

3) Get Outside -There are about 100 parks in Charlotte, NC, and there's usually plenty of sunshine. Play Frisbee, play outdoor volleyball, play tennis, play capture the flag, play softball. is the official site for Frisbee golf in Charlotte. I'll let you go to that site if you're into that. I haven't done much Frisbee golf since college. I like to go to William Davie Park to play sand volleyball, but there's a list on of all of the parks in our area. Check it out, and get some sunshine.

4) Volunteer - I recommend the Habitat for Humanity in Charlotte, NC.They have always been one of my favorite volunteer organizations because of the hands on experience they provide for both the volunteers and new home owners. You can find a group or build a group, and there's always a project going on to work on. Another great way to volunteer your time is serving breakfast at the homeless shelter. A group meets at Calvary Church every Saturday, If that's how you want to volunteer, you'll have to wake up early! You can also volunteer at the Levine Children's Hospital (after filling out lots of paperwork and going to training) or give the salvation army a call.

5) Watch a sports game. Okay, so if you're looking for things to do in Charlotte, NC I'm sure you've at least thought of going to a sports game. Good call. We have at least 5 sports to choose from:

The Carolina Panthers: So we're all familiar with these football-playing cats. It's a great place to go if you've got a little extra money to spend. Good tickets aren't really cheap, but it's a great time. There is a lot of energy in the stands when we're winning, and this is the all-American way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Make sure you get there a little early, and bring money for snacks.

The Bobcats: I have a friend who gets me great seats to these basketball games. I recommend calling to order tickets or picking out your seats online. The automatic best seat finder doesn't know what you're going to consider the best seat. (Just trust me.) You can get nosebleed seats for like 20.00 and have a ton of fun.

The Knights: So this is probably one of my personal favorites, then again I'm a huge baseball fan. You can find coupons to get buy one get one free tickets all of the time. The best seats in the house are like 10.00 without a coupon. I ordered 10 tickets online for July 4, and we went last year. They have a fireworks presentation after the game... it's pretty sweet. I wasn't blown away last year because we waited too long to get our tickets and had to sit in the grass. This year, I decided to grab a few tickets in advance. We were about 2 rows back right behind home plate, and had the best most American 4th of July ever. If you missed out on buying the good seats, you can always just wait until you get there and find someone selling a real seat with a chair. (That could just be my personal preference... tons of people probably love sitting in the grass.)

The Charlotte Checkers - I have a blast at these hockey games. If you're looking for things to do around Charlotte, consider catching at least one of these games. The tickets cost a little more than they used to because they're playing at the Bobcat's Arena or Time Warner Arena or whatever it's called right now, but it's still a great time. I think prices are between 10 and 25 dollars but they're never full and always running promos. Check a game out sometime.

The Charlotte Eagles- It's our own soccer team. This is a very family friendly outing, but don't get me wrong... it makes a great date night or group event too. Believe it or not, even though our soccer team doesn't get a lot of publicity they have a great record. There are always discounts available, but tickets aren't too expensive without them. I think it's between 5 and 10 per person. We'll call it 7 for now, and you'll have to check out the website to verify.

NASCAR - I actually forgot about one of the biggest sports in our area NASCAR. I've only been to two races in my life. The first race I went to was when I was about 8 years old, and it's when my dad worked with the big man at City Chevrolet. We got there early, and had BBQ and hot dogs with some of the racers before they started racing around the track experiencing 600 pounds of pressure around every turn. The second time I went, I was a little older and had a few friends with me. My dad let me bring his earmuffs with radio. I listened to the race on the radio as I was watching it live. Make sure you bring sun-block. Someone who goes to races more often than me probably has better advice than that, but from the armature race fan, bring a hat and bring sun block.

Charlotte Roller Girls - We have a Roller Derby in Charlotte, NC That's right! I updated my blog to include one of my new favorite sports to watch. The Charlotte Roller Girls are fierce competitors rolling around and smashing into each other. How awesome!

MMA & Cage Fighting- One or two nights each month (Seasonally) Coyote Joe's and the EpiCentre have cage fighting tournaments. Watch for FREE! I must have an obsession with controlled violence, because this gets my blood pumping and the primal woman inside of me amped up.

6) Sunset Trail Ride - Best (And Smoothest) Date Idea in Charlotte - You're going to be the smoothest date planner in the Charlotte area (by my standards) if you sign up for this date. Now, it's pretty expensive... around 75.00 per person... but is really an incredible experience. The link I'm giving you will link you up with a group that will let you horseback ride for about 2 hours... you finish up watching the sunset on the horses back then have a real cowboy dinner with steak, chicken and lots of southern sides. Enjoy an evening you won't forget. If you're interested in taking a larger group, they have promos for parties of 10 or more. There's another way to book that seems a little less expensive (60.00 per person) but I'm not sure if it's the same place. It's the same scenario though... horseback riding and a country dinner. actually seems to have more to offer, not just couple oriented... birthday parties hayrides and carriage rides (Sunset rides is a link on the left, and it has more info about the Best Date Idea in Charlotte, NC I was talking about earlier.)

