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Things to do in NYC

Updated on September 15, 2010

Things to do in NYC

Things to do in New York, NY -

If you’re looking for things to do in NYC, you’re not alone. It is amazing that a city as big as NYC can leave people wondering what to do, but it happens. If you’ve come to this site looking for a pure list of things to do in NYC, you’re in luck. I’m going to start out talking about the tourist type of things to do in NYC, but then I’m going to give a list of things to do for people who live in NYC… so bear with me! This is going to be one of the best lists of things to do in NYC you have ever read!

Things to do in NYC -

If you're looking for things to do in NYC, watch a sports game!

1) Things to do in NYC, Watch a New York Yankees Game - If you’re looking for a list of things to do in NYC, you’ve probably at least considered going to a New York Yankees game. Well, good! You should have considered that, and that’s why it takes the first slot on my list. I am a huge baseball fan, and an absolutely dedicated New York Yankees fan. I can’t think of a better thing to do in NYC than watch the Yankees play any night of the week. The prices on Yankees tickets vary, but sometimes you can catch a deal. I hate to miss the first pitch, but if you want to watch a sold out game and you don’t have tickets… sometimes it is a good idea. If I’m trying to think of something exciting to do in NYC I will occasionally spend the 20.00 to take the Yankees ferry over to the beautiful new Yankees Stadium and wait until the first inning is half way over. By then, all off the people “selling” tickets get a little desperate and are usually willing to give you a better deal. If you don’t want to pay the price, there are plenty of sports bars within walking distance that will be playing the game. I call that negotiating power!

2) Things to do in NYC, Watch a New York Mets Game – Well baseball fans are you looking for things to do in NYC because the Yankees are having an away game and you've got no other ideas for fun things to do in NYC? Don't worry... there's another baseball team. In fact, some of you might prefer the Mets. Guess what Yankee fans, guess what Mets fans... we can all get along! I have the answer! You can have a second favorite team! Do you have more than one child? Me either... I don't even have a first child. Still, someday I'm going to have children, and when that second child is born, I'm going to love it second best. It can be the same with baseball! You can have a team that you don't quite love as much as the first, but it is still family! (Yeah, I'm kidding with the Kid analogy... lighten up!) I love baseball! My husband and I went down to Tampa Bay and the Yankees weren't playing, but we bought tickets to watch the Rays play the Red Sox and we could just be happy that at the end of the day someone lost. We still enjoyed it, even though the Yankees weren't there. Mets fans, buy another hat for your closet! Yankees fans, buy another t-shirt! We can love each other on the off days! See! There's plenty of things to do in NYC during baseball season!

3) Things to do in NYC, Watch a New York Knicks Game – That’s right; we’re going to try to cover all of the sports! If you’re looking for things to do in NYC, get some friends together and buy a few tickets to a Knicks game. Season tickets sell out very fast, but you can almost always get individual game tickets. The Knicks play at Madison Square Garden, and you know that if you’re going to be in that area there is plenty to do around town. I love sports, so all of the sports that I can think of as I’m writing this are going to make the list. Some sport is going on during every season, so if you’re trying to fill up a week with things to do in NYC, you will almost definitely be able to find a sports game to watch.

4) Things to do in NYC, Watch a New Jersey Nets Game – If you’re looking for things to do around NYC, you can also consider watching a New Jersey Nets game. Though they don’t have the same winning record the New York Knicks, the New Jersey Nets are also a fun team to watch. You’ll have to travel about an hour or so to get there, but you can usually find better prices on the tickets. Some of the local coupon books usually have a buy one get one free promotion that you can look for, and you can also get discounts on groups of 20 or more. Basketball games are a great way to spend time with your family if you’re looking for something to do in NYC, but it is even better when you can find a good deal on tickets! Keep your ears open for promotions on the New Jersey Nets tickets!

5) Things to do in NYC, Watch a Jets Game - I am sure you landed on this blog because you're looking for some fun things to do in NYC, well I'm here to help! Even if you're not a sports fan, your friends probably are. When you're looking for things to do in NYC consider making time for a Jets game! Jets fans are serious about football, and are an exciting bunch to be around. When you watch a Jets game, whether you're watching it at a sports bar in NYC or you actually make it to the stadium, you'll be around people who are excited and demand that the boys play the best football they can. This is one of the more expensive things to do in NYC on the list, but it is worth the money to try to make it at least once. You'll probably become a lifelong fan, and you'll enjoy watching the Jets games from home twice as much, and that's a pretty cheap thing to do in NYC!

