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Things to do in Kentucky

Updated on April 26, 2012

Kentucky attractions

Some of the things to do in Kentucky include mammoth cave national park, cumberland falls, dinosaur world, Louisville zoo, Kentucky action park, beach bend amusement park and Kentucky down under. Kentucky offers a wide variety of sightseeing opportunities, beautiful scenaries and activities. Activities ranging from hiking, to camping, canoeing, swimming and rafting.

Things to do in Kentucky

Mammoth cave in Kentucky
Mammoth cave in Kentucky

1. Mammoth cave national park: Mammoth Cave is located in Kentucky, about 100 miles south of Louisville. Mammoth cave is the longest cave system in the world. The park boasts of over 52,000 acres of hardwood forest, perfect for camping, hiking, horse riding, canoeing, boating and biking. Mammoth cave is one of the top attractions in Kentucky drawing hoards of visitors every year.

2. Cumberland falls: Cumberland falls also called as the Little Niagara is one of the popular attractions in Kentucky. The falls offers whitewater rafting, canoeing and fishing. Cumberland falls is a hiker's paradise with 17 miles of hiking trails making it one of the fun and adventurous things to do in Kentucky.

3. Dinosaur world: Dinosaur world is located in Kentucky between Louisville and Nashville. Dinosaur world is an outdoor museum and has over 150 life size dinosaur models. The museum is great for kids with its lush setting.

4. Louisville zoo: Louisville zoo is a 35 acre zoo in Kentucky. Highlights include giraffes, gorillas, tigers, Asian & African elephants. They have tram and train facility. The zoo is perfect for spending time with family and kids.

gorgeous Cumberland falls, Kentucky
gorgeous Cumberland falls, Kentucky

5. Kentucky down under: Kentucky down under is located between Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky. Kentucky down under is an educational Australian themed animal park. You can see kangaroos and other Australian animals roam freely in animal park. The discovery area features lizards, reptiles, snakes and many interesting creatures.

6. Kentucky action park: Some of the major attractions in Kentucky action park include outlaw cave, alpine slide, thriller slides, bumper cars, bumper boats and go cart track.

7. Beach bend amusement park: Beach bend park has 40 rides including wooden rooler coaster, 3 water slides, swimming pool and children's play pool.

Cumberland falls, Kentucky


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    • TimArends profile image

      Timothy Arends 3 years ago from Chicago Region

      As someone who attended Berea College in Kentucky and who absolutely loved Mammoth Cave as a kid, I can attest to the fact that there is a LOT of great things to do in Kentucky!

    • profile image

      quillan 5 years ago

      thx for that i got and A+

    • My Odyssey profile image

      My Odyssey 8 years ago from Somerset, Kentucky

      Very good Hub!

    • profile image

      glassrailing 8 years ago

      That Mammoth Cave looks spectacular... and the dino museum would be a real treat for the kids... thanks for the great Hub

    • profile image

      amber 8 years ago

      i need more atactions