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Things you should do when in Buenos Aires

Updated on July 23, 2012

Buenos Aires has long been called the gateway to Argentina for many reasons. The city will introduce travelers to the multinational heritage and style that make this grand city an ideal destination. Buenos Aires will also freely share its rich and sophisticated European lifestyle with vacationers.

The Botanical Gardens

The Gardens are enchanting with tree-lined footpaths and acres of natural foliage perfect for a quiet afternoon. A greenhouse is located in the center of the gardens and art shows are rotated regularly. The gardens have plants from all around the globe and vacationers will enjoy the local vegetation from Argentina. Couples will find it easy to spend a romantic moment while in the gardens and picnic lunch is also suggested. Friendly felines are all around the gardens and love when guests take a few minutes to scratch their heads. Local women take care of them and kids will be delighted by the cuddly creatures.


Lagos De Palermo

When city life becomes overwhelming, then a trip to the lakes in Palermo offers vacationers a place to reconnect with nature. The lakes are a short drive from Buenos Aires and travelers can enjoy the area by biking, strolling down a quiet pathway or sunbath by the water. A manicured Rose Garden is nearby for guests who would enjoy a pretty walk among picturesque flowers, spectacular water features and marble statues. The path winds to a bridge and tourists will want to make sure they’ve brought their cameras for vast photo opportunities.

Buenos Aires Zoo

The zoo will encourage families to fill their digital cameras with exciting pictures of indigenous birds, monkeys, giant turtles and polar bears. The zoo has created a diverse environment to house the animals and feature elements such as exotic temples. Visitors will enjoy the lake filled with pink flamingos that prefer the recreated Byzantine ruins placed in the middle of the lake. The lions are housed in a castle with an actual moat and guests will be stunned by the Elephant habitat that was created to mimic an Indian temple. Vines cover the structure adding to the authenticity.


Recoleta District

The Recoleta Cemetery is where Eva Peron is buried in her final resting place, which is located within the district. The cemetery is also where several presidents, popular Argentines and brilliant scientists have been laid to rest. A tour is provided by Urban Explorer to take guests to unique mausoleums in the cemetery. Also, a café is nearby for hungry travelers and a craft fair is held with authentic souvenirs from local artisans.


San Telmo

Vacationers should place this location on their must see list. The cobblestone streets and regal buildings are the ideal settings for picturesque boutiques, cafés and tango parlors. Tourists will be entertained with the streets that feature performances from dancers and artists. Other exciting attractions include historic churches, museums and antique shops. The Gibraltar Calle Peru café located nearby features unusual spicy dishes such a Thai green chicken curry and excellent imported beer on tap.


Plaza Dorrego

This plaza is the second-oldest marketplace in the city. Argentines gather here to celebrate their independence from Spain and on Sundays an antique market sets up shop. Products for sale include hand-made crafts, silver, leather and antiques. Entertainment is provided by professional tango dancers and guests can mingle with the locals. The architecture of the buildings within the square is original and was preserved by the “Comisión Del Museo de la Ciudad.” Guests to the plaza will also enjoy access to coffee shops, cafes and bars.


Visitors will discover a welcoming spirit in Buenos Aires providing them with wonderful memories upon returning home.   

Travel Guide to Buenos Aires


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    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 6 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom

      Great hub. Very informative and interesting. A place I would love to see. Voted up.