7) The Comedy Zone - This is not a family friendly location... meaning, don't take your kids here. The comedy zone is a really cool thing to do in Charlotte, NC or Matthews, NC area. They usually have 2 acts. Sometimes the first act is only all right, but the second performance never fails to knock me on the floor laughing. I don't know how a place so small finds such funny stand up guys, but they do. Get on the mailing list that's on the website and they'll send you free tickets all of the time. Make sure you bring money for snacks, drinks, and don't forget to tip your server. Charlotte Comedy Zone is the website link.

8) THE BEST LITTLE RESTAURANTS AROUND CHARLOTTE, NC - Blu Moon Cafe (232 E. Franklin St. Monroe, NC 28112 (704) 288-1766) It's a great place with a small town feel, and great food. Blu Moon had music on the night we went. It's a great way to impress your special someone with an unadvertised amazing find. I also enjoy Sushi 101 - 5355 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, Charlotte, NC - (704) 844-0001 or Red Bowl (also sushi) in the same shopping center (especially on summer days when there's music out in the Promenade). You may also enjoy 7800 JoJo's China Bistro Rea Rd Charlotte, NC 28277 (704) 541-6488 or P.F. Changs at 6809-F Phillips Place Court Charlotte, NC 28210 Phone: (704) 552-6644. If you're in the mood for dinner and window shopping, I love Cheesecake Factory and Maggianos at Southpark Mall. We ate at Capital Grille during Charlotte Restaurant week and it was ultra fancy and delicious, but even when we went at a discount we spent around a hundred dollars on one dinner. Capital Grille, and The Melting Pot are special occasion only restaurants for us. I like the BBQ at Elliot's BBQ 9949 East Independence Boulevard, Matthews (704) 847-6000‎ and at Mint Hill Rock Store BBQ 7032 Brighton Park Drive, Mint Hill, NC‎ - (704) 545-1227‎. We always have coupons to Brixx brick oven pizza and love it. Hickory Tavern, Stool Pigeons, and the Fox and Hound all have adequate Plasma TV action for game day. I vote best burgers in Charlotte at Ted's 8625 Monroe Rd # G (704) 568-6624‎ but some of my good friends argue that Fudruckers can't be beat. Teds, though, is a little family owned restaurant and they have those quarter tube tv's to complete the feel. My new favorite restaurant is a Creperie in Matthews, NC called Royal Cafe and Creperie at 131 Matthews Station St, Suite E, Matthews NC.

9) Go Whitewater Rafting - Yes, you can go whitewater rafting in Charlotte, NC. When I went, it was around 32.00 per person. They offer group rates for large parties, so call them to get details if you've got a huge group looking for out of the ordinary excitement in Charlotte, NC. Call 704-391-3900 for details. If you're in love with the outdoors, but you're looking for something free to do in Charlotte, just bring a picnic basket with some sandwiches and watch as other people try their luck on the man made rapids. There are hiking trails and dirt bike trails on site that don't cost a thing.

10) Inner Peaks Indoor Climbing Center - This is an indoor climbing range that is a lot of fun the first 6 times you go. It's like 25 dollars per person, but they usually have coupons online and in the local coupon books. It's a nice adventure, and one of my favorite ways to spend a rainy weekend afternoon in Charlotte, NC. gives you a lot more detail. Check them out!

11) Live Jazz - This place rocked! I've only been once, but now that I'm thinking about it I'm going to go again. When I went about a month ago they had a killer Jazz band. This is a very upscale restaurant, but at night, it comes alive. There is a band playing right by the bar. There aren't tons of chairs around where the band plays but everyone just grabs a drink and stands around. Make sure you're going on a night that has live music. You can see who's playing when you want to go on their website. It's usually Wednesday through Saturday.

12) Live Music Free -If you're like me... you're probably relieved that there's something cheap and fun to do in Charlotte, NC. There are at least two places you can go for free live music on Saturdays. The Providence Promenade is at 10822 Providence Rd Charlotte, NC 28277 which is near the Providence Road Exit off of the 485. The other is The Stonecrest Shopping Center right off of the Rea Rd. exit off of the 485. Both locations have coffee and ice cream available, but you don't have to do any shopping to enjoy the music. NOTE: This is not a year round option. This is more of a spring/summer thing to do.

13) Pick your own fruits and veggies - Make sure you bring a camera if you decide to enjoy this option. Even though it seems like a very spring thing to do, you can go pick either fruits or veggies almost all year long. I have been strawberry picking, pumpkin picking, and peach picking. I think I might have actually gone out to South Carolina to pick peaches, but it's not a long drive either way. Is a link to a website that has all of the local farms that let pick your own fruit around Charlotte, NC.

14) Watch a drive-in movie - If you're looking for something fun to do in Charlotte, NC the drive in movie theater is a great option. This is actually a pretty family friendly option. You'll have to drive about 45 min's or so to get there, but once you've paid for the gas It's not expensive at all. You get to watch 2 films for one entry fee. The drive-in we went to was only like 5-10 dollars for the whole car. (Update... this theater is now charging 5.00 - 7.00 per person also!) I packed my car full of friends, and we loaded lawn chairs in the trunk. We were going to split the price, but the price was right and I figured I'd treat. They have a sign up that says not to bring in your own food, but it's not strictly enforced. They have a snack bar on-site, and I think that's how they make most of their money back. The first flick is usually G or PG rated, and something you wouldn't mind the kids watching. The second film is usually a little better, and something adults would typically prefer. I drive a small SUV, and it started raining ½ way through the first movie. We tried to open the back door, but I've got one of those SUV's where the door opens toward the sky, and we couldn't see the movie when we did that. Even with the rain, we had an absolute blast. This is definitely something you're going to want to put on your list of things to do in Charlotte NC. This website has a list of all of the drive-ins in the area. The drive in we tried was the Badin Road location, and it was really a lot of fun. Looking for something to do when it rains in Charlotte, NC? Drive in movie theaters are even open on rainy nights, and because you put the speaker in your window (then roll up your window) it can be a great way to spend a stormy evening! Have a blast!

