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This is Why I Love to Travel New York

Updated on January 11, 2016

Labeled as the big apple, the city of New York is the biggest city in United States. It is situated at northeastern part of USA. One of the major reasons that I love to travel this city is because it is situated at the natural harbor. This city comes alive in lights, when sun gone down the city awakes with its sparkling lights all over the skyscrapers, musical shows and sizzling nightlife. At the midnight, we can see people roaming around in the city centers such as Times Square. Times Square leads my list of not to miss attractions in New York City.

There many places in this amazing city that I love to visit such as Statue of Liberty and its island, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre and many more. New York is a place where you can see a tourist attraction in every corner of the city. Even if you are strolling along the pathway in the street, you see something that catches your eyes.

Places in New York I want to visit

We must keep in mind about the weather and atmosphere in the city when planning to visit. Like here, in New York, it will be a tourist fest every day, as the inflow keep continuing throughout the year. I prefer to go for places that are stress-free, safe and good at transportation. There is no need to rethink about these factors when you are planning for city like New York as it is safe, dynamic and good at point to point transportation.

Statue of Liberty

There are two islands near the harbor in the Hudson River, one is called Liberty Island and the other is Ellis Island. The big statue of Liberty is located at Liberty Island, hence it is named. There are two ways to reach these Islands one from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan and another from Liberty State Park. If you boarded a ferry from Battery Park then you will reach Liberty Island first and from there it will go to Ellis Island before returning back to Battery Park. But if you boarded ferry at Liberty State Park you will reach Ellis Island and then to Liberty Island. Deriving from the history, The Statue of Liberty is a gift from the people of France to United States to commemorate the Franco-American alliance during American Revolution. This copper made statue has an observation deck on the top and opened for public to provide amazing views of the city.

American Museum of Natural History

Abbreviated as AMNH, American Museum of Natural History is well known from the movie “Night at the Museum”. This historic museum can be reached at the west side of Manhattan in NYC. We must thank the creator of the movie and its two parts that better describes the interior parts of the museum. This museum complex has 27 interconnected buildings with many exhibition halls along with a library. The Exhibition halls are well categorized such as one area for world mammals, one for African and one for Asian likewise the exhibition halls are divided. It will take one day to explore all the areas of the museum.

Rockefeller Centre

This centre is a fun place to hangout, especially in winter season to skate in the rink. This centre is located in the midtown Manhattan, NYC. This centre was named after John D Rockefeller who developed it initially. The grandeur of the New York City can be seen from the observation deck of the building.

Though there are many tourist attractions in this beautiful city, these are some of the things that I want to do when I visit New York. This city also has Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square and many more.


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