6) Things to do in NYC, Watch a Giants Game - If you're looking for things to do in NYC during football season, you've got options! Now if you didn't read my speech (or rant, or whatever you call it when you type out a speech) about Yankee fans and Mets fans learning to love each other, well, you should... it applies to football lovers too! The Giants are in the NFC and the Jets are in the AFC, I give you permission to love one and like the other. You can have a favorite and a second favorite... sometimes you'll need one. I was born in Carolina, do you think I can live off of loving just them? The answer is no! They aren't good enough, and I need another team to love that makes me feel better than they have been, so I fall back on my love for New York (the heartbeat of the whole world) and I love the team with the best record. Is this conditional love? Yes, but I'm only human and that's the only kind of sports love I know. Check out the Giants, watch them beat up on the Panthers.

7) Things to do in NYC, Watch a Rangers Game - I know hockey can be a violent sport, but that's why most of us love it. My first job was selling peanuts and jellybeans at a minor league hockey team's arena back home. That's where my love of hockey players was born, and I think I've grown to love hockey too. If you're looking for stuff to do in NYC, you should check the schedule for the NY Rangers! I looked for current pricing, and even the nosebleed section is about 50.00 per ticket (plus a booking fee if you buy your ticket online), so watching a hockey game can be a fun thing to do in NYC, but it may not be for everyone. I do have good news... I've watched about 100 hockey games, and I've been in about every type of seat you can imagine. Unless you're literally the seat directly behind the glass (I don't mean the second row, I mean you're sitting in the middle and you can reach your hand up and touch the glass) the next best seats are near the back. For some reason, when you sit close, but not too close, it can be very difficult to see everything that's going on in the hockey rink... so feel okay telling your date that you're not being cheap, you got the good seats and they happen to be in the back!

8) Things to do in NYC, Watch an Islanders Game - Not every town is blessed with two of everything, but if you're looking for things to do in NYC you have options. Double mint hockey! I could be crazy, but when I was checking the prices of the tickets to watch the New York Islanders play, it looks like this is a less expensive thing to do in NYC. I believe the nosebleed seats on Islanders tickets are 37.50 when you buy them at the box office, but that they have an additional fee when you buy online that brings it up to about 50.00. Even so, when you're looking for things to do in NYC, Islander hockey still has enough puck slinging action to keep you excited for 3 periods!

9) Things to do in NYC, watch a Minor League Baseball Game  - Now something you might not have considered if you're looking for affordable things to do in NYC is watch a minor league baseball game. Let's be honest, we don't all have enough money to buy a season's pass to watch the New York Yankees. In fact, if we had that kind of money we probably wouldn't be online looking for things to do in NYC... we'd be out spending money in NYC! Well, I have a solution! If you're having trouble finding things to do in NYC on a budget visit and look for a minor league baseball team that's playing on the evening you need plans. We have about 4-5 teams to choose from that are close to the city so take your pick and enjoy this comparably cheap thing to do in NYC!

10) Things to do in NYC, hit up a food stand - This is an awesome idea if you're looking for cheap things to do in NYC when you're visiting or have non-NYC family in town. This may not seem like anything fun or unusual to a New Yorker, but not everyone is lucky enough to have street vendors. This is one of the traditional tourist things to do when you're in NYC, and if you're looking for an adventure to take your visitors on, make a big deal out of riding the subway into the heart of the city and buying a hot dog or bagel off of one of the street vendors.

11) Things to do in NYC, see a Rockettes show - If you're in town on vacation, or haven't seen the Rockettes and happen to have a day off in the big apple, try to catch an afternoon performance of the Rockettes. The afternoon performances are priced a little lower than the evening shows, and sometimes you can get lucky enough to find a coupon code online to get discounted tickets. Make sure you open up a new tab, because you don't want to leave this page before you've read all of my other great ideas for things to do in NYC!

12) Things to do in NYC, plan a trip to the top of a building - If you're looking for something memorable to do in NYC, you'll want to consider taking a trip to the top of the NYC skyline. One of the best places to go is the top of the Rockefeller center. Plan an evening visit, because the NYC skyline is absolutely beautiful at night. You can always find a great restaurant around the Rockefeller Center, and there's plenty of shopping opportunities down below. If you're visiting in the winter and looking for things to do in NYC, make sure you schedule time to go ice skating at the Rockefeller Center. You can bring your own ice skates, or you can rent skates there. If you're looking for a smaller line, and a cheaper price but still want the outdoor ice skating experience, you can also skate at the rink that was in the movie Serendipity, but I can't remember what that one's called.