15) Go to a Rodeo - Let me tell y'all, I'm not much of a country girl, but there ain't nothing like putting on a big belt buckle and some boots and letting the South take you in. I love going to the Rodeo. If you're looking for stuff to do around Charlotte, NC, and you don't mind driving a little, go to the Rodeo! I've been to about 5 Rodeo's around Charlotte, NC and had a great time every time. They have bull riding, and a lot of other neat events. At most Rodeo's they'll have little games to involve the crowd during event transitions. Last time we went one of my girlfriends went out in the middle of the ring with about 30 other crazy ladies and started chasing a baby calf around trying to grab a bow off of it's tail. She won... I was admittedly jealous. I rode a mechanical bull (sorry no pictures), and had a few beers. After the Rodeo they'll usually have some type of country dancing. Make sure you bring a Designated Driver with you, because you're not going to want to pay Taxi fare for the 45 min ride home. If you're the DD, bring a camera. You don't want to miss any of the memories you'll make at the Rodeo. Most of the time, I hear about a rodeo just driving by a ranch with a sign up in Peachland or Polkton. The busy season is May-July. There are two sites that have very limited information on rodeo's in our area is the best one, but I also found and When you're looking at these sites, ignore the prices you see. They're entry fees for Rodeo contestants, and you may want to practice on the mechanical bull a few times before you try out as an amateur. It's usually about 10.00 per person, but I would call and check on prices before you go.

16) Tent Camping - I'm not fancy enough yet to have an RV, but I'm a girl who loves the outdoors! My husband proposed to me on Kings mountain, and that's been a popular camping spot for us since then. Still, sometimes I feel that something's lost when you're surrounded by lots of other people, RV's, showers, etc. Well, it's not easy to find a campground with out all of the amenities. I did the research for you, and in about a 2 hour drive you can get to Catawba River Campground. You can fish, canoe, kayak, or tube. They also have a 15 foot deep water hole, and plenty of fish down the mile long river front. It's perfect if you want to make sure you're fishing where the fish are, or if you want a nice getaway from all of the Charlotte busyness.

17) Watch a Play - I have to admit, the last performance I went to I didn't love. I saw CATS, and though the acting was great, the costumes were awesome, and the singing was brilliant, I didn't like the play. Please don't hate me for that, my husband loved it. I will tell you, RENT played there last year and that was an AWESOME show! If you're a person who loves watching plays, spend the money and get yourself a good seat. If you've never been, start out with the cheap seats and feel it out. Sitting a little further back the first few performances will give you something to look forward to, and keep your wallet a little more stable. I called them the cheap seats, but I really shouldn't do that. The least expensive tickets run between 20.00 and 30.00 depending on the performance. I had my husband give me tickets to several plays for Christmas last year, and we've really enjoyed the experiences. If you're interested in a smaller performance and a lower price, try out Matthews Playhouse. They have a lot of shows with kids from the area, and they do a really great job.

18) Reed's gold mine. It's a cute little set up with a historic feel. If you've got kids, or just love to have new experiences you can go to Reed's gold mine to hunt for gold like the 49ers did. If you find anything while you're panning they'll let you take it home with you as part of the experience.

19) Dinner Comedy- So I blogged about the Pineville dinner theater a while ago, and told you I was going to try it and let you know. Well, it's awesome. It was nothing like what I expected, but I'm going to say it was better. Travis and I went to order tickets to the show and found out that if you didn't want to pay the 50.00 per ticket with meal, you have other options. Since I'm usually a cheap date, I was happy to grab some Chinese food and hop over to the dinner theater after that. Guess what, it's not a play... it's a comedy act. It's a lot like the comedy zone actually. Tickets are 12.00 a piece, and the 3rd act is the best so plan on sticking around. I think you'll really enjoy this as an alternative to the comedy zone if you find yourself on the Pineville side of town.

20) EpiCentre Charlotte | Epicenter Charlotte - There is plenty to do in the uptown Charlotte Area, but the new great thing to do is visit the EpiCentre. You can go bowling in the Epicentre at Strike City Bowling Alley If you're more the movie type, has a great feel! If you're planning to visit a club in the Epicentre... dress in a way that supports being outside for a while. Almost everywhere has a line after 10:30. SUITE (704.999.7934) is one of the best clubs uptown from what I'm told. My favorite is Whiskey River. They have a mechanical bull and great music. The bar is big and set up well. Though it's not in EpiCentre, The Breakfast Club (704.374.1982) is a great alternative for people who want to dance to 80's music and flash back in time. Thursday nights are bumping in the EpiCentre now... with the rooftop of the EpiCentre after 5 concert series on Thursday evenings at the Pavilion. Additions: You can probably tell by my lack of club knowledge that I'm now too old to be considered cool, and I don't get out much. It isn't my fault, my husband can't dance and whenever we go it is just embarrassing for everyone involved. If you're over the age of 35, you have to go to the Breakfast Club... don't hate, that's just the rule. Forum is also an acceptable club for people who like to go dancing, but aren't in college anymore. I hear the really happening clubs right now are "Butter" and "Wet Willies," but as I'm sure you can tell by my use of the word "happening"... I am not really an authority on this topic. Bar Charlotte is a pretty good club for college age people, and for that one creepy old man who always hangs out at the college club.

