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Things to Bring to the Beach

Updated on August 14, 2013

The weather is getting hotter and you want to cool down and have fun in the sun at the same time? But how? Well you know you don’t want to stay inside with the AC on. But where to go? Though its scorching hot, it’s too much of a beautiful day to be stuck in the house. Perhaps the park? No too far. What about the Beach? Bask in the sun then cool down in water, what a trade off right? What to bring to the beach? Hmmm I know what I can bring!!! Here are some things to bring to the beach:

Mosquito Tasmanian
Mosquito Tasmanian | Source

Protect Yourself

Sun block/Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important accessory to take to the beach, probably the most important item, other than water. Even if it’s for one or two hours or the whole day, sun protection is important. So throw an all-purpose sunscreen with at least SPF 20 into the mix.

Sun Glasses/Hat

These offer additional protection against the sun’s rays and can help you cool down, while looking fashionable too.

Insect repellent

Pesky mosquitoes beware, we are coming for you. Pack your favorite insect repellent to save you the worries and annoyance of bugs and critters biting you.

Aloe Vera gel extract
Aloe Vera gel extract | Source

Medication/Ointment/Aloe Vera

If you love the sun but burns easily bring aloe vera or any types of ointments and medications to protect your skin and prevent yourself from suffering with painful burns.

Baby powder

Baby Powder, huh? Confused, well don’t be, baby powder is to remove sand. One thing that you probably don’t enjoy about the beach is sand, and how it gets everywhere and sticks to any and everything.

Antibacterial wipes/Hand Sanitizers

The beach is not the most sanitary place in the world. Considering it’s a big open field of half-naked, semi-naked bodies, some of them unwashed, sharing a big open place together. If you’re a germaphobe, have young kids that like to touch everything or simply can’t afford to be out sick, bring antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers. Use them after you use the bathroom and before you eat.

A yummy lunch sandwich as part of your beach picnic food checklist
A yummy lunch sandwich as part of your beach picnic food checklist | Source
Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket | Source

Comfort and Leisure

Half Frozen Water/Cold/Chilled Beverages

Since you’re going to be out in the hot weather for a significant amount of time, pack a couple bottles of water and other beverages to keep you from getting dehydrated. Make sure they are cold, chilled or half frozen so they won’t bake in the sun with you.

Lunch and Snacks

After swimming and laying in the sand, you’re not only going to get thirsty but hungry too. Especially if you plan to spend the day at the beach, a couple of sandwiches with lunch meat, peanut-butter and jelly, a home-made salad, the choices are endless. Also pack a couple of snacks too. You can bring healthy snacks, such as dried or fresh fruits (watermelon, grapes, apples), vegetables, chewy granola bars, mini bagels, nuts, and pretzels. Or you can pig out (in moderation) home-made cookies, chips and candy.

Lunchbox/Cooler/ Insulated picnic tote

If you’re going to bring food and beverages, where can you put it in ? Be sure to bring a lunchbox, cooler and/or an insulated picnic tote. This is perfect for when you have food but don’t plan on eating it until later. This will protect the food and keep it at an ideal temperature for you to enjoy it in.

Beach Umbrellas at Castaway Cay, Bahamas
Beach Umbrellas at Castaway Cay, Bahamas | Source

A Couple of Blankets

Have a beach picnic with your food by bringing a blanket. While you’re at it bring another one for when the sunsets and the weather gets a bit more chilly.

A Couple of Towels

A couple of towels to lie on, dry yourself off, get the sand off your skin and toes and wipe the sweat off your face.

Beach chair/ Deck Chair

Want to relax and get comfy, without getting sand all over your legs and butt. Though heavier and less convenient option to a beach towel, a beach chair beats sitting on a flimsy towel on the hard, hot ground.

Beach Umbrella

If the sunglasses and hats are not doing it for you, how about bringing in a big beach umbrella. That way you can sit comfortably and relatively cool in the shade as you eat, read or just relax on the sand.


Hmm, a pillow at the beach, really? Yes it’s a little weird but it can be very convenient especially if you don’t have a beach chair and plan to lay down on a beach towel. After a while it might get uncomfortable and painful so why not bring a pillow. You’re supposed to be having fun, not getting hurt.

Woman reading on the beach
Woman reading on the beach | Source



Can’t swim, don’t feel like swimming? Entertain yourself with a good book or magazine. Books and Magazines are perfect for the beach, they are inexpensive, and they don’t need to be plug-in or charged, and are virtually beach friendly.

Card games

Whether Uno cards or a regular deck of cards, card games are fun, competitive, and incredibly social. Break out the cards and bet on it, whoever loses can skinny dip in the water (make sure no children or cops are around).


For capturing and saving memories, a camera is a great way to encourage memories and happiness.

Beach Ball
Beach Ball | Source

Football/Frisbee/ Beach Ball

Whether bouncing a Beach Ball in the water, or playing football with the bros in the sand, a ball is a good way to stay active, get competitive, and have fun.

Water Guns/Balloons

Another “cool” way to cool off is to invest in some water balloons and water guns. Pour some water into them and put them in a bag or in the cooler. When you’re ready, throw them or spray them at your friends and family.


Invest in a shovel and pail. This is especially great for a younger children and little kids, though its not limited to just kids, adults can do it too. So if you want to entertain your children or discover your inner Michelangelo get a shovel and pail and build some sand castles.

Battery/Solar Powered Boom-box, Music dock and/or Mp3 player

If you’re relaxing in the sand how about bringing a radio or m3 player and listening to some of your favorite jams. It gives you a chance to either relax or dance yourself into sunset.

Shirtless Guy with Frisbee
Shirtless Guy with Frisbee | Source

Other Miscellaneous Things

Sand toys, snorkel, fins, flotation device, boggles, boogie boards, fishing poles for adults and children alike who all want to play in the sand, explore the sea, float, ride the waves or go fishing.

Galicia - España
Galicia - España | Source

So here you have it a detailed packing list on stuff to bring to the beach. Enjoy your time at the beach!!

What do you like to do at the beach?

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    danicole 4 years ago from United States

    Oh thank you so much!!!!

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