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Things to do in Maldives – The Land of Sun, Sand & Lots of Fun!

Updated on March 14, 2016

Getting to know the islands

The line of islands that commence to the south-west of Sri Lanka and continue down for miles in the Indian Ocean like tiny droplets from heaven indeed offer a heavenly stay for all tourists that call over to gorge the beautiful vistas throughout the year. The main island of Male is separated from all other islands in the sea, therefore, cruises are quite common. There are also domestic flights frequently to carry passengers to their destination. Nevertheless, some amount of bobbing about in a boat is unavoidable. The country is one of the most geographically dispersed nations in the world comprising one thousand one hundred and ninety-two (1,192) islands in total and a few of the islands are connected by roadways.

Malé Fish Market

With so much of ocean water surrounding the country, the fisheries industry is one that is thriving. Morn, noon or night you can walk into any restaurant or hotel and you will be served the freshest of fish and other seafood. Tuna is usually the main catch, but there would be a huge display of all varieties of fish brought in by the fisher folk. The Fish Market is located a short distance away from the Male terminal and since the roads are usually very crowded it is easier to reach the market by foot. As is the case with every fish market the world over, the Male version too is fishy and can be messy at times. However, given the large volume of fish, trades in the place is well maintained. The vendors are friendly and oblige most requests made by the customers. Oysters, shrimps, cuttlefish, lobsters and crabs can be found if you visit early since there is a brisk business the stock depletes towards late afternoon.

Diving, Surfing and Snorkeling

The endless blue ocean has opportunities for the romantics, those yearning for detachment and relaxation, bliss and even those craving excitement. If relaxing too much is likely to weaken your muscles and dull your days, join the thrills and discover the world underwater in Maldivian seas. Any Maldives beach resort would have the equipment and resources to facilitate diving, snorkeling and surfing but there are a few locations which are absolutely out of this world when it comes to the fun filled action. The hotels housed in islands which are far away from others such as the Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort are ideal for the purpose. The skilled guides ensure your safety and their passionate enough to also make certain that you have a wonderful time while you are underwater. The world under the shimmering azure sheets of water is colourful and you will see sharks, mantas, eels, turtles, shoals of fish and eagle rays. There are excavations starting from thirty minutes spanning a few hours. If you are new and hesitant it is best that you choose the shortest period.

National Museum

The museum per se has a short history of less than sixty years, yet its collection includes artifacts from the 11th century. Though Maldives has known the world over as a predominantly Islamic nation today, Buddhism was known to have prevailed in the country for over a thousand years. Much of the culture and arts of the country have been shaped by Buddhist influences which would have been inherited from the neighbouring countries, Sri Lanka and India. Rare coral statues of Buddha, coins, thrones, furniture and armour used by the ancient kings and queens of Maldives are some of the most spoken of memorabilia available.

Islamic Centre

The principal assembly of Islamics in the country since its inauguration in 1984 has been the Islamic Centre or Masjid-al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam, which is the rightful name. It constitutes the Grand Friday mosque which can accommodate over five thousand devotees and is one of the largest in South Asia. The centre is located adjacent to the Mal Malé jetty and offers a great view from within the premises. Furthermore, every approaching vessel finds the stunning white architecture of the building to be an appealing sight from the sea. It is not a tall building, but is wide and is flanked on one side by a golden topped minaret and the entrance is high above sea level, a wise decision given is that the ground surface of the Maldives is considered dangerously close to sea level.


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