21) Laser Quest - I just went to a friends birthday party at Laser Quest and my inner child emerged. If you're not familiar with Laser Tag, let me enlighten you. It is like jumping into a science fiction movie, and you're the main character. You dress up in dark colors, and if you're anything like me you're walking around convincing yourself you have what it takes to join the CIA. I put on jeans and a black shirt, and walked into the debriefing station which is where I realized my first and only mistake... not making a second run with the lint roller. You're blasted with black light, and though I remembered to whiten my teeth my black shirt was glowing with fuzz (so embarrassing)! Then you arm up your laser gun and run into this maze that reminds me somehow of a McDonalds play place, but doesn't make you feel so claustrophobic. It's basically a 2 story series of ramps and walls made of plywood and painted black with splashes of 80's colors that glow in the black light. Each game is 20 mins long (I'm almost positive) and our group was combined with a few others for a total of 20 players. I am awesome at this game! I am a 27 year old female, but exceptionally competitive. I finished in 2nd place in this form of Charlotte entertainment behind a 12 year old laser tag Jedi of some sort. It was a great night! The price is 8.00 per person (per game). I think they run specials on Friday and Saturday nights where you can get 2 games (40 mins) for 12.00 per person. So worth it! Laser Quest - (704) 567-6707 at 5323 East Independence Boulevard

22) Cheap Movie - This post is in response to a comment asking for an inexpensive option! If you're looking for something cheap to do in Charlotte, NC, you're in luck. The Movie's 10 Cinemark at 9508 Northeast Court, Matthews is a great option for something to do in Charlotte when it is raining out, and it is a great option if you're looking for something cheap to do. Tickets are always 2.00 or less per person. You'll find that sodas and popcorn are about the same price as at other theaters, but the movies are much less. You won't be able to watch a new release at this Charlotte movie theater, but that's okay for us. I hate watching movies. I don't just hate paying 10.00 per movie, I actually don't like watching movies. I blame my short attention span, and the fact that everyone wants you to be quiet for over an hour while sitting in the dark. Still, if I can spend a few dollars and get a date out of it, I guess it works. Thursday, Friday, Saturday the movies are 2.00 per person. The rest of the days its between .50 and 1.50. They were running a promo for a while where if you bought 3 tickets on a Monday they were .50 each. If you bought 2 tickets, they were a buck fifty each. We always went and asked for 3 tickets. This isn't the nicest theater in town. You'll randomly go in a theater that is missing a few seats and caution tape is up around it or something crazy like that, but for 2.00 I still say WORTH IT! Charlotte also has a unique movie theater called Theatres at Ballantyne Village (which is not the cheap one) that serves wine, coffee and dessert instead of popcorn and Milkduds. We also have a few movie theaters that only show independent films, and lots in shopping centers with plenty of before and after movie date things to do.

23) Take a Vineyard Tour - My favorite little place to do this is Treehouse Vineyards. They have wonderful weekend tours and during the spring and summer they usually have live music and a bonfire going. If you're looking for a romantic evening in the city, reserve the date night treehouse for a picnic overlooking the grapes. The even have an overnight treehouse for a full evening. 301 Bay St, Monroe NC 704-283-4208.

Other stuff to do around Charlotte, NC - There are only so many recommendations I can give before my fingers fall off, and I think I'm about there. If you're looking for things to do in Charlotte, NC you can also consider going to Celebration Station, the Driving Range, Putt-Putt, Carowinds, NoDa, Discovery Place, Dave and Busters, or just take a ride around town on either the light rail or the bus. We like having picnics at the Airport Overlook, and enjoy the monthly events in the Downtown Matthews square.

HAVE FUN! Enjoy Charlotte! I've been like many other locals around Charlotte, NC and decided that there's just nothing to do. I've spent much to much time bored and watching T.V. Take some adventures with me, see Charlotte in a new light and try new things. Happy experiencing!


