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Thinking of Migrating To New Zealand? Help Infos

Updated on October 20, 2011

New Zealand is a fantastic country and a great place to live, work and study. With the latest Mercer Quality of Living survey ranked Auckland fourth in the Best City to live in the World equal with Vancouver, Canada. Wellington is 12th. place, in a survey of 221 cities.

Thinking of migrating to New Zealand?

Let me tell you some helpful informations

Migration in any part of the world in seeking greener pastures is always a leap of faith. Not knowing what to expect and letting go of your hard earned savings to spend on your dream migration needs careful planning, education and extensive preparation. Knowledge is the key in every move and plans. It is your future that is at stake, think twice or thrice if the move is really for you and what is really in New Zealand that you would choose the country over any other places in the world.

New Zealand is an awesome country and home for approximately 4.3 million people and 5.8 million cows, ratio of 20-1. It might pale in comparison with your dream migration to other countries in terms of bigger dollar value for money, super fast and latest gadgets and technology, high fashion and overly glamorous lifestyle. Life in New Zealand is a lot simpler, more laidback lifestyle. New Zealand is a unique and vibrant country and becoming more precious as the rest of the world becomes over populated and polluted. Wellington is 5th on Top 5 Eco-cities ranking in the world in the same Mercy quality of living study


How To Get Started:

New Zealand is home for 11 years now and eversince migrating from an Asian country of rich heritage I have never looked back. However being equipped and knowledgeable could have spared me from long anguish and strings of frustrating circumstances, not to mention the amount of money spent if things were done properly. Let me give you some important pointers that would sure surely help in your dream migration.


New Zealand Government Immigration Policy permits each Residence Application to be considered in terms of a number of criteria. The three main categories wherein a Residence application may be lodged are Family, Skilled Migrant and Business.


New Zealand Immigration Policy defines “Family” in a restricted way.Apart from spouses or partners of New Zealand citizens or residents, the only relationships that can be taken into account are those of parent, brother or sister or child of relatives living lawfully and permanently in New Zealand.


The Skilled Migrant Category is the most direct way to residence in New Zealand. Skilled Migrant Category (or Points System as it is sometimes known). It is a numerical assessment which awards points to various elements of an applicant’s resume. The Point System allows you to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) in gaining Residence of New Zealand, provided certain benchmarks are met. Applicants earn points on the basis of qualifications, Bachelors, degree, trade certificates, doctorate degree, work experience (minimum of two years), age and job or job offer from New Zealand. Bonus points are given on some jobs listed on the Skills shortage or potential skills growth. The EOI is entered into a pool and ranked from highest to lowest points. Those achieving the highest points are likely to be selected from the pool by a passmark, which leads onto an invitation to apply for Residence.

You have the qualifications and ability but have

limited budget for the application

This category can be applied through online or in paper. It is easy with the new updated System now. You can register for Online services. For once logged in you can submit your EOI application and apply for any other services applicable for you, the online registration is free. You can log in and out while you are completing your EOI for you might not be able to finish accomplishing your application in one sitting. So be sure to save your work and go back anytime and carry on where you left of.

Recommend to apply on your own for you could save thousands of dollars than engaging the services of an Immigration Consultant. Applying online or in paper is easy and the system is user friendly. You only have to pay the fee when chosen and selected from the pool, there is no preliminary fee requirement. Very convenient with less expense.

The current threshold is 100 points to register an Expression of Interest EOI). This means anyone scoring 99 points or less are unable to proceed forward to this category. This is to ensure those migrating to New Zealand have the skills that the country need in times of skills shortage and low unemployment.

I have gained my residency on the same category The General Skills wayback 2001 but there were changes on some rules since then. I applied online for my finances are limited and I cannot afford the exorbitant fees of the Immigrant Consultants.

However, if you have the financial capability, you can use a licensed Immigration Consultant and list can be found from the immigration website. To protect the applicants from unlicensed Recruiters, all applications will be returned if it is not from the list. The New Zealand immigration system is in place now and there must be no room for error or less. Find the complete details of Licensed Immigration Consultants and forms to be filled up at (

Finding a Job In New Zealand

or Job Offers for additional points on your EOI

New Zealand is looking for overseas professionals from variety of industries to meet the country’s skill shortages. But getting a job overseas can be tough minding the distance, time and your experience outside New Zealand might be against you. Some practical tips will be handy:

1. Have an updated Resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae) - New Zealand Style. Have an impressive resume of 5 pages or less. Your current job title might not be in use in New Zealand, make sure you describe each role in detail, your responsibilities thoroughly and what special skills and talents you could bring in to New Zealand. For helpful hints and examples of NZ CV writing, you could check out: (

2. Sell yourself and your extra ordinary abilities and include a thoughtful statement that you are more than willing to bring in to New Zealand your extra ordinary talents and the assurance you are ready to move anytime.