13) Things to do in NYC, take a carriage ride around Central Park - If you're looking for a fun experience and fun things to do in NYC, one of my favorite things to do is take a carriage ride around central park. You don't need a reservation for this fun thing to do, all you need is to do is show up and find someone with a nice buggy and an honest face. I asked around, and it seems like all of the carriage rides are around the same price. Make sure you have cash, and plan on tipping the driver. If you're going in cold weather, bring a toboggan and gloves. Usually your carriage will have a blanket for you to snuggle under with your friends, family, or that special someone. There are so many beautiful things to see when you're in NYC, and a carriage ride around central park is a great way to get started.

14) Free things to do in NYC, sign up to watch a morning show - Now if you've ever shopped around for show prices on Broadway, you know that usually entertainment isn't cheap. Well, morning shows and late night live T.V. shows are the exception. Lots of shows are filmed live in NYC, and I can't think of one that charges for admission. The catch is that this fun and free thing to do in NYC takes some planning in advance. Most of the shows, like Regis and Kelly, require that you send in a note card requesting the tickets by mail. Even after you get the tickets, you'll want to show up early enough to make sure you get a seat. Most of the shows give out extra tickets to make sure that they have enough people to fill the seats. What an awesome free thing to do in NYC! We actually got lost on the subway on our way to Regis and Kelly, but were still there in time to get seats in the back row. In case you were wondering, yes, I did record that episode. I also tweeted it... I was very excited! That's the only show I made it to, and the only one I tried to get tickets to, but I know you can also be a part of the outdoor crowd for good morning America (make sure to bring your cheesy poster board) and a few others like SNL, Emeril Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with David Letterman, The View, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and The Steve Wilkos Show. Most of these shows use a lotto system, so you can't plan on it, but you can send in your request and cross your fingers! We got lucky, you probably will too!

15) Things to do in NYC, Visit the Aquarium - If you are looking for things to do and see in NYC, consider going to the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, NY. The aquarium has so many wonderful animals, and I thing this is one of my favorite things to do in NYC! The aquarium has animals like the pacific walrus, sea otters, and a California sea lion. You can also find creatures like the black footed penguin swimming around and tanks with flower hat jelly fish, giant pacific octopuses and sand tiger sharks! The aquarium is also home to loggerhead sea turtles and the tomato frog, and if you visit during the day you'll likely get to see an animal feeding time. A general admission ticket is 13.00 for adults, 9.00 for children, and 10.00 for senior citizens, and it allows you to explore the New York Aquarium and attend all animal feedings and demonstrations, including the Sea Lion Celebration. You also have the option of watching the 4-D planet earth: shallow seas exhibit for an extra 5.00. The Aquarium is located at the corner of Surf Avenue and West 8th Street, New York, NY (718) 265-3474.

16) Things to do in NYC, watch the Blue Man Group - At first I was reluctant to buy tickets to see the blue man group while I was in NYC. I had heard about it, and it sounded a little overly modern for my taste. Even describing it now to include it on my list of things to do in NYC, I feel a little silly. The Blue Man Group is a group of 3 lead drummers who put on swimming caps and paint themselves entirely blue, then find the most creative and simple ways possible to move their audience into an incredible euphoric trance sustained by a fantastic beat. I held one expression on my face for the entire show... a combination of surprise, intrigue, and euphoria! This was one of the most engaging shows that I've been to, and something you should absolutely put on your list of things to do in NYC! The show played at the Astro Theatre, and was 79.00 per person. We grabbed some ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery around the block when we were done, and it was possibly one of the 20 best nights of my life!

17) Things to do in NYC, visit the Staten Island Zoo - If you're looking for things to do around NYC, consider visiting the Staten Island Zoo. With adult tickets priced at just 8.00 per person, 5 dollars for kids, and children under 2 free, this is one of the less expensive ways to spend a day around New York. Although the prices and times may have changed since I wrote this blog, the zoo is currently listed as being open from 10:00-4:45. The zoo has a section for pony rides, otters, reptiles, emus, kangaroos and wallabies, prairie dogs, tropical forest animals, an aquarium, and animals from the African Savannah. They also have bobcats, foxes, a red panda, and lemurs. If you get hungry while you're there, you can have lunch at the Zoo Cafe which makes packing easy. If you're looking for a way to make this an even more affordable thing to do in NYC, you can pack a cooler with sandwiches and juice boxes, then eat lunch in the parking lot.