Heather Aycoth Zboch

Things to do in Charlotte, NC

Things to do in Charlotte, NC in the Fall

If you're looking for things to do in Charlotte, NC in the Fall, you should plan a day to visit one of the Charlotte Area Corn Mazes. This was one of the most enjoyable seasonal things I did in Charlotte last year, and I know if you're not a fun hater you'll enjoy it too! The Amazing Maize Maze is located at 4431 Neck Road in Huntersville, NC and the office number is 704-875-3113 if you would like more information. This year's maze is 7,700 feet long, has 466 individual turns, 125 intersections, and is only open for a month (September 4th - November 7th 2010). Stanly County also has a nearby corn Maze that is open for a month (Semptember - October Saturdays 11-8 and Sundays 1-6) and is 6.00 per person. The Get Lost Corn Maze is located at 20935 Highway 73 West, Albemarle NC 28001 and is 7.5 acres this year. This corn maze has lots of games to play before or after you navigate through the maze like a sling shot game, corn hole and a pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin to take home.The Get Lost Corn Maze also features a "Maze of Terror" (Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00pm-10:00pm October 8th - October 31st) and is a guided walk on a "haunted" trail for 12.00 per person regardless of age.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Bobcats Highlights


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    • profile image

      Ash 2 years ago

      Love the list but no music venues lol! I love live music and I recommend to anyone visiting Charlotte to check out PNC Music Pavilion, here's their site they usually have awesome bands playing there.

      You're spot on about the rodeos though! When I tell my friends from california that I go to rodeos they always think I'm so country haha.

    • profile image

      joe hughes 3 years ago

      Awesome post. Im a stand up comedian and travel A Lot, and researching for a project by which I try to see and do as much as I can during a 24 hr layover In whichever city im on layover or performing at. Ill be in Charlotte next Nov. Your post was most helpful. Thx

    • bethannejackson profile image

      bethannejackson 4 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      We have been to Sky High so many times - I cannot believe it is not mentioned on this list. Sky High Sports is an amazing place -- great for birthday parties!

    • profile image

      Caroline 4 years ago

      We actually hosted our own party with Party Time Events in Charlotte NC. It was more affordable than going out or spending the day elsewhere. We rented an inflatable bounce house and a water slide - the kids loved it, had fun all day.

    • profile image

      Beth Jackson 4 years ago

      Another great idea is to go to Sky High in Charlotte NC. This place is very fun, we go all the time. Even my teenagers enjoy it!

    • profile image

      Catherine 5 years ago

      Something good to do Saturday Night!

      Italian Night Dinner

      This Saturday (Feb. 2) 5-7pm

      2211 Margaret Wallace Rd Matthews


      $10/25 family

    • profile image

      Brooke 5 years ago

      Thanks for this list! I have lived in Charlotte all my life and have gotten really bored with it. I'm always just doing the same things week after week. But your list gave me a few ideas I think I'm going to try out. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      There is a wine shop that offers wine tastings every friday night and all day saturady. It is a small, cozy shop that is locally owned.

    • profile image

      Rebecca 5 years ago

      Wow, this is just amazing! I just moved to Charlotte about a year ago and my friends and family are ALWAYS coming to see me and we are always trying to find new fun things to do while they are here, and this is just great! Thank you so much, I'm so excited to show them this!

    • profile image

      MD 5 years ago

      can you told me a lttil about clubs in charlotte

    • cityalice profile image

      cityalice 5 years ago

      Sounds like a fun place. If I ever swing by, I'd like do the rafting, comedy zone, horse back riding on the trail, and maybe listen to some jazz. Would be fun!

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      What about any volunteer opportunities for kids like in high school? soup kitchen?? anything with lakes or water??? waterpark??

    • profile image

      Jen 5 years ago

      Thank you so much.. I love these ideas!! Can you tell me more about the airport picnic? This sounds like a great date night idea!!!

    • profile image

      jimbo 5 years ago

      I've lived here almost 40 years...and this list provides things I've still not done yet...I would suggest two additions...Crowder's Mountain State Park, 30 minutes west in I-85, excellent hiking and can see Charlotte 30 miles away, also five new disc golf courses in past two year brings total to about 12 in the area with the 2012 World Disc Golf Championship to be held here in July!

    • RetailRich profile image

      RetailRich 6 years ago

      Is Charlotte a scenic city with plenty of good shots for photographers?

    • collector profile image

      collector 6 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Hey! I updated the link above, but it is now

    • RetailRich profile image

      RetailRich 6 years ago

      Thanks a lot. I'll be heading there in the near future. Never been there.

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      I went to the link for comedy zone it told me I had to have a user name and since it didn't give me the option to create one I couldn't view. I also went to the pineville theatre link it wasn't helpful to me can you be more specific as to the place you went too. I am trying to do something inexspensive But thoughtful for my boyfriends birthday. We won't get to go tomorrow but i was planning a weekend thing.

    • CondoLux Rentals profile image

      CondoLux Rentals 6 years ago from North Myrtle Beach,South Carolina

      I've always wanted to visit a drive in theatre, sounds like a blast to me! I can also always use a good laugh, so the comedy zones right down my alley. Thanks for the Hub, I'll do anything to find a new way to spend my free time.

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      The Great Wolf Lodge is an AMAZING place for families! The indoor water park is phenomenal! Make sure you go on the tornado

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      These are all such great activities!I have been looking for a place to look over the city lights, but haven't found one. Might you know of any??

    • profile image

      Monique 6 years ago

      Thank you soooo much...!

    • profile image

      Jessica Reynolds 6 years ago

      Is Alive After 5 kid friendly at all?

    • profile image

      Eddie X. 6 years ago

      Love it! Thanks so much! You're awesome!

    • profile image

      Carol L 6 years ago

      I just want to add Discovery Place for kids in Charlotte and Huntersville and The Renaissance Festival in October.