References should be handy and ready for contact.Written references should be real and contactable.

Recruiters only take 13 seconds to browse your CV you have to make an impression put in your strengths and skills and be memorable.

3. If you see a job online, do a research and check the company’s website. Do not be afraid or hesitate to ask any question or information. If there is no Company name ask the recruiter about the requirements and assure them that you will not call directly the concerned company but only to their Recruitment office. They will assist you since you are off shore.

4. Talk to industries or sectors of your expertise if there are opportunities in their

organization with your background. New Zealand companies are accommodating inquiries and talents who could be of help to them.

5. Do a regular research of available jobs online that hire overseas workers in your field of expertise. Job comes up only once, go after the recruiter anytime of the day regardless of the time difference in your country. Ask for any colleague or anybody working in the work force from your country whom you could ask for information.

Get into the head of a New Zealand Employer

In the country of just 4 million people and a workforce of half. Keep these things in mind:

It is all about relationships. New Zealand

Employers are looking for people who

will fit in their company culture.

Be pro-active volunteer useful informations

and issues relevant to the position and

expected growth of the company.

Be humble and not boast of your

accomplishments. Local employers

can see through you and the professional

way you could present yourself in an

attractive and impressive way.

New Zealanders are always the sensible

gracious people who could try to be

of assistance in any under circumstances.

Even if you do not fit into the job they could

offer name of colleagues in another company

who might be needing of your skills.

Employers are helping each other

for resources. That is inherent of a kiwi.

Sometimes employers do not want to go

into the trouble of too much hurdles in paperworks.

Assure the interviewer that securing a work

visa will not be a problem for you are knowledgeable

in handling such matters. Be true to your word

do your assignment.

6. Every contact in New Zealand is a networking opportunity.

Get in touch with them from time to time. Do not hesitate and get tired of asking every now and then any job opportunities that may arise. Ask for recommendations or whose hiring. There are endless opportunities around the country.

7. If you are travelling to New Zealand scout the market of any employment Opportunities. Employers are impressed on face to face meetings for any job Inquiries. Your intiative is highly appreciated by Employers who could see your keen interest in getting employed in the Country. Leave an impression. Pop in to any job recruiters Office and leave an impressive resume or contact details, talk to anyone, do the proper contacts. Be courteous and respectful employers are always impressed with manners not just with your colourful work background.

Current List of Skills In Demand

View complete and detailed list of all Skills required in the

country at (www.immigration.govt. nz/Essential Skills In Demand List)

1. Agriculture and Forestry

2. Construction

3. Education

4. Engineering

5. Health and Social Services

6. ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications

7. Recreation, Hospitality and Tourism

8. Science

9. Trades

10. Transport

Job websites you could visit:







There are four sub-categories in the Business Category. These categories offer the opportunity to proceed immediately for Residence in New Zealand. Complete details at ( - under Visa Information)

- Investor Plus Category – If you want to live in New Zealand and invest a minimum of NZ$10 million over a 3 year period, no maximumage requirement, no business experience, no English speaking requirement but should pass the Character and health requirements.

- Long Term Business Category – which provides an opportunity for Temporary entry to New Zealand for the purpose of establishing a business. This has a number of minimum Criteria including relevant business background, a strong Business plan and sufficient capital for financing the Business and funds for personal maintenance.

- Entrepreneur Category – allows a Residence application to be made following the lawful and successful establishment of Business in New Zealand for at least two years.

Finally, there is a category which provides provisional Residence to senior personnel of overseas companies that intent to relocate to New Zealand.


There are special categories which are available in rare circumstances. These include the Samoan Quota available to citizens of that country, and the grant of refugee status under the United Nations Convention of Refugees. There is also annual Family, Refugee and Pacific Access Quotas, which provide a lottery-type systems for restricted numbers of people to be electronically selected for entry to New Zealand.


New Zealand is composed of two main islands,

the North Island and the South Island.


The North Island is the smallest of the two main islands of New Zealand. Its northern location means it enjoys a warmer, more temperate climate than much of the South Island, and is vastly populated. The center of the island is primarily volcanic landscape with vast forest, volcanic peaks and picturesque lakes. The eastern side is covered with vineyards. Measuring 113,729 square kilometres (43,911 square meters) in area with a population of 3,328.70 (June 2010 estimate). Approximately three quarters of the entire population of New Zealand lives in the North Island, the world’s 14th largest island. The North Island is home to the largest city in New Zealand – Auckland, also known as the City of the Sails, and the Capital City of New Zealand – Wellington.