18) Things to do in NYC, NY Waterway Tours - Another fun thing to do in NYC is take a NY Waterway Tour. These tours offer you a chance to see all of the major NYC sites, without taking up all of the time you'll want to spend enjoying everything else the city offers. Some of the sites that you can see on your waterway tour include the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. You can also go on an evening cruise to see the city lights, which is a romantic and fun way to spend an evening in NYC. A few of the other available cruises are the History Cruise and the Architecture Cruise.

19) Things to do in NYC, Walking & Sightseeing Tour - Another option if you're looking for fun things to do in NYC is to take a walking tour. Now if you're not from NYC, please take this advice - leave the cute shoes at home and put on your tennis shoes! This not only applies to this recommendation for things to do in NYC, this advice is for your whole trip! Bring socks, bring walking shoes, and wear them all day! Save the cute shoes for an hour or two in the evening when you're trying to impress someone. Just take all of your pictures from your ankles up and no one will have a clue. Okay, now back to the description of the walking tour! One of the more popular tour groups is called "Walkin' NY." This group focuses on unique walking tours through Central Park, but other private tours are available based on their clients interests. The tour guide, Bob, is a licensed NYC tour guide, and he's got plenty of personality to make your tour enjoyable. Still, you can find lots of tour guides in NYC that can make sure to take you around to all of the fun sites, and will help you enjoy the city while giving you lots of information and in my case, helping to keep me from getting lost.

20) Things to do in NYC, Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride - Now NYC locals who are looking for things to do in New York City, I didn't forget about you. This is perfect if you're trying to think of things to do in NYC for couples, but families and singles can enjoy this adventure too! I found a company called "A Beautiful Balloon" that offers hot air balloon champagne flights and scenic flights over NY. This is the perfect surprise for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Flights are available daily at sunrise and two hours before sunset in all four seasons.

21) Things to do in NYC, Watch a Comedy Show - Sometimes an idea is so good and so vague that it can become overwhelming. That tends to be the case for me when I'm looking for a place to watch a comedy show in NYC. I have not been to every comedy club in NYC, and I probably couldn't even if I went to a different club every weekend for a year. Still, when you're looking for things to do in NYC, especially if you're looking for something to do in NYC on the weekend, watching a comedy show should easily top your list. Most of the comedy clubs in NYC that I've been to will offer you a free admission, or buy one get one free admission if you look around on their website. Stand-Up NY Comedy Club is located on 236 W. 78th St, New York, NY (212) 595-0850. Chicago City Limits Comedy and Improvisation is located at 318 W. 53rd St. New York, NY (212)888-5233. Gotham City Improv is located at 48 W. 21st St, 8th Floor, New York, NY (212) 367-8222. New York Comedy Club is located at 241 E. 24th St, New York, NY (212) 696-5233. Comedy Duplex Club is located at 61 Christopher St, New York, NY (212) 255-5438. The World Famous Comic Strip Live is located at 1568 Second Avenue, New York, NY (212) 861-9386. Hopefully this is enough options to make sure you can find something do during your weekend in NYC, but not so many that you feel overwhelmed. Watching a NYC comedy show can be a very relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a weekend evening in the City, and because you'll usually enjoy a different show each time, this is a great thing for NYC locals to do, even if you've done it before! If you're looking for a comedy and dinner show combo, you can go to DangerFields on 1118 First Ave, New York, NY (212) 593-1650.

22) Things to do in NYC, Play Paintball! - If you've been scratching your head, trying to think of something different to do in NYC and nothing's popped out yet, I hope this one catches your eye! I'm a southern girl with a Yankee heart, and when I found out that Staten Island had Paintball, I fell over! In fact, the company I found has 6 locations that are close enough for a day of paintball! The company is Cousins Paintball, and its Staten Island location is at 2727 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island, NY (800) FLA-G007.You can also call that number to get a list of all of the other locations in the area.

23) Things to do in NYC, Go Bowling - There are lots of great things to do in NYC, and bowling is an easy thing to organize whether its a weekday or a weekend. If you're looking for things to do in NYC with a group of friends, a first date, or your family, you should add bowling to your list of ideas. You can choose from one of many bowling allies in the area, including Lucky Strike Lanes (646) 829-0170, Leisure Time Bowl (212) 268-6909, AMF Bowling Center (212) 835-2460, and Harlem Lanes (212) 678-2695.