    • profile image

      maria 6 years ago

      does anyone know who can provide in north carolina a job that pays cash daily like in the farm or anything?

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      you're too cute for words!

    • profile image

      kenzie 7 years ago

      Awesome Ideas! they're great help!

    • profile image

      Tammy 7 years ago

      Thank you Heather! This list is awesome! I just moved here the end of last year and have been looking for fun things to do. Your list will keep me busy for a very long time! I can't wait to share this list with my husband!

    • profile image

      Jenn 7 years ago

      I've just moved to Charlotte from Australia and am lookng for things to fill my days before I begin work. Thanks for all the ideas!!

    • profile image

      Melissa 7 years ago

      I am so amazed at the people who didn't think that there was anything to do in Charlotte. My fiancée and I are planning on moving there in the next few months and I have found all of the things listed and more to do there. I cannot wait until we get there. Compared to where we live now I doubt we would run out of things to do in Charlotte.

    • profile image

      Sachin  7 years ago

      Very good list...haven't seen any single list so elaborative. I do agree with so many things and descriptions mentioned here...

    • profile image

      Brandy 7 years ago

      Don't forget about the Extreme Ice Center in Indian Trail - Exit 51B off 485! We have hockey, curling, broomball, ice skating, learn to skate classes, a complete fitness center, and a tavern!

      We are always at 51 degrees in the XIC -- making us literally North Carolina's Coolest Place to Be!

    • collector profile image

      collector 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Hey April,

      The stuff you picked to do is kind of all over the place. I'd pick a hotel that's close to some of the restaurants you've got in mind for dinner. In my opinion, the more "romantic" and upscale parts of town are Ballantyne and Uptown. I've only stayed at 2 hotels in this area with a jacuzzi tub (I've listed the info below). When we travel, we know that anything in the Hilton/Hampton family is probably going to be great.

      My suggestion is to stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites SouthPark at Phillips Place - This is near some nice restaurants like Cheesecake Factory, Maggianos, PF Changs, McCormick and Shmicks, Ruth Chris, etc.

      6700 Phillips Place Court

      Charlotte, NC 28210

      (704) 319-5700

      You could also try Courtyard Marriott - This is near Miro, 151 Main, Jo Jo's China Bistro, etc.

      15660 John J. Delaney Drive

      Charlotte, NC 28277

      Phone: 1-704-341-0041

      I hope you have an awesome trip, and enjoy all of the fun stuff to do in Charlotte, NC!

    • profile image

      aprilmeredith 7 years ago

      great hub!

      any suggestions of a fairly inexpensive, quaint hotels with jucuzzis etc. that may be close to alot of your suggestions. i am taking my fiancé there for his birthday surprise and so far i have picked out drive-in, put-putt, lazy k ranch, (maybe goldmining), bowling, dinners and the NASCAR hall of fame!



    • profile image

      Hannah 7 years ago

      Awesome ideas! I've always loved Charlotte, but this list is a great bunch of things to do that I haven't begun to explore! Thanks so much for the great ideas!

    • profile image

      andrew dalrymple 7 years ago

      oh my gosh! to think i was a lazy teenager! now im going out and doing stuff! i cn finally be a real 14 year old, anoying, always away, and with his friends! THANKS A BUNCH

    • collector profile image

      collector 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Thanks so much Henry and Michelle! Michelle... to answer your question, I'm pretty sure has a pumpkin patch and hay rides with a little petting zoo! I hope you have fun, and enjoy getting to know Charlotte!

    • henrykasan profile image

      henrykasan 7 years ago from UK

      Informative Hub!!!!!!

      The hub is good and very much knowledgeable. The language is very easy and comfortable to grasp. The ideas are great an options are so much that it makes the whole phenomena terrific such as it help to break out our routine and experience new fun things to do in Charlotte, NC. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • profile image

      Michelle 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for all the options! We are new to the area (as are most people)and we really appreicate the ideas. One you know of any pumpkin patches in the area that offer hay rides/petting zoo's/face painting etc.


    • kingkhan78 profile image

      kingkhan78 7 years ago

      interesting hub nice information thanks for sharing

    • cblack profile image

      cblack 7 years ago from a beach somewhere

      Charlotte really is a great place to live. I am a fan of all of the parks myslef. We have several parks right on the lake. It gives me something fun and relaxing to do with my son for free.

    • profile image

      Steph 7 years ago

      dude- I was looking online for free things to do and laughed my a** off when I realized you wrote this. What are the odds! Great ideas girl! Hope to see you soon!

      Steph M.

    • lender3212000 profile image

      lender3212000 7 years ago from Beverly Hills, CA

      Wow, what a great hub! I would need to spend a few months in Charlotte to get through that list! I'll have to keep a few of those in mind the next time I'm in NC.

    • collector profile image

      collector 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Here's another facebook inquiry and my response: Hi

      Question: My name is H- and I am 22 years old girl from Iceland. I was browsing on google for something to do in Charlotte and saw what you wrote about things to do there on Hubpages 2 years ago. I got a bachelor degree in Pharmacy last month and I really want to take a break from university for a year and experience new things. I want to do that in Charlotte because I fell in love with the city when I visited it few months ago and my boyfriend is a student there. It has been hard for me to google something to do there for about 2 months next semester. I am trying to find some courses, programs or just something different from the usual to do there. I was just wondering if there is some possibility that you know about something?