Auckland at dawn
Auckland at dawn
Dragon Island in the New Zealand's Great Barrier Island  Northeast of Auckland
Dragon Island in the New Zealand's Great Barrier Island Northeast of Auckland


South Island is the largest of the two island but less populous than North Island with an area of 151,215 square kilometres (58,093 square miles) making it the 12th largest city in the world. As of the 2006 census, the island held a resident population of approximately 967,000.

The largest city in the South Island is Christchurch, known as ‘Garden City’ because of its many stunningly beautiful gardens and its tree-lined streets.Queenstown is also found in the South Island of New Zealand, world famous as a premier four-season retreat.

Beaumont - Otago
Beaumont - Otago
Queenstown Airport View
Queenstown Airport View
Queenstown Ski-Field
Queenstown Ski-Field
South Island Shotover jet experience
South Island Shotover jet experience
Queenstown on Holidays
Queenstown on Holidays

Getting Around New Zealand

New Zealander’s drive on the left side of the road. Keep left at all times, have to familiarize your driving first and read the road code. Roads are very good and generally driving is nice and easy, less congestion, bit heavy on rush hours but tolerable. Heavy discipline in driving etiquette, speeding and drunk driving both incur heavy penalties.

Driving details are at (

Culture and Norms

New Zealand has a diverse culture, European, Maori, Polynesian, Asian and increasingly other traditions. Migrating to a Western country might be different from our country of origin but adapting to new culture will be rewarding and exciting. New Zealand is a modern democratic country wherein there is an informal way of life. There is a unique tolerance in New Zealand society, a genuine lack of prejudice and willingness to judge people

· Straight talking people. They say what’s in their mind even the kids are outspoken and do not suppress their opinion.

· Very independent. You have to learn to do things yourself

· Young people are liberal minded even in their early relationships

You do not compromise your values and own culture, but in migrating you have to live in harmony with each other. Be open to learn and respect each others culture, learning is cool. Sharing each others expertise, in food, dance, crafts and fashion. You’ve got to adapt and do things in new ways. Kiwis love Indian foods, Chinese cuisine and other chinese products and vice-versa.

All About New Zealand Work And Resources

A service of the Department of Labor ( information) and ( Settlement support for New Migrants. Help for:

- Residence

- New Migrants –

- Returning Residents

- Visitors

- Work

- Students

- Refugees

- Ballot System Applicants

There's a good balance between work and family life. Picnic at the park
There's a good balance between work and family life. Picnic at the park
The love of Rugby links our culture
The love of Rugby links our culture


1. Peace and Order

By international standards, New Zealand is a remarkably safe and law-abiding society. The New Zealand police do not routinely carry firearms. They have an excellent reputation and generally respected, friendly and helpful. Cases of police corruption are rare.

Neighborhood Support is a community based programme actively promoted by Police. It encourages and educate citizens to take standard precautions and co-operate with their neighbours in crime prevention, it is a shared effort.

2. There is a good balance between work and family life. In other rich countries, work dominated everything and you hardly see your family. Work–life balance is an important consideration for New Zealanders.

3. It is an ideal place to bring up children and once you know the way things are done, there’s great opportunity. New Zealand has the potential to become the best eco-country in the world

4. New Zealand is the 3rd Best Country to Live in the World according to the United Nations latest index aimed at measuring development. Taking into account health, education and income. More’s been said about New Zealand, the simple quiet way of life with its breathe taking panoramic views are delight to the soul and a pleasure to life.


Auckland is buzzing with excitement over the 2011 Rugby Worldcup.New Zealand is hosting Rugby World Cup 2011 which kicked off September 2011.There are a lot to see and things to be proud of in this beautiful country. It is not the winning or loosing but the camaraderie among men. A must see video for your delight. Welcome to New Zealand!


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    • profile image

      brigido f. ayson, jr. 

      7 years ago

      thanks so much lennie for that very informative, very inspiring and interesting article on how to migrate and live as well in the nz. so practical and so detailed presentation of what to see and expect in the country. Godbless

    • Lenny Rinen profile imageAUTHOR

      Lenny Rinen 

      7 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      Hi! Hope you'll enjoy reading, I have some more to come. Cheers

    • orangecountyjill profile image

      OC Jill 

      7 years ago from Orange County, California

      One of my close friends did the reverse. She and her family won a lottery in New Zealand were able to move the the US and become citizens.


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