24) Things to do in NYC, Visit an Amusement Park - I'd imagine that there are plenty of amusement parks in the NYC area, but if you are making a list of things to do in NYC and want to try out an amusement park, I can only think of a couple at the moment. Safari Amusement Park is located at 855 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island, NY (718) 984-4400. They have bumper car rides, bumper boats, and batting cages. Another option is Fun Station USA which is an indoor family amusement park, so it is a great option for things to do in NYC when its raining. The Fun Station USA amusement park is located at 3555 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY (718) 370-9566 and offers 2 hour unlimited ride passes. The Fun Station USA has batting cages, laser tag, and a virtual reality simulator that are all a lot of fun. If you're looking for something similar for younger kids, The Little Gym, which is not really an amusement park so I'm not sure why I'm putting it in this category, but I don't feel like changing it, is located at 2955 Veterans Road W., Staten Island, NY (718) 356-4500 and they offer a variety of healthy programs for kids ages 3-12 like karate, dance and cheer leading, and other sports skills in a fun and nurturing environment. The larger parks like Geauga Lakes Wildwater Kingdom and Cedar Point are in Ohio, but can be a fun trip for the family or a nice weekend vacation.

25) Things to do in NYC, try planning a meal at Serendipity - If you're looking for something to do in NYC, try making reservations at Serendipity. You'll want to plan this one in advance too. We actually didn't make reservations, but still made it in without a wait on a random weekday when we walked by as they were opening. I hear this is the exception, not the rule. When we were crossing things off of our list of things to do in NYC, we walked by Serendipity just as a couple of people from dancing with the stars were leaving. I don't watch that show, and my feet hurt, so I didn't chase them down. Unfortunately, I was with a couple of Star chasers at the time who knew who they were... and I was abandoned. Anyhow, they came back eventually and the food was awesome!

26) Things to do in NYC, Ripleys Belive It or Not Odditorium - Ripley's Believe It or Not in Times Square is one of the more unusual New York Attractions. This attraction features 18,000 square feet of gallery space dedicated to the unusual, and has 10-15 interactive exhibits. If you are looking for things to do in NYC when it is raining, this indoor attraction is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. This attraction is located in Times Square, and is open from 9:00am to 1:00am year round. One of my favorite things to do in Ripleys Believe It or Not is the Lazer Maze. They might have something like this somewhere else, but I've only seen it at Ripleys and in the movies. The lazer race is a timed event, and guests of the odditorium are invited to navigate through the maze of lasers by bending, crawling, slithering, and twisting through the lasers as quickly as possible without bumping into any of the beams. Yoga didn't help me, I couldn't make it. Still, trying made my day! I think this is one of my favorite things to do in NYC, and I hope you enjoy it!

Whether you are a NYC local, or just visiting the big apple, I hope you find this list of things to do in NYC helpful, and are able to enjoy everything that New York City has to offer! Thanks for visiting my blog, and enjoy New York!


Heather Aycoth Zboch

Things to do in New York City

Things to do in NYC

Things to do in NYC

Things to do in NYC:
New York, NY, USA

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If you're looking for things to do in NYC this list has over 26 types of things to do in NYC and over 100 fun places to visit in NYC!


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    • fatuisred profile image

      Fatu yarrow 

      7 years ago from Location is somewhere over the rainbow in Newark,N.J.

      Was just in New York City,by way of NJ.

    • profile image

      NY museums 

      7 years ago

      Another Great thing to do in New York is to go and check out all of the great tourist attractions. CityPass allows you to get all of these attractions. New York CityPASS includes one-time admission to 6 of New York’s most famous attractions.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My favorite thing to do in NYC is go to all of the free shows! I think that some of the Late Night and Morning shows that you can attend for free are just as much fun as the things to do in NYC as anything else, and you'll always have some fun memories! Great list!

    • collector profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Thanks for all of your feedback, make sure to leave a comment and let me know how much you've enjoyed experiencing this list of things to do in NYC!

    • maycoth profile image


      8 years ago from Cleveland, TN

      Well done!

    • resspenser profile image

      Ronnie Sowell 

      8 years ago from South Carolina

      Believe it or not, this redneck from S. C. has been to New York. I went there on an extradition and had my first hot dog with sour kraut (however you spell that) on it from a street vendor. That was 25 years ago and I still remember it.



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