      Response: Hey! CPCC has a lot of "continuing education" courses that can be really fun, whether you're interested in dancing, golfing, rock climbing, or learning about how to take care of senior citizens ( I enjoy volunteering at a nursing home every week, but you guys should try some of the things just outside of Charlotte if you're going to be here for a while. I like to go hiking at Crowders mountain and Chimney Rock, there are several great beaches that are only a few hours away like Myrtle Beach SC, Atlantic Beach NC, and Charleston SC. I like going to the airport overlook and having picnics, playing sports ( and things like that! Don't forget to check out some of the sporting events I listed in the blog... its baseball season! If you want more information, tell me more about what type of activities you enjoy! Good luck!!

    • profile image

      Ashley 7 years ago

      Thanks this list has really helped me out...a friend and I wanted to come to charlotte but didn't know what to do in charlotte and you provided a list with more than enough to do while again THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • collector profile image

      collector 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Suresh - I am a season's pass holder at Chimney Rock, and totally agree! I really enjoy hiking there, and it isn't too far to drive when you've only got a day to spend out of Charlotte. Shelly - I'm so excited to hear about your plans, and I hope you have a blast! Tecia - I haven't been to Plaza Fiesta yet, but I don't have kids so I depend on people like you to let me know all of the awesome places to take my nephew. I never tire of Chuckie Cheese, but he might eventually, so I am glad to have options! Tor - Welcome to Charlotte!

    • profile image

      Tecia 7 years ago

      I would add the Plaza Fiesta to the list. It is this huge playcenter located right beside Carowinds. It cost about $2 per child to play for about 90 minutes but 90 minutes is long enough because all of the climbing and swinging and towers wears them out. They also have a huge game room and neat shops and restaurants inside. It is really a secret gem!

    • profile image

      torviking 7 years ago

      Nice piece of informative writing done with candor and humor. Not just the slick, hyperboli proffered by sponsored advertising.

      I'm just two week in Charlotte, coming from a very compact DC, and this post is going to save me untold tho$uand$ on ga$ and miles of of driving wearon the car.

      I was shown a farmers market near the proposed site of the new Charlotte Park. It has many large open buildings of fresh produce, crafts, live plants and trees, and flowers. Open from Tues - Sat.

      Thankyou, Tor

    • profile image

      Tara 7 years ago

      Good website!

    • profile image

      Suresh 7 years ago

      Wow... this is the best post. I have been living in charlotte since a year and visited a couple of them listed here. I would like to add one more - Chimney rock park Its nice place to have a weekend fun - hiking, bird watching, rock climbinig and 400ft water falls. Nice place to spend the whole weekend.

    • profile image

      Shelly 7 years ago

      This post was the GREATEST!! I have sooo much trouble trying to find things to do with my boyfriend that are memorable and spontaneous when we are on a tight budget. I think putt putt, picnic lunch, and Lazy 5 Ranch? YAY!!

    • collector profile image

      collector 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Hey... just got a Facebook message from someone who found this blog and is going to be here for a week during the summer to help out with a camp. He was looking for something to do... I figure my response might help a few other people too... "I'd try to catch a Charlotte Knights Baseball game, go to Carowinds, the Comedy Zone Uptown, if you like dancing and you're under 23-25 Bar Charlotte (over 25 breakfast club), anywhere in the Epi-Centre is fun... especially bowling, dinner, bars, or a movie, and if you're looking for a place to bring a group of animal lovers or a date the Lazy 5 ranch is pretty cool. Charlotte also has a lot of good theater productions, so check out what's available while you're here to see if you're interested in what's playing! If you don't mind spending a little... the whitewater rafting center makes for a really fun day!"

    • profile image

      Karl 7 years ago

      Wow, these were some fantastic ideas compact and in one spot. This was just what I was looking for.

    • profile image

      Ivy 7 years ago

      Thanks for the ideas. It's sad to think I've lived here my entire life and I still couldn't come up with anything. For the record, another thing that's pretty fun (I don't know if it's actually in Charlotte, but it's close) is go to the Ostrich Farm. It's like ten dollars per person, but they give you a tour and you get to pet the ostriches and it's pretty sweet.

      Maybe with this list I can see if my friends will want to do something other than loiter in a parking lot for hours on end. :P

    • profile image

      Krissy 8 years ago

      Thank you for this great blog! I have lived here for 6 years but have done only a few things that you have listed. My sis and her fam. are coming this weekend and she asked, "So, what is there to do?" My brain completely shut down!! I had no ideas to give her. Then I found you and had plenty! (So much so that I just sent her the link!!) Thanks again!! I'm bookmarking this so that I can go down the list of ideas with my family!!

    • profile image

      Lisa 8 years ago

      Thanks for the list! I am considering relocating to Charlotte and want to check out the area before I make a move. Hopefully a weekend trip is in the works. I want to live in an urban area and hopefully Charlotte will be good fit. thanks!

    • collector profile image

      collector 8 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      I'm so glad you guys are enjoying these ideas! I update the list whenever I find new and exciting things, so check back in again sometime! Mina, I am sorry to hear you've been stuck inside for most of the winter. I'd encourage you to find a church around Charlotte with a group of people that speaks your language so you can venture out without a translator. I have friends from Germany, Romania, Russia, and China that have lots of friends that they've met through their churches who share similar cultural interests.

    • profile image

      Charise 8 years ago

      I've lived in charlotte for over a year now, and I've always told my friends there is nothing to do in charlotte! But this list has proved me wrong! I had no clue charlotte had so much to do besides bar hopping. I can't wait do experience every activity on this list. Thank you sooo much!

    • sunforged profile image

      sunforged 8 years ago from

      nice hub, Charlotte is looking better and better

    • profile image

      Sharita 8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing Heather! What a great article and good ideas.

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Wow! What a list of things to do in Charlotte. I have lived here 9 years and haven't gone to any of these places. Now I can plan so great things for the Spring and Summer when my family comes to visit.

    • profile image

      Mina 8 years ago

      Its the winter and there isn't much to do....we dont want to stay indoors...but we dont want to have to spend to much money or travel to far....this is very usefull but nothing for someone who cant go to to many places without a translator....ugh! I need help finding more places to go!!

    • rdelp profile image

      rdelp 8 years ago

      I have an old friend of mine that lives in Charlotte and is from the Philly area and he loves it in every way.

    • profile image

      Los 8 years ago

      This was awesome. My girlfriend and I have been living here for a couple years and been too lazy to find things. THIS is a great find!

    • brightforyou profile image

      Helen 8 years ago from Florida

      Full of useful information and well written. Thanks!

    • lewgard profile image

      Kathleen Lewis 8 years ago from Southern Michigan

      A friend of mine recently moved to Charlotte, NC. I have yet to visit her, but at least I am armed with some things to do when I do get there. Thanks.

    • profile image

      giimasterone 8 years ago

      nice hub thank you

    • profile image

      gq 8 years ago

      thanks dear....Hubby and I are taking a quick hiatus to charlotte to celebrate our wedding anniversary and w/ the kids being in school, I didn't have time to plan what to do. You have lots of wonderful ideas on the list. Thanks for taking the time to put it together....I think I will just start at the top of your list and work my way down!

    • Phoenix Business profile image

      Phoenix Business 8 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      I also recommend the Davidson Community Theater for people who love to watch plays, but are on a budget. My husband and I got front row (general admission) seats for around 20.00. They have a lot of performances throughout the year... is the link!

    • collector profile image

      collector 8 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Thanks Katherine! It took a long time to find some of these things, and the list keeps growing. I'm so excited to hear you're looking forward to some new adventures! Feel free to check back in and give some feedback on your experiences!

    • profile image

      katherine 8 years ago

      Thanks alot for all this great information! I live in Virginia and my boyfriend lives in Charlotte. And when i visit we usually dont do much, other than go to either the Panthers game or Bobcats. But this list has given me so many ideas! I am planning a few trips there as i type! Thanks for taking the time to do this. I am excited to try out all your ideas and make memories.

    • Phoenix Business profile image

      Phoenix Business 8 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      I agree! There is so much to do in Charlotte! I've really enjoyed spending time finding everything this city offers! A friend of mine recommended the Raptor Center. I've never been, but I might try it. During the October/November months there are also a few corn mazes in the Waxhaw area that I'm planning on trying!

    • Sexy jonty profile image

      Sexy jonty 8 years ago from India

      Very well written hub .....

      very much informative ......

      Thank you very much for your great hub, for good advice, good wishes and support. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

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      maureen 8 years ago

      very good information thanks

    • Organic Thoughts profile image

      Organic Thoughts 8 years ago from North Carolina

      Wonderful list...

      I have tried most of the options mentioned. Sure there are tons of things to do in Charlotte!

    • NaomiR profile image

      NaomiR 8 years ago from New York

      Grea list! Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      david 8 years ago

      Hey you forgot to mention the museums that we have. I have been to many cities and Charlotte has a great selection.

    • collector profile image

      collector 9 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      I agree with you Holly! There is so much to do in Charlotte, NC. I know gas prices have gone up, and sometimes people feel like they don't want to make the 45 min drive to have some of these adventures. Still, sometimes you've got to realize that your happiness is in your hands, and if you're not happy then you need to get out of your routine and enjoy what's around you. Though I haven't done it yet, I'll be adding several volunteer opportunities around Charlotte, NC to this list.

      In regards to your suggestion to ad Alive After 5 to the list, heck yes! I've only been once because I typically have class on Thursdays, but it was really awesome. If you check back in, write a little about what you enjoy about alive after 5. I'll add it soon!

      Thank you, Thank you! I can't wait to hear about all the fun you have in and around Charlotte, NC.

    • profile image

      Holly 9 years ago

      It's so funny that you are talking about how people say there's nothing to do in Charlotte, NC. People tell me that all of the time and I was totally believing it. I'm so glad to see that someone around Charlotte has a different point of view. I'm going to start inviting my friends to try one of these things to do in Charlotte, NC every weekend. One thing I do like around Charlotte is going uptown on Thursdays for alive after five. That's something you should blog about!

    • profile image

      Thank You! 9 years ago

      These ideas are awesome! I can't wait to try all of these things around Charlotte, NC. I'm giong to come back to this site and tell you about all of the great adventures we have around town.